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Last call for bloggers who want to review my next book:
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slt as toi la beaute je savoir de ta beaute
How does one apply to review?
Do i get paid? -.- 
Gabriel PR - You have to click on the link to fill out the form.
Exciting project, especially since I am in the process of authoring my first book.  I applied!
Ah, I see the link now, thanks!
Eh. I'll just wait until it comes out on e-book. Nice cover though.
And for German speaking countries I would like to write a review. :-) Mail: 
I would be honored to post a thorough review on Email me;
How long for you next publish of blog as a author?
Thanks Guy! I've been a fan for some time and am honored to write a review of your latest book on Detroit Marketing and PR!
I've published 2 e-books on Amazon. I would like to review your book. Thanks.
Put me down. I am launching a book of the week jan 1
Happy to review your book. Where do we buy/get a review copy?
I'd love to review it. I have a ton of clients who are trying to self publish. 
Filled it out. I know a number of individual online authors who would buy this book. 
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