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(Tue06) AT&T 4G LTE back of Audi in Manhattan, Samsung Galaxy SIII
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New York City, NY is screaming in general. Charlotte, NC is often even faster.
I'm only getting about half of that in New Orleans.
+Nick Walker I'm near the top of Canal Place right now.  I'll run some more tests at street level and on the way home.
Its about time att finally caught up to verizon 4G LTE speeds.
A wee bit faster than the 4G speeds I'm seeing from Sprint on the HTC EVO 3D. Curious how it will compare after switching over to the HTC EVO LTE next month. Thanks for sharing!
Speaking as a user of Brazil's leading (apparently, a very relative term) 3.5G provider.. sheeesh!
+Guy Kawasaki, I wonder what you perspective of this is. Is it "Yhea. Its just my 4G. Nothing special"? or "Holllly ####!!!"?
Looks like ATT has got good coverage in the city.. at least where you were. Not Bad at all..   So; tell - tell - did it stay steady throughout the day?!?
HEY! You are breaking internet speed limit. Show me your licence and registration - or hells
+Mark Peden I have a hard time believing you considering their LTE network isn't out yet and EVO 3D only supports wimax which max's out at 15mbps average is around 8-9mbps.
Get about the same with Verizon LTE in Manhattan. Oh, and if the star are aligned, with Sprint WiMax as well.  Then again, Sprint has a bit more latency than either Verizon or AT&T.  
Did your battery meter just drop sharply while you were running that test?
No one ever checks their network in "real" locations...  Like Laredo, TX...  :-)
No one ever checks in real places like La Grange, TX (or La Grange, LA) or Galveston...  :-)
Ming Er
Have to test Verizon LTE next time I'm in NYC. I see 10/10 on the Galaxy Nexus in DC.
Verizon 4G in houston is around 9mb to 21mb dl tested with speedtest
some people say can't reply
i used it in my galaxy sII my provider so fast
17343kbps -> 17.343 mbps -> input net :10 = 1.7343mbps still fast
16.936 mb per second is a big step up from 300kbps to 1.7mb that old 3G technology would get. Is there any different technology that at&t uses other that wavelength that causes them to achieve such great speed?
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How does the Galaxy S III compare to the Galaxy Note? 
Test Date: Jun 20, 2012 9:45:05 am
Connection Type: Ehrpd
Server: Little Rock, AR
Download: 1176 kbps
Upload: 738 kbps
Ping: 154 ms

This is verizon 3G. I will test 4G when i get above ground.
It's annoying that the SpeedTest results don't "scale" like the speedometer graphic does.  I would rather see "17.x Mbps" than "17343 kbps".
Im sorry click tools down at the bottom of the mobile app. Then click mb
+Garritt VS. Did you try it if so you can go to results and click the one you want to post then click the envelope to mail then click Gmail then copy what you want then come back here and post them on this thread. Lol alot isn't it. I have to do that since i cant take screenshots
Watch out The app pulls your exact latitude and longitude but you can edit that out before posting
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