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To celebrate the New Year, you can get four of my books for free. Please spread this link as far and wide as you can.

The books are: What the Plus!, The Macintosh Way, Database 101, and The Computer Curmudgeon.

Happy New Year!
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Downloaded them all, thanks and have a great 2013!
Thank you, Guy. Really appreciate it. And happy new year. :)
+Guy Kawasaki which one would you recommend to me, a big android guy? Are any of these the tale of your conversion?
This is great... thank you very much...I broadcasted this on twitter... hope you don't mind..
Holy cow, the Macintosh Way, +Guy Kawasaki! You signed my copy way back when (we were younger) at MacWorld Boston. Wish I could remember what happened to it. I remember thinking how cool it was that you included your CIS handle in the intro. That inspired me to do the same with my first book.
Thanks and happy new year ^^
Very generous Guy. Happy Holidays to you and the family!
+Guy Kawasaki Thank you and Happy New Year!  I enjoyed your presentations at G+ PC back in May.
Already read What the Plus.  That's what got me here.  I guess that's good, right?  
I refuse to download these unless their is a link in my whitespace that makes people start raging again about advertisements on G+. 

Just kidding. I am going to get these now. Thanks +Guy Kawasaki & Happy New Year! =)
Thanks for your generosity and setting an example of what it means to give back +Guy Kawasaki , have a very Happy New Year! 
Matt B
thanks for your gift +Guy Kawasaki - wishing you and everyone around the world a Happy New Year ! :)
Thanks much and Happy New Year to You and your Family, +Guy Kawasaki.  You've helped keep G+ Fun and Interesting since my 1st day here.
Vance -
The link doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Guess I will try again when I get home.
Alex Su
Thanks and happy new year!!!
Thanks! Really appreciate it! Have a great New Year!
Thanks!  A lot of great reading for 2013!  Happy New Year!
I don't know if I have any requirement for the books but thank you for the offer
thanks for sharing, guy!!  HNY 2013!
Thanks, +Guy Kawasaki ! I've already been enjoying What the Plus and I'm sure these others will be just as informative. Happy New Year to you and yours!
NO bugger off. flipping MAC man  they are too expensive and and er did I mention they are expensive ....
*GRACIAS!!! *Thanks so much!  Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!!!
Thank you very much and happy new year!
Thanks for the free books. Very much appreciate it.
Thank you ;) And have a Happy New Year!
Arigato Gozaimasu +Guy Kawasaki Have a Happy New Year !              =(^_^)=
Good Guy Guy!
Happy new year to everyone.
never knew you wrote a book... i am going to get this book today :) i have watched / read most of steve jobs'... Now its my turn to read about the other super stars
who made apple, apple... :)
wish 2013 will be a great era to everyone
Many Thanks! HNY to you and yours!
Thanks, grabbing a couple of them now.
Happy new year :) thanks for the books... 
Thanks Guy! I Don't have a great follow-ship but shared it anyhow! Happy New Year!
Thanks Guy. I bought some years ago the Spanish edition of "how to drive mad your competitors"
Thank you..... Have a good and safe 2013
Thank you now rest on the island while we party.
I shared so hopefully when I get back to my PC in the AM I will still be able to download them. Thanks +Guy Kawasaki 
I downloaded the Google+ book.  I'm just getting into Google+ and there are still some concepts that I need to master.  Thanks for the gift!
Say hi to Hal Bogner---that will confuse him for a moment :) Nice books---need to be all mobi for the picky ;)
Thank you Guy this the best gift for the new year!
+Guy Kawasaki Happy New Year to you. Thanks for the downloads; I already purchased What The Plus! (Which was great BTW) and look forward to 'the Macintosh way'.
Thank you! Posted the link on the LASTC (Los Angeles Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication) Facebook page. (They don't have a G+page...yet..)
MacWay Cool!  

