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(Sun01) Video depicts the "seven minutes of terror" that Curiosity has to go thru:


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13hrs 29mins & 40 secs to cruise stage separation.... :)
Well, good luck with that stunt. Either the martians will applaud or LOL. Let's see.
it's a simulation in realtime of what should be happening, but if you switch to preview mode you can see what is scheduled to happen as it gets nearer and finally lands. you can speed up time, you can zoom in and out and see from any angle.
+Armaan Biggan In realtime I see it has picked up speed by about 50mph (!) in the last 90 mins. If you watch the preview sim you can see it builds to about 13,000mph as it hits the atmosphere, then then drops to 1,000mph -ish when it deploys chute.
Timing will be tricky but will try not to miss it
+Armaan Biggan  Lol yeah! You & I are in the UK (where it'll land around 06-something in morning). I wonder how #NBCfail  will handle it for the east coast USA ;)
I'm staying up late to watch the news coverage.
I think "Seven Minutes in Heaven Space" would've been a better name.
Which desert they using them fake ass NASA 
Ummm... I'll be shocked if this works right.
All of those people out there whining that the US doesn't have a space program anymore need to realize that shuttling humans and gear  to the ISS is kids stuff.  This is real space exploration. Trying new things and pushing the limits!  Watching this video made me want to jump up and down yelling "Rocket parachutes! Rocket parachutes!"
What are we going to do on Mars?  Move there when we destroy our own planet or strip it for resources so we can continue to enjoy the "good life"?  I fail to see the point of spending money on this when things here in good 'ole MURIKAH are so screwed up.
Read Kim Stanley Robinson's "Red Mars". What will happen is that the first 100 to go there will be strong, intelligent and resourceful people. The Best of the Best. First thing they would do, being such people, would be to get rid of anything remotely Earth-like in the way of Government and create a new form, built upon only the successful bits of the old. Money is the first thing gotten rid of. Helluva read! 
Well, what the heck... lets spend a few trillion.  Seriously, as a Sci-fi fan it pains me to have the opinion I do.  I just can't see how as a society we can justify expenditures for anything that isn't going to directly help the awful state of affairs we're dealing with currently.  I'd gladly put a few rocket scientist out of work if it would improve things for everybody else.
I kno and people that say itz fake are wrong.
People that say itz fake their wrong.
Do you like plastic? Do you like cell phones? Do you think that having these things has improved America? Without space exploration, we would not have developed geostationary satellites for cellphones, or polymers like plastic. When you create a false dichotomy of NASA or America, you are hurting America. America is more than just the largest millitary, or highest GNP on earth. America is a home for innovation, a model for integration, and a solace for the oppressed who come here to pursue what other countries refuse to pursue, namely, science for the sake of science.
You're right on all counts, but right now America is broke.  Cut the military budget, cut NASA, cut it all until this storm passes.  Or don't and just accept it as part of the Decline of Western Civilization.  When I'm living in a house made of discarded Ipad boxes, I'm sure I'll be real grateful for all those lightweight plastics and other fancy innovations.
I assume you are all for Sequestration then. Have you seen how the austerity measures have worked out for countries outside the US? Cut everything does not work. It throws the economy into a tailspin. We might be crashing, but before we can pull up, we have to level out. That means shifting our budgetary focus to economically rich industries. Industries that maximize the use of capital internally while driving up demand for our products externally. Solar power, transportation, technological innovation, these are areas of exploration where a dollar invested can reap three dollars in growth. If we were to follow your model and simply stop investing, then jobs would decrease, exports would decrease, and our GNP would erode year by year. If this is a storm, then the PEOPLE are the storm blowing us every which way. The economy is the aircraft. We have to choose a course, counter the misunderstandings of the storm, find a good tailwind and sail out of it. Pretending it isn't there is just going to end up like the first episode of LOST. And personally, I don't want to spend the next six years wondering if the people in charge have any clue what they are doing.
I agree, spend the money better.  NASA isn't a good investment right now, sorry.  We don't need jobs for people with Doctorates in engineering, etc.  Shifting money to "green" tech will never work as long as the current administration doesn't want it to because just like everyone before them they're addicted to oil money.  You can't get a degree in anything without going 100K in debt, so where are all the people to fill these fabulous tech jobs coming from?  Well, we'll just ship them overseas now won't we?  PS) Austerity measures would have worked fine if they had actually followed them.
So you don't want to 'cut everything' as you said before. I think that about sums up my only disagreement with your statements. Naturally you and I are probably wrong about a lot else, but I don't honestly know what the future will hold. I don't know enough about the White House's green energy policies or about employment rates for the overly educated. I do know that I got a degree at a private college for only 40k in debt, so I can contradict that statement, but I can tell it was hyperbolic anyway, so what is the point. Ultimately, there was only one aspect of your ignorance that I could enlighten and I am glad you seem to agree with me now that smarter investing is the way to right our economic vessel. I doubt we'll ever agree one what those investments should be and honestly, neither of us are qualified to debate it in an educated manner. So I shall leave you to discuss that with someone less willing to admit their own ignorance.
I'm not an expert on economics either.  However, when the experts weigh in it makes sense: We have to make more than we spend  as a country, just like you and I have to do that in our households.  Clinton may have been lucky to be the beneficiary of a natural cycle of economic upswing, but at least he had the common sense to bank the money.  Since then, we've done nothing but spend, spend, spend with very little return on the investments.  Let me clarify: We need to cut the budgets of nonessential programs for the time being.  I would consider NASA one of those programs.  Of course, I would also consider the military one of them, as opposed to say planned parenthood or other endowments that help care for at risk people.  Thanks for the civil discussion and yes, I will be watching to see what happens on Mars early tomorrow morning.
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