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(Thu04) A ship in the middle of Hong Kong

Next time I go to Hong Kong, I need to check this out:

Hat tip to +Interesting Engineering ►

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It just seems when I look at this I can't get the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" out of my head. 
+Guy Kawasaki This is shopping centre insider and I think there is Japanese department store too ;-)
there will b an extra charge 4 the city view...
It's been there for well over 10 years now I believe?
Can we safely call this one an unsinkable ship?
works well on land...not sure about the sea...
ni que fuera en la ciudad esra mas grande del titanic fuk jeak
hey if u say so willing 2 work with that ideal...
Noah's Arc!

Maybe it just wasn't sea-worthy anymore. I used to stay at a "boat ranch" in Baja, MX where nicer boats that aren't sea-worthy are used for sea-side cabins. Fully awesome.
vc  e  um  gato lindo  de  viver
i totaly agree.....y el barco es muy grande pero la cuidad es mas grande q el barco porsupuesto
why is this big boat in the middle of hong kong though? Is there  a purpose?
Its a shopping mall actually.
I live near this pace
This place name is whampoa...
This housing estate (Whampoa Garden) is built on lands reclaimed from a famous dockyard, so the developer created this "ship-shape" shopping mall to commemorate that fact.
People ..PeoPLE ..People...godzilla iss not real
i do know ..because he is a fictional character
They're just learning from Japans mistakes...just build and arc
Cool. I just got back from HK and didn't see this. I will have to see this next year!
HOLY CRAP .....  thats really weird i mean you gotta be REALLY talented at parking things to go from ocean to mini bay like that
Mmmm now where did I park again??
It's a fake concrete boat that houses part of a department store and a game arcade. Whampoa Gardens in Hong Kong is a fairly new development, built on the former Whampoa dockyards. It's on homage to its shipbuilding roots.

For more:
Ray nat
At least no drownings
omg thats a big yact
bring it to mew york and ill make thw streets into water
who are you and how did that ship get there?
Is that real.....That's CRAZY!
It's just a shopping centre the shaped like a ship. Not a real ship.
Check it out at Google Street View at 9 Shung King Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
this looks like a scene from a scifi movies where ginorous ships are in a barren desert.
I remember seeing this on TV in Speed 2 the Movie ;)
a hotel.... maybe probably i dont know
knowing those japanese, this is probably a glass bottom yacht
The owners are ready if tsunami hits lol
This ship must be lost without using the GPRS System, can anyone help it get out before the peak hour starts?
Maybe it just trying to prove it can travell on land too. Next time try flyin
Folks, one more reason to not use Apple Maps! ;P
Welcome to the forest of concrete.Buildings pointing to the heavens
This is not real,it's to close to those building!!
omg ive allways wanted to go to hong kong ima live there
It was there for a long time. Just a commercial centre complex built like a ship.
good i thought someone made a boat go into the city and is that ok? who boat is it?
When you look at it, think about possibility of it. But it is possible to place a giant ship in such a location easily with photoshop 
Thats good ,, smart chinesseee ,,, thinking in future ,, CHINESE NOAH ARK !!!!! Lmfarotf !!! ( may Apple brand ) herehehe ! Woodpecker
Nothing really spectacular, entrance to the big department store. It's built in the ship shape. Live across the road every time I costed HK.
Leave it to woman drivers thank god its not rush hour , you
know what she would say ? I Was looking for a short cut ! That's some vessel.
As a Yacht Captain...
I can say...I didnt run.a.ground....I just got off course alittle...
Umm I don't even know how or why that was put there but that is just hilarious!
Ok going to day it. No need to go to Hong Kong to see a ship. Just go to any U.S. Port and you can see a ship from Hong Kong.
Love HK.  Cannot wait to go back!
Oh those wacky Chinese, what will they think of next?
+Edward Schultz First, people from Hong Kong are not considered Chinese.
SECOND, Chinese are NOT wacky!
wat the wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
lol hehe um... nothing to say um... :-|
This is in Hung Hom - I used to work right around the corner. It's basically a shopping mall but it's not very functional or traditional because it fails at being continuous. There are some Japanese shops that gather to the large Japanese expat community that lives in the vicinity.
There is a JUSCO branch shop underneath....but I don't know why this "ship" was made...
it just a ship-liked shopping mall....
A million years from now, future archeologists are gonna be so mind-fucked! Lol
A million years from now, the city will already be under water and the boat will have sailed away.
+Guy Kawasaki

The "ship" itself isn't at all functional. It's a building and you can directly walk in the side and aft at street level.

It houses part of the JUSCO Japanese department store, but the basement of this ship extends into a much larger area beyond the footprint of the ship itself. Part of the department store and supermarket is under those neighboring tower blocks too.
That's the biggest hovercraft ever seen :)
This is only possible in Chine! There isn't impossible mission for Chinese people XD
intresting I have one question h-h-h-how can it moves in the l-l-l-little river!!??
Was in HK like two weeks ago.. wish I had known about this beforehand, I would have checked it out.
remember your life jacket when boarding ferries.
Stayed near there in December and stumbled across it. Nobody could answer why, it was just part of their every day life. 
Makes me think: what amazing things are in our every day lives that we just take for granted?
See how bored people have become this is just plan stupid.
I live not far away from this "ship". Actually it's just an ordinary concrete building in the shape of a "boat". If you go inside, or even if you are standing nearby looking from the ground level, you'll just find it an ordinary shopping arcade. Nothing special. Only when you look at it from this angle will you find this building so interesting. 
Noah's Ark for shopping only.
a shopping mall
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