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What's all the fuss about Evernote? It rocks. That's the fuss.

Disclosure: I advise Evernote, and I'm proud of it.
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Evernote lets you have all those little details of life immediately at hand, indexed, OCR'd, and searchable.  
I started using Evernote hard about 15 days ago. It has become my journal, daytimer, must read folder, 2013 business planner, and 15 other boxs for clipping stuff. This app synced across 3 of my devises was exactly what I needed. +Guy Kawasaki hearing there may be some added business functionality coming in the pipeline. 
I use it and love its cross platform use... I take all my notes on it!
I use it because it means I can send about 500 pounds of paper to be recycled each year instead of finding a place to store it.
Agreed. It was a urika moment for me when I started using it. I'm pretty sure the only people who don't use it strongly dislike trees.
I tried it out a while ago, but found it to be way too complicated for my tastes. I like simple.
I think I need a course in how to use it effectively. So far it's the equivalent of a text file on Dropbox for me.
Couldn't live without it - all my devices are linked to my brain with this app!
+Tom Husband that's odd that it shuts off... My screen always stays on when I have the app open... Then again, the only time I'm really needing it on is when I'm creating the document and just leaving it on between each note... Sometimes I'll go 5mins before jotting something down and its stayed on that entire time...

Since you said N7, I'm gonna assume u have the latest 4.2 android... Did u turn on the "daydream" feature? That's the only other thing I can think of...
I am a big big fan of Evernote and have it on all my devices- smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops. It is flexible, ubiquitous, simple and powerful. 
Just installed it on all of my devices. Great Product! Absolutely loved it!
It simply does what it says with elegance. If that's not worthy of some fuss then I don't know what is. I use it daily in school and to stay in touch with family. What a lovely product!
evernote is best for mobile. office onenote is best for pc
Not used Evernote in a long time, but I too preferred Springpad.
Springpad is great. But wait until you do not have an internet connection and you have no access to your notes at all.
evernote free version does not allow editing and adding notes
and somehow evernote is just not right
springpad has better features and is better
I love Skitch, but I have no idea what to do with Evernote... Now I'm forced to save my Skitch notes there... bummer.
You are right!  Data is stored locally on the mobile if its an App. But not from the computer since it does not have an app. Evernote has a mac app though.
but springpad is already a chrome app so i can use it on mac and windows both
Using Evernote is like being handed a power drill after using a screwdriver all your life.

I don't advice Evernote like +Guy Kawasaki.
it is continent,but not necessary 
I love evernote! Puts other productivity applications to shame. Not a day does by that i don't use it. Its fast stable and easy to use.
Evernote is very good for me as I can study or make notes pretty much anywhere.  Good generous free plan too - I'd really struggle to fill my quota up.
I thought the same thing, until I started using it.. and now I just can't stop.. the new OSX version is KICK ASS!
Availability of Evernote is key in platform selection for me. I use it for storing how-tos etc. mostly.
+Google Drive and its awesome search (including the computer vision tech used in Google Goggles for Android, as well as Optical Character Recognition) works for me.

There's rarely a tool that works best for everyone and I wouldn't try and push my choices on someone else, but if you use other Google products (especially Gmail, Android and Chrome devices like the new Samsung Chromebook) I'd suggest that you give +Google Drive a go before dismissing it.
+David Carpenter I love Evernote because it helps with my digital mess. I'm hoping someday an Evernote robot will help me with my physical storage.
Evernote is one of the best things going!  I started using a long time ago and it has only gotten better and better.
+Matt Moran I am a huge evernote fan, but in order for evernote to do it's thing, your data needs to be unencrypted, and your corporate IT folks will never approve you storing unencrypted company data offsite. IT departments don't apply value to data, they just want to protect it, and while it makes perfect sense to lock up HR information or customer credit card data, the same security is applied the Q3 marketing review presentation you nodded off listening to last week and the email you received from your co-worker arranging lunch.  Until you can convince your IT Department that not all data has the same value, you will have to live with one size fits all data security.
wish it had some drawing feature....without it you cant use it for class note taking...
Evernote became to fancy and heavy for me, I use Simplenote now.  
I'd like to use Evernote on my Blackberry however I don't always have internet access and can't access my data locally when this is the case. This makes it so I don't use it at all.
I'm using Springpad but I'll try Evernote.
I'm an absolute nut with evernote. I've been using it for a out 3 years now to keep my work log and store random bits of info that I would just forget. Evernote Webclipings are make it really easy to store web-related info during reasearch. But Evernote's usefulness really blew my mind the moment I got a scanner. Now I scan in tons of loose sheets of paper that I no longer have to file somewhere and evernote stashes it as a searchable pdf . To top it off, it's available on every single platform that I work on: mac, win, iOS, and Android! Awesome set of features and a true cloud app!