S-E-L-L-I-N-G T-H-E D-R-E-A-M????????????  WHEN????? 
Thank u 4 the books happy new year i would like 2 have more of ur books but accept my friendship in return
Nice one! Happy New Year Guy!
happy new year friendz.......njoy....... 
chapter one 
IF you aint rich Don't continue...
Thanks mucho for sharing ! Happy New Year !
Thanks Guy.   Started reading the G+ book the other day and looking forward to finishing it.
"I was walking by myself in the forest and a tree fell down right in front of me and I didn't hear anything" Steven Wrighy
I don't know why, just popped into the noodle.
Happy Cliff to all! Wright not wrihy
New Year,2013 may brings joyous, love, peace and light on this Earth.
Good reads, what the plus is quite informative. Recommended
Happy New Year, Guy!! I am enjoying What the plus and look forward to your other books as well. 
Just finished What The Plus, thank +Guy Kawasaki  a lot for your great ways of introduction to G+. Downloading these books right now :)
Thanks for sharing your book. I'm sure I will enjoy it. I've skimmed thru a little of it as it was downloading. Loved the as a last option                 ;-) reference . 
Thank you, that is very generous.
HappY new Year you Too.....
+Guy Kawasaki always expect the unexpected from Guy. Generous gifts , just wish they were in epub or mobi format for better smartphones feasibility.
"Macintosh was
a better computer, and many people didn’t “get it.”" Untrue. The best that can be said about Macintosh is that it's a different operating system running on outdated hardware. Last I checked, which was five minutes ago, Mac was still using Intel socket 1366 processors in the Mac pro. This means that they are a couple of years behind the power curve. Additionally they are listing "ATI" Radeon graphics cards which are really AMD Radeon graphics cards - which are so far behind nVidia it's not even funny. If I want to run Mac OS, which I don’t (DX11+ anyone?), I would build a hackintosh. Why would you pay more to get less? The only reason I would run Macs is for a Digi Designs Pro Tools studio setup. The software favors Mac, so I would have no choice. That WS would only edit music, period.
Well, this my first time to meet +Guy Kawasaki , but I have to confess that I have been wowed by his generosity. God bless you Guy and happy new year.
Movbasex hattoppotoskarsmakpornuw
Thanks very much and Happy New Year! :D
Rob Lee
Thank you for sharing. 
Thank you. Have a great 2013!
Thank you and a Happy New Year 2013!
thank you, i love your books man, they are great.
Pf2013 ! MSc13 of international space university thanks you !
So great works. THX, Guy.
Many Thanks Guy :-) Happy New Year :-)
Guy kawasaki to celebrate new year on January 1 is not biblical, it is against the Gods teachings in the God bible 
Guy kawasaki, if you don,t mind. Are you an anti- Christ ?
thanks Guy.  It has helped me get a better profile  and explore g+
j scott
Thank you for the lin Guy, being a more knowledgable Google+ person may not be a resolution, but it 's something I'd like to accomplish...
Thanks Guy, I bought what the + and the day after I saw it being offered for free. It wasn't the end of the World but I feel better now
Thanks very much +Guy Kawasaki. Wonderful gesture. I've read and own a few of your books. Looking forward to reading these as well. Happy New Year!
Way Kool Guy, Thanks! Happy New Year!!!
Thanks so much Guy....
...but the download wouldn't save locally on iPad.
Any help?
Happy new year
2013 to all of my friends wish  you a very very good and gental year
We can not download it in our area. Can you upload on 4shared or others. Regards,
The post that just keeps on giving :-)))
Thank you so much, for blessings perfect strangers life!!!!!
Thanks so much for this. I'm now a committed convert to Google+ thanks to "What The Plus!" 
:-)) ♥♥♥ :-)) Love how every time you leave a comment it sends the post back into the public stream .... to inspire more people :-)) ♥♥♥ :-))

 +Trever McGhee +2share this post :-)) ♥♥♥ :-))
BITTE NICHT SCHREIBEN. Ich verstehe kein englisch !!!
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