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(Fri02) Car and Driver confirms that the 2013 Shelby Mustang has 662 horsepower.

That's 6.76 Priuses but who's counting, right +Scott Monty?
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And I would look AWESOME behind the wheel! Vrooooooom!
I wish I could drive one of those!
seriouzly awesume...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :p
The news got out a little early, but yes. it's the most powerful series production V-8 in the world.
Torch Red with Deep Grey stripes day day.
bet it has a sweet cassette deck with Dolby NR too
nothing sounds better than a big bore V8
That'd be better than a Porche. Oh, wait. No, it wouldn't. But it would be better than a Fiat.
aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh... my favt clr blue... one day... one dayyy
American made... Imported parts?
You can also special order the Shelby w/ 1,000 HP!!!
Ford didn't get a government bailout man I may have to switch
hey ppls u see that ride its gonna b mine of course u aint getting it
I'm happy with my 414hp Mustang GT, but GT500 is pretty cool.
For $40k (or $60k for the supercharged option) you have a lighter (1350 lb), quicker (0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds) with less maintenance cost, and more mileage per gallon 2-seater sports car, the British Ariel Atom (licensed in the US to TMI Autotech, Inc.):
I must admit that the car is a bit ugly, but you'll spend most of the time in the car driving so you won't notice anyway.
It's certainly a nice looking vehicle!...I'm also biased as it's in one of my fav colors
+Bruce Goren, the Ariel is a sports car, not a fling car for insecure dudes (or a middle-age crisis car). It's like a racing motorbike but with much faster cornering speed.
The perfect car in which to drive your kids to grade school.
+Scott Bourne I completely agree about the dealer issue. It's not an issue limited to Ford dealers. You couldn't buy a Boss 302 for sticker anywhere. But I'm not convinced a stock Corvette could beat the GT500. Maybe a ZR1.

BTW, my recent choice of cars came down to a Mustang GT with the Brembo package and a used Corvette. I went with the 2012 Mustang GT and I'm happy with my choice.
I got my '12 GT500 under MSRP. I cross shopped the Z06 (much respect), among others. The GT500 just has the most presence: stopped, driving, parked -- it's just bad-ass. Plus I drive it all year 'round in Wisconsin -- I wasn't prepared to do that in a Corvette.
That is as much power as Ferrari Enzo!! But I doubt anyone will take it so serious. After all no one takes bodybuilders as serious athletes :)
Does anyone know what kind of gas milage this thing gets? haha
Internal Combustion is Kodak,Ampex, and IBM rolled into one. A Tesla Roadster or Model S Sport can outclass this old skool machine while silently running on sunlight. The 21st century digital cars are here.
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