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(Thu02) Fifty photos of the fifty states, a photo essay.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

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Now that's what I call recruiting from the minor leagues!
I love the look on his face. Determineed.
hey stop the player will be died...
Great example of Focus. Fudoshin (Immovable mind.
Now if only the actual Dodgers would play with such determination...
The kid looks focused, nice picture!
Great work.  I did a double take when I got to the photo taken with the cell phone.  I knew something was off.  The photo just looked out of place.
They say, "you are what you eat": he must have eaten stud muffin for breakfast.
The sad part is, the Dodgers still paid out 43 million for this rookie.
pitch that ball, boy 
Feeling sorry for the batter.

Oh, wow! You've captured a riveting moment. Oh, and Go Dodgers!
I was at the game when this boy threw that pitch.
Jim Ott
u go little man
Jay Foy
+Guy Kawasaki You are so very good, Guy!  I look forward to your postings all the time.  Keep up the very excellent work!  And thanks again!
This captures the essence of childhood "determination".  Hats off to the photographer that captured this moment in history.
Manoj M
Jay Foy
Simply darling!  That facial expression says it all!
Jay Foy
But this is still the cutest pix!
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