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(Wed03) Backstage with +Mari Smith
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Am gonna miss the program.. :(. There are 180 folks online already and waiting.
Excellent guys. Thanks for delivering great value, and all you do for the community.
Was adding the caption really necessary? Do you think someone would have confused you and Mari? we get you like the stylus, but seriously.
Text added on a Samsung Galaxy Note?
Oh really.. HISD< Jealous, are you feeling so annoy?> me and a lady were old students roomate, NO LESIAN IN ALLOW! NO KISS & FLIRTY! OH LOL!!
LOL! Cracking me up and learning alot! Excellent!
loved the comment you just made about being open minded to talent. We are building a legacy with that as a cornerstone in it's foundation.
Great webinar today Guy - thanks! and the LIGHTS! nice recovery :)
glad that light didnt fall on ur heads!
Thanks for the great webinar today with Mari - a smashing success!
Dude your candid nature is refreshing in this kind of venue/space.
Apple is a genie trapped in a bottle, nice bottle though. They could be so much more without fear holding them back.
Appreciate your insights on social media, Guy!
Post the video of the light falling! :)
Love this behind the scenes simple yet effective!
Watching love the "truth" speak. Thanks!
Enjoyed the webinar, cant wait for the next one!
Really enjoyed the webinar- great to see you are normal guy- very refreshing.
Awesome webinar - thx Guy for sharing great stories and letting us get to know you better.
Thanks Guy and Mari. Missed much of the beginning of the webinar so waiting for the replay link. I did however, order Social Midas and can't wait to get started!
Thanks for the arrows, wouldn't have know.... :)
Great, presentation, I really enjoyed it!
Mari, we really enjoyed learning about you. We are loyal followers of Guy. He is our tracer silver bullet.
This was so great AND the best part is that I won a book (happy dance) See you on SOCIAL MIDAS!
It was truly an amazing event by these to leaders of social media. I was just thinking to myself yesterday "wouldn't be nice to see them write a book together" or something to that effect. "Humanize to Monetize."
I love her mantra....this is the core of it all "Adding Value First"
Really glad you clarified who was who :)
Great webinar today! I always know that Mari's sessions will be worth my time!
I know! We might have gotten confused!
The light falling was freaky. Glad everyone was ok.
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