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(Fri07) +Xconomy reviews What the Plus! and does a great job of analyzing the "big picture" of Google+'s role in the world:

Resistance is futile:
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Dude, why aren't you talking more about your book "what the plus!" Has it already made the best-seller list? I really enjoyed it, the information is invaluable even for the everyday Joe & Jane like myself. Good stuff +Guy Kawasaki PS: I'm not offend if you don't respond, I read the book.
I'm half way through reading your awesome book right now +Guy Kawasaki. It's just what G+ newbies like me are searching for. Ta muchy for the great fast read! Btw, great review by +Xconomy too!
Good article, Glad I read it, as I had searched for the Book on Google Play to buy it right after it came out and it wasn't there yet. Bought it immediately after I saw the link to do so in the article.
I've just finished skimming through the book. I will have a lightly miffed spouse tomorrow as I go back through it and put the lessons to work. :-) thanks, +Guy Kawasaki, for another great book!
Thanks so much for the link, Guy, and thanks for all the useful advice in the book.
Read the article, downloaded the book. Now adding the circles. I'm gettin' plus'd. Thanks for all your effort to put it together.
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