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Shiny happy people.......NOT!
You won't see us ever doing that for the leader of the U.S. haha
WoooooooooooooooooWWWWWWWWWW.MAIN DERRRRRRR !!!!!!!
Apparently. He must have that effect.
I watched "Inside North Korea: National Geographic Documentary" not that long ago. It's amazing how difficult it is to tell if the people are just putting on a show so they don't end up in a labor camp or if they're true believers.
It's good to be the king. er... Dear Leader.
They all look exactly the same! They're clones!
no josh there asains theres a differance
They are sorted by height so distinctions are less obvious.
WOW..nice pic....even if they are comunists thei live better then us...hihihi...all of them have a work,a home and maybe they don't have some rights but this mekes them more ''free'' then us...
Uniformity of socialism. The happiest people on Earth! A new humankind of supportive and caring persons. They did it possible. Now it is time for us to be the next...
One of the few events foreign press was allowed to record, I know some of the international news correspondants were shocked to get an invite to the event.
All of us among the free world should be ashamed that the North Korean regime still exists...
We are free to say our opinions when nobody listens,we are free to go to school where you will learn to do what?...we are more without freedom than they...what means to be free for you Lars M. Hansen?
North Korea are so far gone I wouldn't even compare them to Afghanistan. There is something fundamentally incompatible between the human condition and a totalitarian system like the one in North Korea. But they are still hot though.
wow cant say much but alot beatiful ladies google ''what the'' plus
This scares me lol
+Pop Cosmin Marin
Warning: a rant follows:
<begin rant>
Ignorance of reality is no excuse. I might write fantasy, but I know what a despotic regime is when I see it. Those women work hard for every crumb they get from the government. A government which won't think trice about slaughtering each and every one of them if they feel it's politically expedient. The conditions they live under are harsh by even the most liberal standards. Every residential block has a party spy, every child a source of potential damning information, and even a kind act can lead to imprisonment. You do not see the slave laborers marching down the street because they would be an unsuitable visual symbol. They are not free to do anything, not even breath. Dying is the only thing they can do without the permission of the government.

You can go at anytime to visit your relatives. They must get permission. If they travel outside the country their entire family is held hostage.

You can express you opinion on the internet. While they don't dare to do so lest they end up mining lead or salt for the rest of their lives.

You can protest if you don't like the government. They will be imprisoned, tortured, and most likely shot.

You can own a pet or buy a car, while they must walk, bicycle, or take public transportation to travel. If the bus makes them late for work, they will be penalized and possibly jailed.

If they fall ill in prison there is a chance that their organs will be harvested and sold on the international black market to somebody outside the country who can afford it.

You are wrong, move along, and have a nice day.
<end rant>
wow the first one is actually flowing :O
I live in an ex comunist country and I see one thing:that regime maked people to respect each-other not like today when at every conrner waits you the death...let close this subject...
You need a government's especial card to have sex.
Give me 10 cards and five girls, and watch my dirty subconsciousness explode. Quickly give me a torrent of asian porn.
South America is trying to move that way.
Checkout how the leader of the parade is totally off the ground!
When we live in a world where money makes the law,but there only the gouverment makes the law...I lived in ex comunist country and I see the changes and almost all of them are in bad...why?cause there is nbody to controle everything...
I just can't stand that uniformity!
+Pop Cosmin Marin Then by all means go live in North Korea if you love it so much. If you miss the pogroms, the gulags, the invasive indoctrination, the relentless hardship, and the stupid edicts from the government, then just pack your bags and get a flight today. I'm sure they would like a spokesman for their cause. ..and when you are there, try not to starve to death or end up in prison when the novelty of your existence wears off.

So you were educated in a Soviet State and now criminals run amuck there. Those criminals are former party officials or their crews who are now free to do whatever strikes their fancy.

I'm not certain you are being honest with yourself. Now that you have tasted freedom, the lack thereof will be rather galling. I'm not a communist nor a capitalist since I see them as opposite sides of the same coin.

