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(Sun07) Kicking back, California style at the Pony Tracks Ranch
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Grab a drink and enjoy the ride...I wanna go!
What a great hobby, building a steam engine to a scale that you can actually ride on. I live very close to Stockton on Tees, about 3miles down the road, where the first passenger railway was run between here and Darlington in the UK. Also, the very first steam engine was build about 30 miles north of me, by George Stephenson in Newcastle upon Tyne, that engine was run on the Darlington to Stockton railway. 
hahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would love to experience this !!!!
so this is not really a steam train. Think about what the black smoke will do.
My grandfather, Lee Lumbard, was a member of the pony tracks club and when he passed away, we donated his trains to the club. I thought that they weren't running the trains there anymore after Jaques passed--glad to see they are. I'll have to go up there with the family soon!
is something unique, I would like to have one of those
heeh! i gotta get myself one of those!
AAAAAALLLL ABOOOOORRRRRDD!!!11!!!one!!!!!11!1!!!eleven
nice energy saver, but its dangerous if you will meet the real train. 
Hola interesante en mi pais, construyen un modelo mas grande de tren para pasajeros, saludos
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