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(Tue01) Mad Magazine reinterprets NY based on Apple Maps.

Hat tip: +Mike Elgan and Tim Johnson.
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Funny, but the front page of the New Yorker, gee ...
Apple will not dare publishing bugs from now on.
Hmmm I thought the Amazon River ran off of 9th Avenue??
I was thinking the other day that continental drift should eventually cause all the continents to collide and reform Pangea.  Perhaps this is what that will look like.
Omg I imagine jobs with a heart attack where ever he is.
I love the New Yorker. Great Magazine. weird sense of humor, but this one is spot on.
Clearly inspired by an earlier New Yorker cartoon that has just "Hudson", New Jersey and then on the horizon Los Angeles and Frisco title, "A New Yorker's idea of the United States".
U know what they say about women and road it's even worse lol :))
he he funny... That's what happens when an obsessive compulsive abusive boss is gone. You are left with all the mediocrities of the world. Nobody likes to be abused for being an idiot, it is a tough job but someone has to do it.
Awww give the apple guys a break - they will get it fixed - sometime - somewhere - somehow :) after they find the office with the right equipment :) google maps will help ;) 
WOW... When the New Yorker makes fun of you, you know something's wrong.
I never knew Kuala Lumpur is next to Brooklyn!
As soon as you legislate your competitors out of your market, you pretty much lose the "give them a break" option.
min tha
Who can create like this map on android. I use the SGS2 but map is very stupid!
min tha
Pls tell me! Apple iPhone 5 price. Because I stay only onboat 14 months. Cutting to the world.
Glad to see Kuala Lumpur is still kind of near to the equator. They got that right at least. 
Google maps has been updated I believe as of today.  I noticed in the morning it was working much better during my commute here!
iMaps: the worse thing to happen to an iPhone since iPhone
Really funny, and sadly may be a true depiction of Apple maps twisted jumble of code and coordinates!
Y use useless maps from apple when there is a hybrid map from google...
Is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia so near to NY?
if apple maps is really that bad its PRIME JOKE MATERIAL XD
well it seems pretty well put together to me
+John Weir Waldo is in district court being sued by Apple for patent infringement because Apple pioneered the idea of making things difficult to locate.
And now we also have the fastest maps in the world!
You're just in Vegas, baby! All the time!
this app loks interesting..........
Nice draw with a great view
New York is confusing enough ...................
I think the whole apple maps has been blown way out of proportion, i downloaded ios6 on day one and apple maps hasnt gotten me lost once. 
Wow the Sea of Galilee is really close !! I can visit Jesus , but I'm afraid the map take me to Libya lol
+Tony Margulis - Get a sense of humor man, that's all this is is a funny.  And you do have to admit, the Apple maps has failed to compete with Google's, but it's also very new and Google has been doing this since before Android and any of the other cell companies so they have had a lot of time to perfect theirs.  Apple's will get there sooner or later as long as they don't give up on it.
I have used the Apple Maps function about 8 times now and it has been perfectly fine. Maybe the issues are user errors. 
+Edward Welsh - No trust me they are there, my brother has it, I have found quite a few places around my area that are wrong.  It's not a big deal really, it's just they don't have all of the updated information from whoever they're getting their mapping details from.  Apple is not writing the maps, they're getting that from someone else.  They basically made the interface pretty much and some of the functions.  But the information which they are correcting where and when needed, is still there and some of it is incorrect.

Thing to remember is, Apple bragged about it so much that it is obvious it's going to get nit-picked to death because of it.  Between them fighting and suing everyone under the sun, they are bringing all of the negative attention to themselves and thus, no matter what they put out at this current time?  They're going to get targeted even for the most minute issues within anything they put out.  They brought that on themselves, lets hope it ends soon though because I'll admit, I'm sick of reading about it to be honest.
Shouldn't Cupertino be the point of reference?
+Ian Meredith  Who knows, I just find it funny how it's become the big joke and most people don't know that it takes a lot of time to make sure you have everything up to date on something that is as grand of scale is a mapping system that not only does YOUR local, but the entire world.  I'm quite certain Google had the very same issues when they first started theirs.
Kuala Lumpur smack dab in the middle. Apple showing Malaysians more love than Google. LOL;-)
Wow. It's only 30mins drive from Kuala Lumpur to Brooklyn. :)
HrrE nR
and Seoul on the other side of the Mississipi river
+Edward Welsh I've used my friends apple maps and compared it to Google's. If you live in a populated city its fine. But it still has a way to go. Apple maps can't find countries, cities. Hell, I've even tried to find the airport in Sint Maarten and said it could not find. It's not user error if you rush an incomplete product out. I posted a picture comparing the two on finding a location.
Hey! Did any of you using the Apple Maps ever think that maybe...just maybe it wasn't an error and Apple is not showing you what YOU want to see, but rather how Apples wants to see the world?!  Maybe Apple doesn't think that town should be where you think it should!
One of the main reasons I'm holding off updating for as long as physically possible.
is this your planing to built a beautifull city?
PH Lee
Apple doesn't read this.
I think iMaps is a future maps of 2050, thats why i can see kuala lumpur become a neighbor with Brooklyn ...
Awesome calculation and predictions from iMaps..
Now com on everybody 
Lets not be so hard on The Fruity Company
The problem is probably that they cant upgrade the memory on their Maps server, so they have to give as much as they can.