I am a paid Evernote subscriber and I like the fact that it stores just about anything digital. I don't like the organization aspect. I would much prefer a hierarchical file system and the folders and stacks feature doesn't satisfy my needs. For me, it's a case of using Evernote until something that better meets my needs comes along.

The killer features of Evernote are:
1. It's available on all desktop and mobile platforms, and even supports offline desktop and mobile functionality if you're a premium member, so you can take your information with you wherever you go.
2. You can also add new content wherever you are, provided you have at least a mobile device. When your device has connectivity, the new information will be synced to the Evernote cloud store.
3. The user interface is well done on the desktop, mobile, and web versions of Evernote, so it's not a struggle to get your content into Evernote or to access existing content when you need it.

I use Evernote daily and I use it as a bucket to dump things into for (possible) later processing. My life is so busy that I often don't ever get back to the stuff I post in Evernote, but I feel better knowing I could.

A better Evernote type system for me would allow me to enter/add any sort of digital content on the front end and then organize it into a hierarchical file system when I get a chance, because that's how I think about "things in the world" and is the system I use at home and work that allows me to manage my extreme amount and variety of content. A perfect tool would allow me to store all this content according to projects, sub-projects, tasks, etc. since that's the way I manage my life without going insane. 
I prefer springpad
and drive. Premium features are free :) 
(Optionally) having Evernote geotag your entries opens many possibilities too.
I wish the Evernote web UI was fully featured. There's no way to edit entry dates, for example.

I also wish they had an official Linux client.

That said, I've paid for Evernote premium.
As a couple of others have mentioned, I prefer +Springpad - mainly because I used it first (and am too lazy to transfer things across) and the fact that premium features are free. What I don't understand is why +Evernote gets so much more publicity - they both do essentially the same things don't they?
I use it to cya (or cma) at work. 
Me too, Evernote is where it's at. I've been using it, and I love it. 
I will be back !!!! Just having two perfect weeks with girl of my dreams.
I use Gmail in the same manner as Evernote. Even read up on the Evernote tips and tricks and simply apply it all to Gmail. Works a treat.
Evernote is one of the most useful programs I use on my phone, tablet and desktop. They are always updating their features. 
I have recently started using evernote and yes, it is fantastic. Shopping lists, notes, and more.
Been using Evernote for 2 years now. Its simply amazing for note taking
will never use it again after the new terms of service.
Gone the way of PayPal, requiring disputes to be managed by arbitration and locking out class-action lawsuits.  I've no interest in suing but it is a blatant attempt to cut the rights and freedoms of individuals by forcing the individual to go up against the company as a whole.  Opting out of PayPal for the same reason.  Sickening.
I'm the DM in a D&D campaign, and I use Evernote to plan encounters from my tablet on long bus commutes or long stretches of boredom away from home. I can zip back and forth between PDFs of monster books, crop screenshots, insert them into the notes, and type out details of the encounter. I use Sketchbook Pro to draw out maps and town layouts and then insert them into Evernote. I can tag all the notes by category (NPC, encounter, town, etc). Once I get to WiFi, it syncs and I can pull it all up on my computer at the table on game night, in the exact same structure.
I'm a big fan of mind-maps and was wondering is somebody had a cool/clever idea to use mindmaps in Evernote.
For now, i have to draw them in a different app (SimpleMind) and then screenshot and insert in Evernote.
That is not too bad, but the big issue is that I can't edit the mindmap from Evernote...which defeats the purpose of the map...
Any suggestions for that?
Wow, awesome to see all these Evernerds here. I'm one too. In fact I just started working at the company. Even cooler from the inside. 
No offence on ruining your marketing buzz but Evernote sucks(atleast free version) 
Great alternative to OneNote
Does Evernote let you scan in barcodes to make a list of books or other products yet? If not, I'll stick with Springpad for now...
Great examples on how to make even better use of evernote.
Neither like nor dislike. Using it simply because there are no better alternatives out there at this point. Maybe they should focus more on polishing the core features, fixing all those bugs instead of revamping a new UI to slow down the app.
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