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Hah, love the slope of this curve--or is it a line? Or a hockey stick? :-)

The shallow things make me happy...
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Keith K
uh.. who are you again?
my curve is just a simple linear curve :|
For you it's always a hockey stick my friend! Hope you are well! :-)
Just getting errors from the statistics service… :P

"Warning: SQLite3::exec(): database is locked in /var/www/vendor/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/HttpKernel/Profiler/SqliteProfilerStorage.php line 44
500 Internal Server Error - ErrorException"
+Guy Kawasaki strange, it says that you got all those followers in the past one ore two days? Mine says I got all mine since yesterday. Did they just start collecting stats?
The curve of your hockey stick isn't regulation, +Guy Kawasaki. Please exchange it on the bench for one that's not so extreme. ;)
Mine looks the same except the k is replaced by a zero :(
/. (Slashdot) effect is turning to G+ effect.
I actually have a circle labeled "Who are you?" lolololol
Congrats. Let's get more tech posts after your vacation! But keep the disney pics coming, they make the day go by easier.
It shows that an event is key... Probably the article on the 35 people that are on Google+
Hey +Guy Kawasaki thank you for posting a link to our new tool!
You are right, we start gathering data once a new Google+ ID has been added.
The level of the curve will reflect the real growth from now on. Take a look again in a few days :-)
Great gravy! I just did it.....I'm the microscopic protozoa enlarged by 2400x magnification just to show up as a fleck next to the hockey stick! LOL!
can someone get a minus on that?
This is what happens when someone writes an article on the top 35 people you must have as your "friend".
+Vic Ted I use G+ very differently from Twitter. On Twitter I follow 300,000 people so they can Direct me
looks like someones been taking Guy-agra to me!
+Pat Germelman If one admits to being shallow, that does show a depth that exceeds many people, doesn't it? ;-)
+Guy Kawasaki Just added you here on G+. Completely off-topic, thanks for your books "The Art Of The Start" and "How to Drive Your Competition Crazy". They've changed a bit of my life. =)
Mine doesn't have the "k" after the number...
Can we make it official? Instead of G+, from now on it's to be referred to as Guy+
HAHAH, Maybe we should run it by Mr. Page.. just to keep legal off your back..
Tipping point
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