It will be fixed when the IPhone XIIIII comes out in 3 Months
+Tim Evers - Yes, but see that's the problem, fan-boys in general are wrong to begin with.  They put things up on such high pedestals that the moment anything is or goes wrong with said product, no matter Apple or not, it's blown out of proportion and people forget it takes time to get these things right.  But, I do agree on this one being just a bit of a let down as Apple itself was touting this to be a VERY big deal and you can't do that as a company and have as many issues as this one has had without the masses judging you and making fun of you all in the same round.

Like this post here I found pretty funny after seeing first hand the mistakes in the mapping but at the same time I do realize they've tried to do the impossible.  Come out with something in a very short time to compete against one that's had years of work done on it to get it where it's at.  In the end, they did bring it on themselves.  But they will get it right eventually.
+Rob Carpenter - Heheehe, yeah I thought about that, as they are the ones that seem to know what's right for everyone regardless of how we feel about it.  Funny isn't it? :)
 I don't know  what to right though but this is cool talking to random people so email me about things to talk about
But really don't you think Facebook is going to get boring. like sooner or later their going to release something better right?
Edward if there was not issue then why are we seeing every where how this app sucks.
+B Gallagher - He was far more than that, but yes I agree this is well below their quality level.  Which is why people by and large are raking them over the coals.  It's happened to far more than just Apple, so I feel they can deal with it.  I don't put them on no kind of pedestal, they deserve no special consideration.  They can and will get over it, but I bet they wont be so anxious to release future programs in the way they did this one! :)
yeah i think that with all of the drama at schools then it follows into facebook
That's Brilliant, a simultaneous shot at the lamoid New York Magazine and the equally lame Apple maps.

Hey how about a vote which one is a more reliable source of useless information ! Perhaps Lindsay Lohan can answer that one ?
Apple thinking about future. 3012 may be. It is lighter, faster, and thinner world that you have seen never before.
+Allan Nichols Hahaha, but first... FIRST! Lindsay must converse with Britney, for they will have to work together to come up with a solution that will improve..... HEY! Wait a dang minute, who are we kidding!  Just call Chuck Norris and get it over with! :)
Made me chuckle! 
+Guy Kawasaki With all the big fuss about piracy and stealing of images reported by dozens of photogs on Google+, I am confused. When is it ok to take an image from someone's website/blog/post and post it on your own blog/post? I mean is this not what every other serious photog hates??? I know you did give a mention of the original author, but didn't u just download the image and repost it in ur Google+ post?
It makes it all clear. All the sheeps are going to the left while Google maps users go to the right ;-)
just leave it to MAD
Apple Maps Don't Look Any Good Not Matter What!
Hey, u r the perfect guy. :-)

