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Anyone who understands the rules for Cricket has my respect. And condolences.
Spanish soccer players earn tons of cash while their economy has suffered multiple recessions in the past few years...But hey, as long as there's money for sports and booze everything will be alright for them, right? #NOT
This is surprising that footballers get paid more than the NFL.. Money is thrown wildly these days to get the best in the business 
Do the Indian Cricketers make more in USdollars when the rupees are converted, or is because of the buying power in India? Meaning if you make $26,000 in USD and paid that in Indian Rupees you are a mIllionaire in India...
@Chris.. nks...awesome play cricket make a ton of moey and dont get head injuries! Great sport!
+Dresden Kalil it could be dangerous also, but in India I think it is the major sport, there is a huge following. I left India 20 years ago, at that time, the salaries were hardly anything, it is amazing how much the pay is now.
Cricket is crazy popular there. I was in India for a month a couple of years back, and there were three television stations devoted solely to cricket. All cricket, all the time.

It's like the NFL network, but showing games all day everyday...and there's three of them.
+Surminga WN (and everyone else) Two words: Salary caps!

NFL limits how much teams can spend on players so the pie can only be divided so many ways, $12.06M per team in 2012 to be exact. There are NO caps Euro football. Instituting them would be very cumbersome, because while NFL teams play in ONE league, Euro football clubs, if good enough, can play in several leagues at the same time.

Euro football caps would be tough to model as each league has different governing bodies that the same clubs with the same players all compete under. Thus, players are free to move between clubs to the highest bidder, and wealthy clubs can buy better trophy odds. It may seem broken, but that's the system.

And another factor for the discrepancy in salaries between the two sports: far more people worldwide support football than the NFL. I'm just saying...
+Guy Kawasaki Until 2005, the NHL had no cap either! You were golden! Now it's at $64M/year/team and $12.86M/year/player. So you'll have to consider a pay cut. ;) Unless you want to switch to Cricket that is, which is the same thing on grass, it seems to me. Or is that Lacrosse? I digress...
In Indian subcontinent.Cricket is just not sports,it is religion.It is a religion that brings together people of all religions,all demographics, together.It is a great unifying factor and a leveler. Presently the country is at stand still watching IPL. world's best cricketers are participating in the carnival called IPL.

Considering the great human values these players generate, the payments ar reasonable.

When you take the value of the payments in terms of purchasing power,the earnings beat that of even the soccer players.

+Guy Kawasaki
A great career (proposed, may be) for many...
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