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(Wed07) Beta testing 2.0 In the old days, companies carefully screened and selected their beta sites. Some even made beta sites sign non-disclosure agreements. This even applied to books--most publishers would kill authors who provided an electronic copy of their book to strangers.

That was beta testing 1.0. Let me provide some stats about beta testing 2.0. About a week ago I shared a post asking 1,100,000 of my closest friends on Google+ to beta test my next book, What the Plus!. 241 people signed up in twenty-four hours.

I sent the Word file manuscript to all of them. Approximately 100 returned the file with comments within a week. Not counting duplicates, this is what they found:

- 147 grammatical and spelling mistakes
- 27 factual errors

And I implemented 67 suggestions on how to make the book better.

The book will soon go to a copyeditor. I'm sure she would have caught the 147 errors and will find even more. Still, as a matter of pride, I like to submit a manuscript to the copyeditor in what I consider "perfect" condition--even though I know it's far from that.

The 27 factual errors are a different story. Many required in-depth knowledge of Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Ditto for the 67 suggestions on how to make the book better.

Some thoughts on the process:

- These 100 people made What the Plus! much better.
- I didn't know most of these people in advance. I could have never found them without sharing a post to 1,100,000 "strangers."
- I probably gained somewhere between 100 and 240 evangelists for the book.

This is one of the beauties of self-publishing: You can do crazy things like this. (Although the truth is that I did a similar thing with Enchantment and just didn't tell my publisher.)

These are the 102 people:

Michele Abraham, Matt Acuff, Zach Alcorn, Jeff Angcanan, Terry Babij, Jennifer Bailey, Mike Bainbridge, Leonardo Benveniste, Lici Beveridge, Jan Borgwardt, Darla Brown, Tim Burrows, Roland Byrd, Pat Byrne, Matt Campbell, Arjun Chandrappa, Jonathan Chu, Katie Clark, Marlies Cohen, Michael Cunningham, Paul Diederman, Kenken Clarin, Robert Coller, Kishore Dandu, Jerry M. Denman, Ben Diaz, Jeff Dorchester, Tracey Edgar, Jon Elbery, Brandy Ellis, Connie Feil, Bryan Fuselier, John Gallagher, Sriram Gopalan, Greg Gorman, Hugh Grace, Matt Gray, Terrie Gray, Jon Greer, Dawn Groves, Hakan Gül, Jose Hanchi, Jophn Heckendorn, Sidhartha Herdegen, Dave Hidding, Adam Howard, Kim Josephs, Jeremie Kanter, Jennifer Karr, Josh Keene, Scott Knaster, Remo Kommnick, Kimberly Lau, Gary Lee, Ken Lee, Steven Lowe, Allison Makowski, Dusko Maksimovic, Daniel Mandel, Didier J. Mary, Chrisann Merriman, Linda Michels, Allen Moran, Rollin Morris, Marc Myton, Nasir Naeem, Chetan Naik, Claudia Neumann, Brandon Odegard, Gary Oppenhuis, Dan O’Shea, Yashdeep Patil, Jessica Pierce, Frank Ouimette, Yashdeep Patil, Katherine Pereira, Crystal Ponti, Peter Prescot, Tzafrir Rehan, Neil Roberts, Paul Roustan, Silvino Pires dos Santos, Daiva Rackauskiene, Jacqueline Samoise, Jeff Schultz, Joseph Siewruk, Bob Soltys, Martha Spelman, Keith Spiro, Patrick Stainier, Tara Stuttler, Jirapong Supasaovapak, Thomas Tenkely, Chet Thaker, David Thomas, Hal Thompson, Pat Toal, Alvin Toro, Pablo Valcárcel, Danielle Violot, Lisa Williams, Scott Yates, Aygul Zagidullina, Keivan Zolfaghari.
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Wow! Now that's a notion - crowd-sourcing copy-editing.

You the man, Guy!
So happy to have been part of this process!
You go, Guy. Good for you! Now I know what to do when I get my "party book" done. Thanks for sharing your results!
I was an Evangelist before and will continue. This is a testament to community, Guy you have a broad reaching community and the value of sharing and trust. It truly was a enlightening and an honour to be part of your project.
Plus it helps creating a buzz for the book. Another relic from old times is that publishing a book with a major publisher took 12 to 18 months. I assume you found a faster way. +Guy Kawasaki When will it actually come out?
+Guy Kawasaki Thanks. If you google it, I'm sure you find a countdown timer that can do nanoseconds. :)
Great book! Thanks for engaging us beta testers and letting us be a part of your project. I've already started to spread the word about the book. You're right, you did get evangelists in the process.

For those of you out there who haven't had the sneak peek, get ready to gain great insights into the world of Google+. Be sure to read the book when it's out!

Thanks +Guy Kawasaki!
It was nice to be part of the beta project. What a great idea and thanks for sharing the statistics on how it played out. Personally, I learned how to more effectively use Google+ and incorporated some of the recommendations. I'll be one of the evangelists for the book when it comes out.
Happy that I could help you with the review. It was actually fun to do it :)
Count me in on your evangelist list!
+Guy Kawasaki - it was really an enchanting read. Learnt a lot that I didn't know abt google+. Got an opportunity to interact with you. Thanks!!!
Thank you for letting me be a part of this process, I learnt a lot from the book. Just wanted to add that everyday when I login to google+ I first look up your posts and then the others :-) & your posts are truely enchanting.
+Guy Kawasaki you're absolutely right; you have found evangelists for the book. I bought +Chris Brogan 's book Google+ for Business, which is a must read, but yours is perfect for both the new and expert user. Guarantee that even the savviest user will learn something useful! Thanks for the opportunity to review.
+Guy Kawasaki, thanks for letting me be a part of this - it was fun! And thanks for making the whole process so easy.

I have no doubt that your book will help lots of new people feel comfortable using Plus. Good luck!
+Guy Kawasaki Maybe get Spenser Tunick to take pix of the enchanted 100 nude on ground in the shape of a G+. For the acknowledgments section.
Hey, you also gotta remember your old beta testers! I missed that.
Excellent Guy - I missed your post - and I totally dig the fact that you put this out there.
Take care - and Keep up the Community Spirit - You're a great inspiration to many of us! +Guy Kawasaki
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