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(Tue06) See you at the +Evernote Trunk Conference. I'll be there:

Disclosure: I advise Evernote.
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Let them know about the notebook doubling bug in their last update.  They have now ignored it for over a month and are still allowing people to download it.   ( just because you said you advise them  : )  )
Same disclosure: I adore Evernote (web, mac, iPhone, iPad). Great product. Are there any plans to integrate Penultimate's handwriting technology with the core Evernote application or is Penultimate going to remain an app you can send content to Evernote from?
Looks like they do not like G+
Their latest post is from 12/30/2011 :-(
So +Guy Kawasaki is the right adviser ;-)
Used Evernote for a couple years, found them to be too latent on addressing bugs and while they offer good functionality lacked necessary integration with other Apps. Spent the money on OneNote until Evernote can catch up.
+Jeffrey Eichenlaub I came to Evernote via my usage of OneNote - at work. Despite providing an iOS client for OneNote, Microsoft do not ship OneNote as part of the Office:mac suite. Despite the issues you mention with Evernote it is fully cross platform. Which is a shame as I love OneNote and use it daily as part of my work workflow.
+Brendon Parsons I agree it is a shame that Microsoft provides such a limited office package for Mac. Try using Parallels, it will help you overcome those limitations. 

In lieu of running Parallels just for OneNote, Evernote is an adequate cross platform app, it just needs some improvements before I would list it as a quality app.
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