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(Sat08) Here's a headline that (a) I never thought I'd see; and (b) is somewhat oxymoronic.
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I did a paper for a conference back in 1998 and found ways to cite not only websites (new for academia then) but also guest book entries on websites. APA already had figured some of these out, but the paper had to use the horrendous MLA citation style, so that took some creativity. 
Hopefully, I'll never need to - but I suppose this is good information to know.
It depends on the type of paper. If you're writing a socio-linguistics paper on the specialized vocabulary used by frequent tweeters vs infrequent tweeters, you would actually be remiss if you failed to cite some tweets.
"Oxy-moronic": I do not think that word means what you think it means.
It makes sense. Twitter is being used as a news service to break stories. If you are writing a paper and want to cite original sources on Iran's Green Revolution, you may want to include some of the Tweets people in Iran were sending. If you were doing a story on political suicide, cite Anthony Wiener.
Oh, God, the world is coming to an end :P
+Zrinka Pavlić world coming to an end? I'm sure it's not cause I didn't get that tweet yet. Something isn't real till we see the tweet.
I think Andy nailed it. There are times when a tweet needs to be cited. Increasingly they are a primary source for news and should be treated as such.

I'd be more worried if we were citing Facebook status updates, though that might be just around the corner... 
They are only a "primary source for news" because we've redefined our standards for news and reporting.
Unfortunately that's true, but at the same time some tweets can't be ignored. Quality news takes advantage of all resources, for that reason alone relevant tweets can't be ignored. 
I never thought this would happen.....crazy how influential social networking really is
The techies have taken over the planet!
Can't tell if Crazy Prepared or plain Crazy
I agree that if you are going to quote a tweet you should properly cite it in an academic paper or journalistic piece etc.

But I think it would be highly dubious to consider a tweet a reliable source of information in and of itself. There has to some type of proven independent verification to demonstrate the validity not only of the information being tweeted but also of who exactly is doing the tweeting and perhpas most importantly why.

Same for any source of information whether web based or not, right?
How do I cite a text message? huh? Do I have to give out my friend's number in the citation? She won't like that... :p
txts r private tweets r public, the difference
Jeff, true, needs to be public...heh. But of course was just joking. Maybe I can make my texts public and then cite them? haha
That is neither oxymoronic nor ironic. Back to the drawing board, lad!
Wow!! I would love to do that, cuz people twee about everything! including me! @KaitynPenton!
Now how do you cite a Google+ post, Facebook status, etc.?
>Academic Papers

.....Lmao. This is interesting.
Shouldn't this consist of one word..."don't"?
Don't is actually two words, Do and Not contracted together with teh aid of an apostrophe. So, no, it should not. Citing Tweets is the wave of the future.
Contractions are considered one word.
What are the rules for citing public bathroom wall graffiti?
Contractions are composites consisting of two r moar werds, I am right, y'all are wrong, I Tweet; do not make me cite my Tweets.
It's a contraction. It's a word. He still sucks rocks.
Science says you are wrong Jim. Or else English would be just like German and we could create new words by combinging them at whim. Like megamultipolysyllabicwords <-- like taht
If I though like taht, I'd take offense.
This is followed closely by how to cite wikipedia, right? Lol aaah the dumbing down of America continues...
@ Bryan - Absolutely. I just read somewhere that some school districts are not allowing the teachers to mark off students that use texting symbols to replace works i.e. - 2 = too, to. More examples of why America is going down, and quickly. Anyone with a brain will should either leave or learn to speak Mandarin.
I believe I brought up Mandarin! Do I get a pass from OUR CHINESE OVERLORDS!!?
Considering the role twitter played in the various Arab uprisings as well as the Occupy movement, discounting the need to be able to cite them is foolhardy to the point of idiocy in any number of disciplines.
Oh my God! People are! But's in papers! Holy crap! OMG, the world's gonna end! The sky is falling! The Lord help us!
Awesome! Now the next time I write a paper I will get it right!
This thread has been a good read
parts of its were every funny
However Don't is one word !
and oh please Don't take my word for it !
Heck ! Check it out !
really james you couldn't make it smaller.
getting better and better ..............if only the Government, made as much since as these people in this thread.
all we would need is personal ,Accountability and Ron Paul
im so fucking tired of mla bullshit.. noone should ever have to cite a tweet since tweets are not copyrighted works.
This really makes one wonder what the world is coming too
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