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(Sat03) Social Media Decoder by +Dan Roam of the Napkin Academy. A picture is worth a thousand posts.
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Really very good, but... I don't think that facebook should be in this fantastic picture.
Personally, I prefer Picasa to Pinterest...
i vote for google +
google plus means think positive.
how do you do that, ooh it's so sec!
Yes Its a good idea, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!
That's the way I see it!!
Hey Guy, thanks for coming to Google last week to speak on "What the Plus". It got me to start using Google+ so much more!
Thank you Guy Kawasaki for always posting great content, you've been a key inspirational icon in my business ventures.
w sumie nie do końca się z tym zgadzam ale dobra
Thats right. A picture is worth more than a word. I video is worth even more than a picture. Do your math now.
Nice way to put it. Each has it's place.
free airport wifi = FBI surveillance
Not a big fan of google + but don't want to get fucked in the ear by zuckerburg 
i know people should not comment on somthing if the don not like google + am i right that is just bull
instead Pinterest it should have been Instragram.
Zuckerburg = Facebook I thought I was being clever ... Most of my friend s are on Facebook migrating to new platform means all go or missing some .... I'm am not seeking to pull them all over like I would if I loved google plus but since I don't hate it either I use when I run across interesting post thanks for engaging :)
Ps don't be a troll .. Also new term picked up today
i have to pick facebook is funny lol then twitter lol
ok hot shot let me tell you one thing
i hate people who think there all that and i just broke up with my boyfrined becasue he was demanding and so dont come up in tis conversation becasue i ant dealing wit it
right, but facebook is just for children behind 6-12 years old
Google+ will always be the social network that never will be fully appreciated. I'm hoping I just jinxed myself.
Good interpretations. Anybody like Pinterest?? I was not impressed at all {~|~}
A bit simplified. Twitter is actually 'passions' (or what you are 'interested' in, you follow...just like G+). Google+ is a combination of Twitter and Facebook. It's a beautiful blend of things and people we are interested in, as well as well defined 'circles' of friends/people we communicate with. It's what Twitter and Facebook could never hope to achieve :)
I think facebook is a little bit like google+ 
I use twitter for news and information from specific sources and particular people. My passion is motorcycles and the WSBK & Moto GP riders and crews use twitter a lot.
Pretty much. Twitter is my newsfeed. FB is a past I want no part of. I still don't understand what the hell Pinterest is about. G+ is just perfect.
Google + _____ = my hangout
Twitter + _____ = my inspiration
Facebook + ____ = my lifeline
Pinterest + _____ = my dream board
43 things + _____ = my goals
+pipin kuspina : pinterest such a personal board,you can pin everything you want to collect,i think its really help to de-cluttering file,manage recipe,idea,to do list,hobby,etc...
This Pretty Much Says it All...
sure helps to sort things out!
Uh Duh! Try this picture without the words: Perceptions, People, Pictures, Passions. Those pictures do not convey diddly squat. Yet another cliche from the master GK. Next expect P**4 = Social Media or some such utter nonsense.
lmao. you are right one ultimate clubhouse :D Love it
This is brilliant. I'll be referring a lot of people to this. 
This thing made me sign up for pinterest ;)
Pretty accurate I must say I would like to see a little bit of facebook here on plus but I think we are good without it... FOR NOW
I'm pretty sure Tumblr is the 'passions' site. I'd label G+ 'discussions'.
Was trying to remember this from your book just yesterday, so perfect timing. Had to screen shot this, thanks for sharing!
Matured and true representations!
Perfect! When I explain (debate) the differences to people, I always use this image to get that "oh" answer.
Google+ =
Passionate perceptions
Passionate people
Passionate pictures
and passions too
Awesome graphic. Two things come to mind
1. other topics:
- Play -> Zynga
- Places -> ??

2. How do these map to human needs?
- twitter -> perceptions -> opining / having a voice
- facebook -> people -> (re)connecting / sharing
- pinterest -> pictures -> interests?
- google+ -> passions -> personal development / expression
- ?? -> places -> (shared) experiences & recognition/rewards
Not quite true. PINTEREST - now that's a shoe that I want. Google+ Birds of a feather
Great, but i believe google would like to be the passions and the great big family reunion.
Não faço ideia, mas facebook tbm começou assim, depois virou o que é hoje. G+ será mesma coisa.. as pessoas mais 'elitizadas' irão migrar para o g+ em determinado momento. (o ser humano é carente, precisa se sentir melhor que os demais) Quando o G+ estiver tão denso que se tornará dificil qualquer modificação drástica, outra rede social irá surgir para atrair outra coleção de adeptos. Redes sociais são fenomenos.. nunca existirá somente uma.
Acredito que o que mais se manteve consistente tenha sido o twitter. Não acha ?
Great diagram of the different sites. Keep up the good work!
Let's try this all the comments on how others organize their social media. These models should really help teachers mentally organize all these tools and possibly attempt one or two!
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