I am a realist. Please join the club.
maybe its my imagination but what a beautiful legs!!! amazing
It's a shame Micheal Jackson is dead ---would have been an excellent opportunity to film another dance video!
O_o some of them actually have decent looking legs... paper bag might be needed for...err... nevermind
si esa es la Ley que me caiga encima mama mia !!!!!!!!
hahahhahahah !!!!!! yo tambien arrestenme hagame suyo !!! !!(@_*)!!!
Por suerte no vivo en ese país.
yo opino que tendria es juego
Who runs this world...
Sweet !!!!!!! ahi a de oler a puro fish con Camaron like a Ceviche !!!!!
they actually have speakers in each house so their leader can talk to them anytime... Orwellian freakish... but there is something to be said for nice legs in any culture :-)
oh ya girz rule the world hahahaha
Uniforms did not change from Russian revolution in 1917 xD
Jolme L
yeah! I loved the legs too...
Daniel Bell she might just be jumping a bit
ya, i see it too and im a bit disturbed........
but now that i look at it closely, it looks like a photocopy!!
We send them food and financial aid! Why? Why? Why?
Man, these North Koreans take marching too seriously, don't they? ^__^
As Korean, i'll tell you guys. The food and financial aids that other countries send, only goes to higher rank, such as generals and riches, not to the citizens.....
If you look close to the face of the nazi girls,this pic is fake.They 2 times the pic
I can't believe we haven't gone over there and freed those girls... they look worth savin'...
For a second I thought these ladies weren't wearing any pants! Haha
By the way, anybody else notice the lady in the front isn't touching the ground?
this aint fake i saw this shit on bbc ,they all march in sync even the males
Why bother faking something like this? The work would take forever and you'd end up with women soldiers marching. Maybe if they were shown marching through Times Square it would be worth the effort.
Beware, their Officers levitate....
LOL, at first I was embarrassed that they struck me as kinda hot. Then I read the comments. Man, I am TOTALLY normal.
Maybe it isn't anti grav but cloaking tech. Look closely and you can see the skateboard.
almost sexy until you check the knees-thighs seems to be longer
than normal
This looks shoppd, I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my tiem
Who knew Kim Il Sung was such a Robert Plant fan.
The guys with the accordions were playing ZZ Top's "Legs" just behind them.
oh maan! I didn't know cloning humans it's possible!
I really like the way they march. It is like they are dancing.
Commie style marching, pictures don't do justice to it, have to watch the videos to marvel at their precision
Pretty ladies, too bad they've never been to the mall or on the internet.
this means war is going to end and peace process & growth is coming
What radical chic! Should we call them skirts or kilts? And can we say those are jumps in pumps? They're suspended in air!
she's flying!! we're all doomed!!:P
Jay Foy
Quick! Somebody ask them if they're having fun yet!
I hope I live to see the day things change for the better there. It bothers me deeply those who love freedom all over the world allow them to live this way and that there are those who can think this it is okay in any way. The other creepy thing is whenever I see a photo like this from there it is so overwhelming and it is hard to believe all for the soldiers are individual people and personalities like you and me. The fact that many there have no concept of how much better things could be is just totally mind blowing
what an expensive firework they shot the other day. could've been spent on grain. good job Kim Il Sung.
That chick is levitating... What sorcery is that?!
the front girl is floating and are the rest clones? we do live in the future...
levitating army woman... damn, the Koreans have everything.
I'm so proud that my debt ridden country helped pay for that photo. FLOATING!!!
"Get in step" Fire her drill master from BMT.
Looks like the Lucy Liu-bot Army from that episode of Futurama, lol.

/ "I'll always remember you, Fry... "
[monotone robot voice] MEMORY DELETED.
i bet google's face recognition is having a hard time with this one
Somethings not right when women go to war in skirts, seriously!!!
ive never seen a whole army of females wow
i think females can be more well dangerous than most men ever thought of i have met all kinds of people and i look at the world threw different eye now
Who says they get guns, in the last war they got sticks and shouted 플레이!
And they're all there to serve the leader! :-)
u better do us some good in war. XD
They look emotionless somehow.
Any why is there a sudden urge in me to go there. :D
The leader woman work with moonwalk..............!!!
Bina Y.
woahh theyy all look ALIKE O.o
Ana M.
lol how sexist! but funny,
damn those Koreans look "MUY CALIENTE" !!!
The only thing i noticed where how perfect those diagonals are!
kinda makes me wonder, what buy's this kind of devotion?
How do women in uniforms look "smart". What about this say "smart". They do look very nice though
A couple of the chicks are cute. Shame.
If you think she's levitating, you haven't seen how these ladies do their goose-stepping yet:

There is a little hop right at the end of a step.
cooooooooollllllllll laddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Good Photography, also salute for this.
Joe Tee
why aren't they crying??
yes i am afraid why they didnt cry
Sad, useless militarist propaganda
When those girls' cycle sync up that is gonna be one scary platoon...
they say it takes 5 days to find a free bathroom in korea...
Why are we worried about the missiles when they've mastered the power of levitation
hello everyone i have an anausment to make i like......................................................................................................................................................................................................this gilrs
Why are we always interested in our female folks? Imagine a western journalist taking snapshot of North Korean's women legs considering the tensed political situation!
what an example of harmony and power. just great.
i think woman are made just for a easy work not for war
when woman are in army in one country .that country have bad army
it is my think
Since when is anything that a woman does easy? From bearing / raising children to house work and career - none of it is easy. What kind of "easy work" do you mean?
Israel has women in their military as does the U.S.A. I have a hard time believing their armies are sub-par... (how the government leadership uses those armies is a different question)..
Show a little leg Comrade!
I want some of those Jet Boost shoes to lead a pack of woman around also. Where do I sign?
Love the North Korean military hats and caps. They could sell those in the west for sure.
Oh, so this is where they make clones... find every thing!!! old r u???
Yar larkiya bi achi lagti han army mean
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