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Well, as long as you don't expect them to be any good it's not.
I stopped at Macs are better than PC's.  THAT is oxymoron.
Like Mark Twain wrote, "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead."  A logo is the essence of an idea, the most complicated, difficult thing to come up with and then make look easy.  It takes forever to get one just right. 
Can't wait for first Whitehouse+ Hangout, it'll be interesting to see what VP Joe Biden says.
Working as a marketing director, with graphic design experience, I have heard that statement more times than I can remember.

The problem is, the people who make the statement hear anything other than "no problem" as an excuse.
Reminds me, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance ( #BBBA ) is forming a Committee to (according to the introductory email) look at the groups' Facebook page; and how to grow the organization's "social media footprint".

> First thing: Don't start with the FB page. :)

If you want to help (pro-bono) let me know and I link you to the email discussion as it begins.

Baseball Bloggers Alliance
Twitter tag: #BBBA
Home page:
$25000 would be tame by today's standards
+GoST BaBeL, this is what my earlier comment is saying, though not explicitly.

+Brian Choi, I was being playfully snarky about the improper use of oxymoron - the poster shoud read "Just come up with a few quick logos" arguably contains an oxymoron. and your comment contained no oxymoron, though noting that you stopped following the quote that said stop, was very amusing. Please note, though, that my better half is a graphic design director, so please take no offense.
+Andy Dillon Well, read the article in the link.  Not just the post.  And you'll see the oxymoron I was referring to.
+Brian Choi, I did. How else would I have picked up on what now appears to have been an unintentional bit of humor? So, not only do you not understand what an oxymoron is, you don't understand what an article is. Articles are a collection of words, not just pictures. In any case, I apologize for sounding like an ass. I was just trying to have a bit of fun at the article's and your mistaken use of the term, oxymoron.
+Andy Dillon I do understand oxymoron.  Macs are better than PC's contains an oxymoron as Macs are also Personal Computers and therefore is a contradiction.  It should've said Windows instead of PC. See, I was also making fun of incorrect use of the term.  You just didn't understand MY bit of humor.  And I do apologize misuse of the word article.  But I do believe collection of pictures of words... still considered a collection of words.  If you know what I mean.  I completely agree with you on one thing you said however.
+Brian Choi, I see your bit of humor. And it is technically correct that a Mac is a PC, accepted differentiation aside. However, by substitution, PC's are better than PC's is still not an oxymoron, it is a fallacy. Even so, I admire your pickiness.
+Andy Dillon I admit, you actually made me look it up which only confirmed my belief as oxymoron is a self contradiction and fallacy referes to an error in logic.  PC's are better than PC in my opinion, is more of a self contradiction than an error.
+Brian Choi, I think I've already passed the +Guy Kawasaki guideline for g+ argument etiquette, which I try very hard to adhere to, so I'll just say goodnight.
its an oxymoron when "quality" is added before "logos"
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