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You just convinced me to go back and choose hamburgers on the menu versus those healthy salads I've been ordering ;)
You cannot run from poop!! Also, plants find it delicious! bleh...
Great graphic! Washing salads might help to get rid of the poop
And what about the pesticides, insecticides, nitrate fertilisers. I worry about that more.
+Guy Kawasaki Looks like a graphic John Robbins would create - "see why all these animals are bad?"
Poop is in everything grown in fields, it's just sometimes more apparent than others
Where's the "How does salad end up in your poop" graphic to balance this? ;-)
+Philip Anton is right. When Organic Gardening was a big movement in the 1960s, cow manure was one of the main fertilizers recommended for organic gardening.
The infographic fails to point out the hard working farm workers who probably have less than adequate sanitary conditions within their bathroom facilities. wipee + no-washee = poop on the salad
ewww...that is kinda disturbing lolz
Thanks for the article. You have provided a way for me to work poop into a conversation naturally (or perhaps organically) today! 
All kidding aside - where I live in #yuma - this info-graphic tells the story of a (local) USD $3B annual agriculture story that has hundreds of stakeholders working 24/7/365 to ensure food safety in the global food supply chain. #yumacounty is the winter vegetable capital of the world!
Poko ko
NPR did a great report on this yesterday
What is this about? I can't make out the words even with virtual mag.
its very disturbing...lolz not ur lanuage the whole shit thang
hahahhah thats true but.. they also clean it so ha
Hormones is worse than pesticides... pesticides can be washed off... hormones... and dyes injected to perfect color... food just isn't what it used to be.
The issue is not what is in the nutrient mix, it's what is in and on the delivered product - perhaps there is sabotage. With wide-open borders for farm workers and post-9/11 security concerns, how could this not be a possible means of attack? The more cynical among us might suggest it is also a way to cut long-term healthcare costs by reducing the weakest parts of the population....
That's why I only eat meat and no salad. :P
Um... most farmers actually just use poop as part of the dirt they grow every crop in. It's called compost and it grows awesome plants.
..can't see man with the worms in his little bucket !??
call of duty shut the hell up
What do you think they use for fertilizer? SHIT IS GOOD FOR SALAD
um, yeah, that and fertilizer is poop. We eat poop all the time. insect poop, mouse poop when we go to restaurants. geez. shake a dudes hand at work, if you don't wash your hands chances are trace amounts of his poop are on your hand, that hand goes to your mouth... say hello to poop!
Actually human poop left by the workers (who I'm sure don't go too far to make it) worries me the most. All these listeria outbreaks were caused by human poop and pee too.....
And the public are so worried over a little dog poop off and away from the foot path or in the bush. Places where only a drunk can possibly step on to.
wow ............ and this is supposed to teach s something how and what??????????!!!!!!
All I see is a bunch of free fertilizer if it is composted right. ;)
Found half of a flying insect in a salad recently. Kinda put me off buyin salads for now
you gotta wash all foods before consuming.... other people handling our yummy food is a cause for concern let alone this fact!
Poop is a great fertilizer and washing the salad gets rid of it. You should be worried more about pesticides and chemical waste in the water.
filtered rain water..... no fluoride or bacteria. "-D
+Thomas Mueller Or as Germany recently found, worry about health of the animals providing the "poop" ;)
Well, salad said washed n ready to eat. So i guess at least the insect was cleanish
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