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(Sun06) My daughter's fourth-grade class is taking turns babysitting this stuffed animal. Each student adds a picture of his visit with each family.

This was one idea. What do you think?
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See no evil? :) What the animal's name?
Why do you always have the best ideas?

Also I really enjoyed your book Guy, I thought I would know everything about G+ but alas you showed me that I had a lot to learn. Loved how you describe posting on G+ as an art-from. 11/10
I Love it! Reminds me of me when I am goalie...LOL!
lol great idea, did many projects with my girls in school. Reflecting back made for some Mastercard Moments "Priceless"
haha! Looks like that stuffed animal got more than it bargained for.
Thats goal in the backround is good target practice
so innocent &of course loving
Good! Now that is a sure way to score goals! I like your target setup in the back!
My 4 y/o daughter and her class did this as well. Every Friday someone else takes the stuffed bear home and (their parents) write a bit and take some photos about the week. It was a lot of fun.
Supportive for you daughter and funny for the rest of us...GREAT job Dad!!
It was France 2010 at the football world championship !!! :-)
+Guy Kawasaki I guess it would be un-bearable if one of the kids lost it. Yes, I know, but I am shameless when it comes to puns ;)
pat sub
I think its beautiful 
It looks like "OMG I can't believe they are exploiting me like this, again!"
vey cute n ice u photo
Great photo and concept. An idea: since the background appears to be a soccer net, one could add a ball inside the net making it appear that the animal is in a game and is upset (closing its eyes) because he has been scored on.
Love it! That's awesome!
Is this Tim Thomas preparing for game seven against the Capitals?
Is it packed with a teddy can to study family life?
You should have let your daughter decide. Come on, man.
Shame on you. What educational objective did you have in mind?
I'm glad someone feels like I do on this. Do you do ALL of your daughter's homework too?
Guy... good thinking and engages on several levels... well done!
That's definitely Roberto Luongo
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