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(Fri07) Could not resist. Allens Boots, Austin TX
Lockhart Hwy, Austin, Texas
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Thanks for picking up the dark brown ostrich, did you remember my size is 9-4E ?
Beautiful! The green-eyed monster is taking me away right now!
There r so cut i wanna one of them!!
I could have used a pair of these this week at Brasada Ranch!
I was just telling someone I was thinking about buying a pair of cowboy boots. Very cool...
Lucchese boots are the best. I've had a pair for over 20 years.
Don Cue
Enjoy!  I have a pair of Tony's from Allen's Boots.  Wearing them right now.  Keep Austin Weird!
There's no place better on earth to pick up a pair of cowboy boots than in Austin, TX! Live In It! Keep Austin Weird!
Next time let me know. I can get them at cost. 
Nice ostrich. Good boots too. I'm from Texas so you can bet we know our boots.
good going guy!!! those will look good on you. allen boots make good shoe wear. however, i might be partial as a native texan / austinate :-)
Guy was Apple's first software evangelist. Before that he was a diamond dealer and he wrote The Art of The Start. Got it?
blah blah blah.. get off his nuts.. I smell fraud = it's a fraud, regardless of mentioned useless accolades.. "Now - Go get your shine box!"
Love it. The Japanese American ice hockey playing guy raised in Hawaii gets on real cowboy boots. 
Love the brown pair, +Guy Kawasaki. I blame you for whatever I purchase on Zappos since this put me on a boot quest...
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