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(Fri03) An explanation of why people believe weird things and what you can do about it.

We could have used this article earlier this Fall...
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It would be a non-stop job convincing everyone how stupid they are being!  
In days gone past, a lot of the wrong things from the 'media' were from Paul Harvey and Dear Abby.
It is near impossible to change the mind of a person who has been brainwashed. Their mind is locked shut, like a steel trap.
Lol. "The usual sources of misinformation in the media are oversimplification and the need for providing balance."

That's where I stopped reading.
Thanks for sharing this enlightening piece. Certainly the rise of the internet and being able to quickly find others who believe the same no matter how whacky like FEMA concentrations camps and the like, plays a key role in the rise of misinformation. 
That is just naughty Guy
Let me explain, There are some things we need to belief weather or not it's true. Like there is good in every one.
Then there are things we need to believe even if it is not true like,
True love can last forever or good will always win over evil.
you can belittle that if you wish as it will not diminish it's truth.
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