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(Fri07) Now this is how to recruit:

The company should have pinned his picture at Pinterest too. :-)

Hat tip to +Bill Meade
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That was tight! Ok... I will join the team. :)
Recruiting these days must be slim pickings LOL.
good Jude!!! hey there is someone who knows how to use google+? 'cause im not :(
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ohhh very good!! I have been wondering about the whole 'hiring business' myself lately. Not to start one...but basically just how flawed it is.
Hmmm - is this more evidence of a tech bubble, or at least frothiness? I think not. This is how to do it. Waiting for talent until you need it, and then outsourcing the acquisition of most important part of your company's future never made sense to me. The signal is that it is just going more public, like everything else. Well done to all involved.
+Guy Kawasaki I will have to disagree with you. I read that letter and if I were Dan Shipper, yes, I suppose I'd be flattered over the moon with that ego stroking letter BUT at the same time 42nd Floor seemed to show their entire hand and threw in their entire stack of chips at the poker table and left no wiggle room for bargaining power. They just handed Dan Shipper the whole kit and kaboodle on a silver platter. Now Dan is holding all the cards and the chips and he understands how much 42nd wants...needs him, almost implicitly begging, pleading in desperation down on their knees. All this and Dan Shipper has yet to throw in his counter offer which naturally should be bigger than their original offer not because Dan's greedy but because 42nd put him in a complete overwhelming position of power, but it seems to me that 42nd floor might have found themselves in a tight spot not only because they threw all their chips in at once and have nothing left, but also this letter has now been seen by thousands of companies across the internet who can come in with competing offers.
+Michael Comia companies often pursue well-suited candidates aggressively. This is not the first time such a thing has happened. Every once in a while you'll come across an individual who'll be able to do more for your company than your company could possibly do for her.
+Arvind Gautam, since 42nd Floor has given Dan Shipper so much leverage and made it public for competing companies to see as well, Dan (the smart, overachieving, aspiring, strong-willed, obsessively driven person he is) might as well take advantage of the leverage 42nd Floor gave him. Logically it doesn't seem right for any intelligently run company to throw out their best offer as a first offer. Where does 42nd Floor go from there if Dan Shipper makes a counter offer way above the high bar 42nd Floor set? I guess they'll have no where to go but up, up, up, to the 142nd Floor.
+Michael Comia Why would it matter if he has leverage?

When you go to work somewhere it is generally for one of four primary reasons:

1 - you need income/financial reward or want it
2 - you want to join an industry or to hold a particular position within an industry
3 - you identify with either a problem or solution and want to be part of of helping those facing certain problems/challenges
4 - you want to be part of a specific organization

I would think that best possible addition to an organization is someone that is joining for reasons 3 and 4.

42floors said this is what our organization is, this is what we want you to do for us, and this is why we think it is a fit for both of us. Either Dan is a fit, now or later, or he is not. If he is a fit, he doesn't need leverage - he ideally becomes a part of the organization and self identifies with its success as his goals should match some of theirs.

The kind of person that would hold up for leverage is probably not the person they want anyway. Not that he cannot use leverage, just that he should not need it. Both sides should want something fair in the beginning because they are looking to work and grow together.

Additionally 42floors gets others to see what they project as their values and goals, and attracts likeminded people they might not have already found.

On the surface it seems like the kind of company you would want to work for. One that values its people and focuses on doing things to make things easier for users and more rewarding for them.

The result looks like it will be great visibility, nice free branding, and whether it attracts him or not it probably builds some valuable relationships from this effort.
Creepy bro-mance or startling paradigm shift? Either way, fascinating peek at hiring think. Thanks to super-hero curator +Guy Kawasaki as always for illuminating this phenomenon.
I know a bunch of extremely smart people who went from extremely high paying jobs to ones they loved. The receiving companies did not have to negotiate much since they did all they could afford. Amazingly enough there ARE people who work for the love of what they do.
I think They are nice man.
They have nice smile.
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