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(Thu02) Just offered 1,000 free copies of What the Plus! to my friends who were watching my hangout. Go here:

Move fast because they are going fast.

When the supplies run out, go here:
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Thank you for your generosity! Cannot wait to read it!
Thanks, downloading now :-)
Is there a way to upload this to Google Play books?
Mark S.
COOL, downloading now. Maybe Your book can explain it to my brother better.. LOL
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Guy Kawasaki! I'm giving you a virtual hug! This guide will truly help me as I realize I am not experiencing the true potential of Google+.
Thanks Guy! Always love reading your work.
Thanks +Guy Kawasaki and Alltop! I am really looking forward to learning how to engage and be more engaged on +Google+ . You are awesome!
Could you pls send me a free copy too pls, or put out a fresh link for more downloads? This link has expired and down loads exhausted. Thanks. +Guy Kawasaki
Missed on your offer, but just bought one on my kindle.I am trying (in vain) to sell G+ to my family and closest friends. Hopefully, by the time I am through your book I will have the ammo to kill their doubts. Thanks for writing the book.
The book is $2.51 USD on Amazon and Play
Bummer! I tried to download, but it didn't work on iphone.
I never understood why somebody would buy a reference book for a social networking website of all things. For one, the interfaces are constantly subject to change. Meaning the book could be obsolete tomorrow for all anyone knows. What's more than that, does it not occur to anyone that they can simply Google (as in the search engine) any questions they have? "How do I post a picture on Google+?" Bam! A comprehensive list of answers instantly. "How do I get timeline in Facebook?" Bam! Now you're timelining all damn day. It just seems like a disingenuous way to profit off the technological ignorance of the middle-aged and elderly to me... Almost like the South Park episode where home shopping network rips off the elderly people.
The "middle-aged and elderly" who are "technologically ignorant" as you put it are probably the least likely to simply google for a guide on how to use Google+. For one simply looking around the web for a guide will turn up nothing as comprehensive as Guy's book. They'll be lucky if they find scattered articles on how to do things, and even at that they'll miss key things.

The book in hard copy (or digital if a family member has given them an easy to use Kindle, etc.) will be more likely to appeal to this demographic of people. Obviously you've not tried to teach anything technological to people who aren't as tech savvy before. You can't just throw them on a computer and tell them to "Google it;" they'll simply give up and say, "Why should I?"
Guy. May I contact you with a venture capital deal?
+Jimi Hite Read it last week, yep, still relevant. Nothing screamed "out of date" at all, e.g. no mention at all of Sparks ;) (Remember them?)
Man, I'm too late!!
I love Guy's books, he is so smart and makes things easy to understand.
There is something about Google plus that appeals as trustworthy. I am getting used to sharing more.... and mostly learning more about what we are actively thinking.
Great interview today and thanks for the free copy
Curse you work made me miss both of these!
Weli A
Thnx for sharing.
+Guy Kawasaki Great book! I happily paid the $2.99. I'm implementing your ideas now. Also picked up a copy of Reality Check. Can't wait to start but I've got to get some work done :o) Thx - Jer Trihouse
This has been a great read best money I have spent in ages
Thank you Guy. It's a great read.
Great stuff - and or less than the cost of a cuppa :-) ( £1.95 on Kindle in the UK)
I want one but I was late. Sad
meh.... i can always buy from Amazon!
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