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Hospitals are going to be fun now (smh)
lol... wow... I never though the world would come to this.
Well, that about sums it up for me...
Probably has to do with epinephrine levels.
Which interestingly have shown recently to be correlated to racism, by way of beta blocker propranolol.
wish u no shit but gooooood..............
Mythbusters did this one too a while back, IIRC.
Sooo funny that Gordon Ramsay is the poster boy for swearing.
My brother and father cannot fathom my use, sometimes excessive, of the vernacular. I say, "What's the fucking problem?".
What a f*&#ing great story, I'm happy as s$%^ to read that
Just ask anybody on the mat when I blew out my knee four years ago. I should've been able to endure several days worth, based on the unending stream of expletives.
Good to know. Now I have a medical excuse to verbally express myself in the middle of my office! :)
That explains the chronic Tourette Syndrome when I wake up.
Awesome study! I think the part at the end is important though: "Swearing is emotional language but if you overuse it, it loses its emotional attachment."
Yes G Ramsay! Swearing does help, but not when used in front of others
So those that swear all the time must be in allot of pain... lol
so what about just screaming none swear words ??? how can they say that the actually words helps ????
Ramsey might swear like a sailor, but I would like to see him woop our local so called chefs into shape. Local super market upstart prides itself in having a real Sheff, who apparently cannot taste the food she makes... I'm always swearing after tasting her cooking.
For the meaning of the word. Is the meaning of the curse the escape valve. If you just scream, you're doing what the whole world do. Swearing you're using "magic". Just think a japanese cursing you, the effect of his curses won't be near the one he'll get if he cursed someone who actually knows what's saying.
Dj Hall
Cussing is just like a second language.
and can endure eye motes, dust bunnies, lost socks and random, sundry annoyances up to 90% longer. i know.
Gordon Ramsay never feels any pain then
lol sooooooooooooooooooooooooo true
We need to invent some words that communicate the meaning and self satisfaction achieved by swear words. That way those nasty old words won't offend anyone anymore.
LOL!!! Most mothers can confirm this one!! <3
Seems people here in Croatia don't feel pain at all.
I've found "Frack!" from Battlestar Galactica has the right sound and impact, and correspondingly the same effectiveness in this
Yeah, "Frack, fracking, fracker..."!!! Sounds good to me!! LOL!! :)
Now I have the perfect excuse...dammit
I wonder what would happen if the whole world started doing this??? It would be a motherf*ckin load of people cussing!!!!
I wonder if they have researched those who pray?
Too bad I don't swear. I believe it's uneccessary but I can handle almost any kind of stress :)
when u hear someone scream the f word do they look pissed after tht
sure, I have tried it, it works
1. cover your mouth with your hand.
2. whisper a wish in your hand
3. post this on three other comments.
4. look at your hand
Fuck he's right......I feel better, I can make it through the rest of today!!
Defo good for stress relief!!!
Cursing is not good for you, it is sinning
it is because they curse during the painful event or is it due to personality?
+Michael Currey I tattoo for a living, so I make a living putting people in pain for hours at a time. I can tell you that the sweet little old lady cursing during the session has the same release as the gangbanger squeezing profanities. It really does work. Hell, even MythBusters figured that out!
cursing, imo, is using sharp, powerful, ugly, disturbing, edgy, expressive words to show sharp, powerful, ugly, disturbing, edgy feelings. nobody ever (well, not usually) means what the word's literal meaning suggests. In one word you've said more than any paragraph could say. throwing cuss words into sentences gratuitously is wasteful, but no more or less than, "like", "y'know" and other unconsciously added stuff. So either way, they aren't sinning, to me, because their intended meaning, as said, has little to do with their literal meaning. They are a sub-set of language with a whole different meaning for these words, determined by the speaker (thus, freedom), context (thus, communal meaning), and other factors. I think cussing is underrated.
i know people with an above average vocabulary and they cuss, it's more about when you use i,the situtation, and who's around.
exactly. and look how many words it took me to just say, well, fuckit.
Don't mean it, just the sound and the facial disturdence is spoiled batter, down right mad! He needs the display for the ratings stew, viewers can be man too, the chips are stale!
Bottom line, he's not humorous, a nutty cookie!
well ####@*** and !!!!!###***
Every girl I've dated since I was twenty has told me I swear in my an angry and disturbing manner.
Perhaps it has to do with the anger and pumps people up :D
I must be a person in a lot of pain
ow ow ow shit, ouch, fuck, ahhhhh, much better.. LOL
Will sir your potty month on tv is sick and you are a chef you are not giveing people a very good person to look up to sir you need to treat them with respect if you know what that is you treat people good not rude and yell at them . If you did that to me when i was in class i would have told youbto bit myass this is a word from a chef that has five other people who are chef i my family. Grow up
ah so this means our parents wanted us to suffer abit when we got hurt growing up xD
Was never able to properly swear when hurt, i only get a "ugh!" .
But it feels like it helps.
And now I have an excuse. Thank you Mr. Akabano!
I say that and I makes me feel better!!!! Ahhhh I luv saying bad words!!!!! F@$&:)&$!?$@ luv it!!!! Tote obsessed!:)

Vandaag nog een stevig je-mag-niet-vloeken-woordje met mijn 4 jarige dochter gehad.
he is a highly-stressed Chef!
The Mythbusters tested and proved that years ago.
Mythbusters =/= proof.
I can validate, and based on experience too :-)
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