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(Wed07) If you've been waiting for a Google Play version of What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us, wait no more:
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Just finished kindle version - great read. I'll let you know in 4 weeks if you've gotten me hooked on Google+ or not. Great explanations, regardless of outcome. 
Thanks +Guy Kawasaki ! I bought it a couple days ago and haven't been able to get away from G+ since then. I'm making much more interesting (and active!) circles based on photography, int'l development, and tech and getting a lot more out of it. Well worth it - I even bought another copy for my brother's boyfriend who works on social media for the Centre Theatre Group out in LA so he can put G+ to good use at work. Already having a lot of fun being more active in G+!
+Guy Kawasaki This is an awesome guide! Thanks so G+ presence is much better now...and more fun!
I really want this book, but the scanned pages don't work on smaller screens. Any chance of getting a version that will work on phones?
+Cecil Smith , I bought the Kindle version, and it looks great on the Kindle and my Droid. The screenshots, while a little small on the phone, are still sharp and easy to read. I'm not sure if you can try a sample or not, but if so, give it a shot - I think you'll like it on the Kindle app.
Loving the book, on chapter 5 now, "How to Comment"! ;)
Ok, took the plunge. Reviews later after the weekend.
I was starting to wonder... Look forward to the read!
Guy, did you use ibooks author for the version of your book being sold on the i tunes store? If so, can you comment on the experience? Thanks.
This book seems really awesome. I sampled it, and will probably buy it in the next few days. I love Google+ and +Guy Kawasaki seems to know what he's talking about. Great work!
So... google has been busy phasing out the rainbow color for a more uniform RED color... just when your book is coming out? Coincidence??? :)
The sub title matches Google play store nicely
"Google+ for the rest of us", where us = US = United States :)
(Just a guy from Europe felling left out :( )
+Guy Kawasaki why is it not available in Australia, Canada, etc.? Why is it so hard to release internationally?
Not available in Romania, either. I wonder if I can get it from Amazon and read it with the desktop app ...

Stop the censorship :)
+Guy Kawasaki I think I must have been living under a rock because I did not know about this book! Wow - THANK YOU for sharing it with the Super Science circle, really appreciate it :D
This book is crazy awesome.
Great book, now I know how + works. works well on my streak 5.
Thanks to +Guy Kawasaki I'm giving Google + a second chance. This time I'll do it just by the book!
link doesn't work in Singapore. disappointed.
+Guy Kawasaki I had just started chapter 5, hadn't read the mention part yet. Got it now!
Will this be coming out in hardback or paperback? If so, when?
I just started reading the Kindle version, and am excited about the potential. I'm very new to Google+. In fact, I think this is my first comment! Thanks for the book and its very clear content.
+Guy Kawasaki. In design, good man! I use it everyday. I'm glad you took it upon yourself to come up with documentation for Google+. Lord knows it always gets overlooked in the development process. I appreciate the response.
On my highly recommended read list! +Guy Kawasaki I second your recommendation for asymmetry when it comes for photos! :-)
Viewing the book now on Google Play after purchasing it. Why does it look like a poorly scanned image? Hardly readable. Using Chrome 17.0.963.79 on Win 7.
I purchased on Google Play and could not DL or see in the Library. Asked for a refund and bought with One Click on Amazon.
I finished reading the Kindle edition a few days ago and greatly enjoyed it (in fact I'm back on G+ even if I hadn't for a while thanks to it...)... THere's a theme I would have liked to see accessed though : multilinguism... +Guy Kawasaki, would you please have some pointers/hints on a good way to post in 2 languages without annoying followers who only speak one of them?
+Franck Lefebvre That's a good question. I don't think there is a way. I think it's better to post in the language(s) you really know and let people use Google translate.
+Guy Kawasaki - Thanks for taking the time for an answer... I suppose I'll stick to posting in french and italicized english in the same post for now then ;-)
+Franck Lefebvre hey, I've noticed that when someone is speaking a language other than English, a little notification pops up saying to translate it. I think it's because I have a Google translate app thing. I dont know if that helps.
+Franck Lefebvre Depends on who you want to reach. Seems to me that there are more English speakers than French speakers right now.
+Guy Kawasaki I love your book! Its the ultimate guide. Very instructive and simple to implement. I'm writing a review testing your suggestions. Also, some tech reporters contacted me for it..
+Taly Weiss Thanks so much. You made my afternoon. If any reporters need a copy, just let me know.
+Christina Cooper - Funny... I never noticed this stuff... Are you sure the notification doesn't come from your browser? Chrome does that by default I believe...
+Guy Kawasaki There for sure is more English speakers than French ones... On the other hand, most of the people who circled me so far are French... Anyway, I'll try and find some time to investigate later on... I'll let you know if I find something interesting on the matter... BTW, regarding multilinguism, do you have plans about translating your eBook in other languages? If you do and consider a French version, maybe I can give a hand...
+Franck Lefebvre I'm pretty sure that it's a Google chrome thing. That's just a slight fix to the non integration issue. I wish there was the option to translate just a post though.
:( Your book it still not available at the Mexican iTunes Store.
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