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This is no doubt taking only Western publishers into account.
Where is Spatial Tessellations - Concepts and Applications of Voronoi Diagrams, by Okabe et al.?
Top purchased you mean, i doubt most of them have actually been read...
Drat, I still haven't finished reading the Bible from cover to cover after all these years....sighs...
Glad to see the Bible at the number one spot!
Funny, I own all of them except the top two.
Everybody needs the word of God. Bible reading for me.
The best books are not necessarily the most popular. Some very questionable ones on the top ten list...all are Western literature as well.
Ugo Cei
#1 Delusions and fantasy
#2 delusions
#3 fantasy
#4 fantasy
#5 fantasy
#6 thriller
#7 fantasy
#8 historical novel
#9 delusions? (must admit I never heard of this one before today)
#10 reality

Only 3 or 4 titles out of 10 do not deal with fantasy worlds, delusions, or both. Does this say something about our species?
No one reads the Bible. If they did, there would be more atheists.
+Aurangzeb Agha - There are many of us who read the Bible through every year. It is valuable to do so.
Actually number one book should be Mao Tsedung's red book of quotes. They produced over a billion copies.
+Aurangzeb Agha some of us have, but not for the reasons you might expect... given that I am not a Christian, you wouldn't expect it to be on my shelf even. I am fascinated by all religions however and read just about anything I can get my hands on.. And, although I am sure many people may have read it cover to cover, every last one of them has a different interpretation of what they read, and rarely a full understanding of any of it.
I won't remark any further, since religious discussions on the internet seem to get out of hand...
The Bible, just from a literary perspective, has many timeless stories and is extremely well written for the most part. Look at how many modern and older classics are biblical stories re-spun!
For life lessons I honestly get more out of To Kill a Mockingbird or The Giving Tree than most of the books on this list.
This from Wikipedia:

Religious books, especially The Bible, the Qur'an and the Bhagavad Gita are probably the most-printed books, but it is nearly impossible to find reliable sales figures for them. Print figures are missing or unreliable since these books are produced by many different and unrelated publishers. Furthermore, many copies of the Bible, the Qur'an and the Bhagavad Gita are printed and given away free, instead of being sold.
Who has actually READ the Bible?
+Guy Kawasaki I can full understand the number one book of all time, but not some of the others It goes downhill from number three
+Andy Greiff not I personally, never owned it. When it comes to ancient fiction I'd rather read epics like The Iliad or The Odyssey.
I have Andy, an amazing read. Find yourself a modern translation that stays away from idiocy like removing God's name (YHWH)( from an old Jewish superstition about 1900 years old). In plain English, it's fascinating stuff.
+Andy Greiff - As mentioned earlier, many of us read the Bible through each year.
Just goes to show, it doesn't necessarily have to be good to be popular.
How do they get from sold and printed to read status? Magic I guess?
Blame it on Johannes Gutenberg
The problem, +AMAR DAMARES, is that its translation into other languages is very strongly discouraged, and I'm too dumb to learn Arabic.
Top ten most read, top ten most misunderstood
+AMAR DAMARES, i think religious texts should be excluded from pictographs like this since there's no true way to compare them to sold works.
There is no must read on that list.
Sigh... what happened to Classics like War and Peace and Count of Monte Cristo?
Ugo Cei
+Andy Greiff I think #10 is a must read, not so much for literary value but for what it stands for. I've also read most of #1, again not for literary value, which is poor, but to get a better understanding of our history and culture.
+Ugo Cei agreed. That's not how most people read it though. And you could make the same argument for Mein Kampf.
"The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever." - Isaiah 40:8
Hummm... I must be behind in my reading. I've only read some of these. And where do they get the stats? Cause who's gonna know what I've read and what I haven't?
Just curious about those who are making light of and ridiculing the reading of the Bible - why do you make comments like that when you haven't read it all the way through? How do you know about what you have not bothered reading?
+Andy Greiff That sad fact that many who profess to be Christians have not read the Bible doesn't discredit it.
Come on, mates. (Before the question arise: I read the bible in 4 different versions and a lot of other religious books). They are great story books (This is my opinion.)....You can learn from every book when it hold some value for you. BTW: Everybody should belief in what they want... Please, no offend here..
Am I doing something wrong? The graphic is too small to easily read it and I can't zoom.
Actually...this list is pretty crappy....
Interesting, however sold books are not read books. And books given away for free (as is the case with many bibles) neither. And what about books being lent?
This list was probably done on sold books...not books that actually give something positive to readers. Money always means more than culture I guess...
Alchemist, definitely deserves to be there and highly recommend it. How many of you prefer to first read book and then watch corresponding movie (e.g. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Gone With the Wind, ....) or vice-versa?
This chart should have used a log scale.
Where's Kim kardashian's "college is overrated"? 
I'm deeply ashamed to have contributed to the sale of a single copy of that da vinci code crapfest...I threw it in the trash when Brown's lack of knowledge of history became readily apparent, about 1/4 of the way through. I never even got to the Jesus-Mary Magdalene thing, that probably would have caused me to shred it first, in the hope that nobody else would ever see it. ;-)
+Sanjiv Karani I find it hard to enjoy the movie if I've read the book... there are exceptions though of course.
So, what I get out of this is that there are a lot of religious people still out there, but new religions have formed since then. =D
NIV? King James? Some other version? The Bible's getting some credit for multiple versions.....also, really, where is the Koran?
'Harry Potter' which one? There were 7, if you're lumping them all in there that is hardly fair. Same really goes for Lord of the Rings, since it's 3 books in its traditional format.
BIBLE WINS AGAIN. I love it when it POWNS everyone and people are all like. "What about Dawkins works? Or "Origin of the Species"? they deserve a chance too. This isn't fair :(.
+Adam Muller When I get deeply depressed, I curl up with a copy of "The God Delusion" and come away feeling spiritually fulfilled. ;-)
ooh, I loved The Alchemist thanks to ~Sarah Robinson~ !! <3
Yes I'm sure tons of teens are sitting by the tree wondering, I wonder what's going to happen to that Jesus guy in the next chapter ? LoL. Why is the bible on this list ?
Top sell is not equal to top read, who really read all the bible?, only atheist.
Uggh, post derailed by religion. There's a surprise.
Fake list, the Ikea catalogue is missing.
leo kun
The Bible will always be controversial, that's why it's #1 on the list. It bends minds, changes lives, divides opinions, incites conflict. Dangerous indeed. A masterpiece literature that hardly can be matched. Books are just made up of words. The Bible really must have some unmatched offensive words and persuasive ideas too.

Like damn you!.
+Whitney Schoenberger and +Adam Muller: ha ha ha! Consistent story? That's a great one. Also +Whitney Schoenberger good on you for actually reading the bible, but you can't really judge the other books if you haven't read them also. Finally, while you haven't found the time, over 2billion other folks might not see it your way....
+Whitney Schoenberger You missed the point Whitney, there's nothing wrong with reading the bible, but a scripture doesn't belong in a collection of novels- it's pretty smug.
Yes, the bible is a book and a collection of books.
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