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This is the inaugural post of the EvanG+ list. First, a little history. When I became an Apple fellow in 1995, the company was in trouble (yes, it was that long ago), and Macintosh was:

1. Better.
2. Less used.
3. The object of derision by "experts" who "knew" it would fail.

To combat all this negativity, I started a list server called EvangList. 44,000 people subscribed to it. I posted three kinds of information:

1. Good news about Macintosh and Apple
2. Product announcements and special offers of Macintosh developers
3. Negative Macintosh and Apple press

Subscribers used #1 and 2 to spread good news to their friends and families. They would read #3 and often ignite flame wars against offending journalists. (As you can imagine, telling 44,000 people raging evangelists to go read something made me quite a few enemies in the computer press.) 

Fast forward to 2012. IMHO, Google+ is:

1. Better.
2. Less used.
3. The object of derision by "experts" who "knew" it would fail. 

Déjà vu. And so I decided last week to start  Google+ mail list called EvanG+, and this is what you subscribed to. For sure, I will post good news about Google+ as well as product announcements and special offers of Google+ developers. I am undecided whether I'll unleash Google+ evangelists on journalists, but the temptation is probably too great to resist.

You'll receive an email a few times a week with stuff that I hand picked. I will send only material that I think makes for good posts. In a perfect world, you will take the info in my email, craft a post, and share it with your followers. There are more than 1,500 subscribers after forty eight hours. I figure that the total number of all the followers of subscribers is 3.5 million or so people. 

Two suggestions when you post this material:

1. Add a tagline such as: Become a Google+ evangelist by signing up here: http://eepurl.com/n1auX 
2. Add the hash tag "#EvanG+"

Incidentally, in case you're wondering, Google is not paying me to do this nor did it come up with the idea. This is something I'm doing out of my love for Google+. 

If you ideas for stuff to post, please send them to me at Guy@alltop.com. 


Guy Kawasaki

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Suggested posts. (This list is probably longer that the typical email. It's because this is the first post, so I had a backlog.)

Angle: Show that Google+ sure isn't a "ghost town"--contrary to what the "experts" say
US unique visitors up 82 percent from 11/11 to 6/12
Worldwide unique visitors up 66 percent from 11/11 to 6/12
And these numbers don't include mobile and tablet access

Angle: Show the diversity of interests on Google+, and let a 100 flowers blossom: knitters have a thriving community on Google+. Google+ is for people you don't already know who share your passions. Facebook is for people you already know who don't necessarily share your passions. If you join Google+ and search for the keywords that describe your passions (instead of people you already know), you're bound to find interesting new acquaintances. 
Google+: Christina Blount Presnell's Knitting Circles

Angle: Show another passionate community on Google +. Here's a circle with approximately 400 brewers.There's probably a circle for people who love beer and knitting too!

Angle: Show a non-business use of Google+. In this case, to connect with your kids--and draw caterpillars!

Angle: Show how you people are using Google+. Teenage pop sensations use Google+ and other social networks to achieve success.

Angle: Discuss why Google+ is too big for a business to ignore and why.

Angle: Show celebrity adoption. In this case, how a famous Olympian, Usain Bolt, uses Hangout on Air.
Hangout On Air with Usain Bolt before the Olympics

Angle: Show a totally cool use of Hangouts and a partnership with a cool publication. This is a series of projects done in partnership with Make magazine utilizing Hangouts on Air.
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