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(Wed05) Does Congress truly represent America? Check out this infographic.
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Maybe Congress doesn't represent America right now, but that is a direct result of the voters, not our political system. Just my two cents!
That's a flawed analysis, it assumes that the percentage of the population for any of the groups shown would be exact same percentage of people from that group being educated enough, smart enough and ambitious enough to want the office... the odds of such being true, considering all of the categories, are immensely improbable, if not impossible.
+Oleg Moskalensky You are correct, but even accounting for all that, the statistics are far more skewed than they should be.
+Oleg Moskalensky Indeed! It's a bit silly to expect the demographics of government to match the general population; that would mean that, for example, we would need kids and teenagers in congress.

I'm surprised to see that congress is more religious than the general population, though. You would think it would be the opposite.

Edit: Misread a statistic.
+Travis Heppe what exactly do you mean by "should be"? as in where do you draw the line of them being skewed acceptably or too much? Also, these blanket statements that so many states never sent a native to Congress don't account for the fact that some of these states (perhaps many) - don't have an Indian population to start with, kind of hard to send a native when there are none.

The Congress is voted in by the people in all states. Only people who chose to run get voted on and usually there are multiple choices. Many people don't vote - that's a problem. Many people vote based on logic similar to picking horses at the races, ie via the name alone - another problem. Many people fit the category, but don't care to run for office. For example - many in the latino communities do NOT speak English... which is a problem in terms of running for office. There are so many factors in place that it's silly to bring up these kinds of stats as some sort of meaningful explanation why the Congress "doesn't represent" America. Even for the ones that are in the office and do neatly fit one of these categories - one could argue that what they do doesn't represent America, but it's not because of the category they're in, but because they do take some inept actions.
My two cents is that the Government tends to treat people like idiots nowadays. The trend seems to be to tell the public something like:

"Oh, you don't need to know about this bill. It would just make you guys disorderly. And you wouldn't want that to happen, right? Great, here's a small tax break that we'll convince the media to blow out of proportion so it looks bigger."

Positions like that is what makes us 99%-ers "disorderly".
Ew. You have to be the same race, sex, gender to represent? I thought we were past these "isms." GROSS.
i can understand what you mean they only care about themselves n fu;;k the rest of us
god help us
Congress represents a segment of America. I wonder whether a new biography of a fresh politician is in order? Give the author ( with an associate) a 5 year span of time to record, and follow that person.
What are the insights? When does the necessary work of catering to donors become a reality? How does that Congressman bear in mind industry demands vs. Education vs. Aging constituents? What attracts youth to get involved without sacrificing their ability to remain young?
In other words, who is our next Clinton, Bush or Barack?
The "glass ceiling" starts at the bottom. All you who make an excuse about those of the minority population lacking ambition need to acknowledge the barriers put in front of these individuals and also admit that it's often the most greedy, cold, calculated individuals who can climb to the "top" by any means necessary.
+Jeremy Booth the equal rights and great opportunities you are talking about are just a dream. People are born divided into classes, divided between private schools and public schools, ivy league and community college etc etc. Only in a small percentage of the cases it is just hard work. The truth is that the opportunities are not equal as you say, and some people simply cannot because their condition doesn't allow them to reach for the "big goals".Welfare is for the less fortunate not for the lazy as you think.
Just look up articles about discrimination. You'd probably be willing to admit that people who are tall or attractive are unfairly considered for a job above others but you deny it here. I have 4 welding certificates and have probably applied for about 100 positions and couldn't get anything. Do I blame it on my race? No but I know that some people have unfair advantages like knowing the right people and yes sometimes even race. But go ahead, deny away.
Another example of what George Orwell called "newspeak."

This is NOT what it means to be a representative. Each member of Congress is not supposed to represent all the nation anyway.
Let's keep it simple. If Congress really represented America we'd have decent universal health care for all, student loans would not be out of control, and we'd probably be much further along on alternative fuel options.
Finally some good news. Imagine if congress were more representative.
If we could just convince everyone to vote, our government would look and act a lot better.
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