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Too early for beer yet though :-(
beer?? huh!! if only they could place a cap on it and make a smoothie beer ... i'd take that for a dollar ....
What if I subverted the process and filled it with root beer? Would that work?
Too bad the destination site is no longer in service! +Guy Kawasaki have you cared to scan the code? :)
you mean when filled with any really dark stout?
That Guinness didn't deserve that, really.
Cool but qr when scanned links to a godaddy domain. 
No good the code goes nowhere interesting, just a placeholder on the web. Should direct to something guinessy...
And you could do a negative version that only works with milk :-)
This is one of the biggest failure in the history of advertisement. Instead of providing a picture that uses a QR that links to some Guinness' page (and getting a lot of traffic from all the interested people that aren't too drunk at the pub), they used a random URL that shows a bunch of GoDaddy links.
too bad the QR code does not work.
NO! theres another guy that i was talking to
خوش به حالشون ما که رنگ این پیشرفت ها رو هم نمیبینیم!!
کوفتتون بشه الهی!:دی
Ya, I have to say epic fail! It had such promise too! Could have been to Guiness instead they chose GoDaddy.
Let me guess, it says drink more beer. Maybe it plays a video of some one drinking beer, or it gives you a coupon for, more beer.
omg thats correct!!
uugh im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored
So its a link to a parked website that doesn't exist yet. Thrilling. Advertisements now.
More Beer later...
hi Parvin....would you please add me as a friend..?? I like you..
Funny thing? I scanned the picture and the link the QR code goes to does not exist. Intentional?
Codes are a fun toy. But that's really all they are. So far they are nothing more than the equivalent to a hotlink. Sure they are little bit more than just a hot link, but for all intensive purposes thats all they are.
why not use coke or a dark liquid?
or just use black paper? ugh im overcomplicating this aren't I?
Too bad the QR code is broke. Big mistake...
+Daniel Silverstein I think you get the idea, it doesn't much matter. But the idea is that it's filled with their product. Its all just advertising no mater how you paint it. So regardless of what its filled with the message is the same. Drink more beer, our beer.
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Theory this one is meant to be broken. Maybe the actual challis will have a slightly different code?
Bob Lai
I'm waiting for a protester to wear a t-shirt with a QR code to get around 'you can't distribute flyers or reading material here' signs.
wait is it lik alladifferent?
For those who don't know, Half guiness, half champagne. Find the worst you can get. Pour slowly. The order of filling matters too. Called a black velvet. Best drink ever. Not that I drink or anything.
How about an invention that makes Guinness beer not taste like a rusty can of motor oil with a dead baby inside it.
Quite interesting when it really works....
That'll stop us from drinking ales and pilsners. Can't read qr code.
What if I used water with really really really dark dye?
Nice gimmick. Guiness are always doing cool marketing
This is nice! We are always interested in how QR codes can be done more creatively.
It's not about carbonation, QR is a fairly resilient code with massive error correction. It can be designed so that you tear 30% of it off, and it still resolves and carries full content. The point of the glass is that the pattern is white, requiring dark contents to provide contrast. A similar design with the negative (black) print would only resolve when filled with a light lager, and not with Guinness.
what is so genus about the fact that it has a bar code on it
Guinness so good even the Irish drink lager. LOL
boring, what is so cool about that?
Reminds me of those lighters and pens we used to have that revealed a naked women when you turned them upside down.
Leo T
thats tight (except no one really uses those QR codes)
I would just out of curiosity! in fact i just did it and i recommend you don't bother... lol
"Drink more ovaltine? A crummy commercial?"

Now they are in my beer. Somebody somewhere is figuring out how to get these into my naps.
Can anyone add me to ur circle
I'm still trying to get the hang of google +
thats why I have a beer, to see if the glass turns into something stupid
Probably the QR code was for an ad campaign that has since expired and thus legacy photo now leads to a disabled landing page.

Guinness remains the standard if you like bitterness in your beer like I do.
It's always a good time for a guinness!
In addition to all that it's actually good for you
yo quiero un baso de esos
para que mi computadora cuando este cansada le agua codificada
Only when filled with Guinness.could it be because it needs a black background
Works equally well with a Diet Coke and without the taste of mud.
+Mike Osborn , if your Guinness tastes like mud, then it means someone must have put mud in it. Though to be fair, maybe you're palatte is used to far more complex stouts.
clever, what does it come up as under an ar scanner??
+Stavros Konstantinos Negra Modelo (Mexico) now, but when I was younger it was St. Pauli Girl Dark. The 2nd being the only beer I ever got sick on from drinking too much. I do like a beer that you can stand a spoon upright in it.
+Brenda Layman “it tweets about your pint, updates your facebook status, checks you in via 4 square, downloads coupons and promotions, invites your friends to join, and even launches exclusive Guiness content.”
Looks good too, makes others know about the potential of what can be done with QR codes !
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