+David Wiggins they asked for it ;)
If Google put out maps like this at least they'd have the good sense to call it a beta.
ya that's a good way to get good for me 'cus the only apple(s) I like are the one's you eat.
I phone 5s coming through next summer with v2 maps and a redesigned usb connector that is triangular and can work on either side seamlessly
Im gonna go alone with this also. I own a hp pad and it does everything the apple ipad does. Whats tyhe difference, Name Only! I Think!!
+David Wiggins Fanboys complaining about Apple-bashing after years of Apple bashing everyone else.  Also, a big surprize.  No wait, that's more irony and also just sad.
+David Wiggins I'm writing this on an Apple iMac. I own neither an iPhone or an Android phone, but I do own an Ipod Touch 4G. Do you think I'm an "Apple Basher??" ;-)
I'm not an Apple guy, but have confidence that they will work it out.
Travel made so easy! I guess iMaps see future beyond 2012 :P
its just a drawn map of Las Vegas....nothing special
+Justin Vokey - they will lose the case because the directions to the court are wrong - so Waldo wins by default - he will be able to sue Apple cuz everyone will be saying where in the world is apple instead of Waldo - chuckle 
It is as bad as they say it is 
Athar M
I can only say that, the technology which we have in this world is not a miracle but continious improvements, of hundreds of failed attempts. I will give them a fair chance to get better and better like others are.
Cool, no more expensive flights to Qatar. Looks like a $80 taxi fare
is for to nexw life maibi I'm dead o no life this whorth
5.99 seems too little for an apple product
+David Van Norman Google has 5000 people on this, and they still don't have it right in 5% of the time (my estimate from personal experience).  I don't think Apple has even a 1/10th of that staff.  These problems will persist for years (decades) to come.
Seems Apple has started rotten process about time for lawsuit champ
Ahh, poor poor Apple - Testing and QA so important. Its always so under valued
Apple sucks o ya I'm on a ipad lol
Steve Jobs would never, ever, release Apple Maps like that, it had to be PERFECT, or it would bring a spot to the Apple brand.
That's far too well drawn to be the output from Apple Maps.
So now Mad Magazine is just another media company clutching at straws... 
Would love to see them do this for the Washington Post (i.e., Washington DC).
Matt V
Have any of you actually tried the maps on ios6 or are you all just jumping on the bandwagon without actually trying it? You do know the maps are provided by Tom Tom not apple, right?
Again, I'm waiting for the "leave Apple alone" video to go viral. Apple now = Britney
That is an awesome cover. This is a good reason to wait a couple of months to buy a new product so the bugs can be worked out.
Apple produces the truly perfect products..perfect for getting lost.. Ha ha
LOL Apple maps suck balls. 
what the........................................what?
+Aaron Watt Apple also seems aware of the iPhone 5's camera problem... and the problem is apparently their customers. lol
iPhone 5's Continues Selling Big Time Regarless These All Comments.
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thebeast8114 it will help me to be able to get free iTunes gift card it will also give you points to 
Jay Tee
LOL......Champs Elysees.......I am surprised I didn't see Tour Eiffel instead of Statue of Liberty.
Magnificent, I especially loved "Wasilla" being included. Thanks, Mad for poking fun of the Apple folks who take themselves WAY too seriously...
What is up with everyone dissing google maps? I mean really just get over it.
Google Maps? It looks like they're dissing Apple Maps because they have lots of errors in it. 
Haul old a you? Im from malaysia..i laik you photo,very2 nice..
Apple is also about connecting people and make the world even smaller and a bit taller (iphone 5)
I hope planet express uses google maps and not apples get me lost coding. On a positive you would be so lost if you used apple maps you would be safe from viruses no internet access!;-) 
Sea of Galilee ,Chad ,kuala lumpur.....just around the corner.....;-)
Every political leader and military commander should see the movie called War Games starring Matthew Broderick & Ally Sheedy. It's old, but way ahead of its time; it sends a powerful message in an action/comedy format about Global Thermo Nuclear War!
Why do the buildings look... fine? Shouldn't they be all twisted and deformed? :-)

Seriously though, this just made my day. Thanks for sharing!
Come on. It's time people move on. Yes it was hilarious but this is getting old. 
no cost to go to Paris's awesome township, but just jump right to visit KL's twin towers LOL
Det är inte äpplet som har fel. Det är övriga världen som placerat städer, gator, floder på fel ställe.
I see this is still going on, it's amazing how many Apple diehards can't take a joke, can't have a sense of humor.  Don't give me "We've been taking this since Microsoft stole from us..." Which is BS because Apple has stolen from them and others for a very long time if that's how you want to look at it.  But the moment Apple does do something that is WELL below their normal expectations after BRAGGING like they did about it?   Come on now!  You have to see the humor in this, you Apple nuts would be ALL over anyone that did the same.

Hell look at the blatant Anti-Microsoft ads they ran in commercials against Vista and Windows 7.  And they STILL don't hold the market that Microsoft does yet they will continue this trend for who knows how long.  I personally find this funny because people that are that hardcore about Apple, I refer to as Lemmings.  Remember that game?  If Apple jumps off of a cliff, will you blindly follow them? Because that is how you look when you come here so over the top defensive about anything they do.
Me with an iphone........never!!!!!
Zombie apocalypse = apple loyal dead-brain fans
This is good picture price
i am a filipino.. is this a business offer mr. guy kawasaki?
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