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Liz Quilty
There are other social networks? what?!
Google+ badly needs an API so that services like IFTTT can be used.
I still find it sad that there is nothing as an g+ intranet where you have quality pages you can access directly from g+ like shops, other social groups that have more features, basically make it a place where you can explore things, i don't know, some posts see nice but it is not all about commenting, recommending and getting more followers. There is so little to explore here that i usually get bords very quickly, its just too damn sozial
I've gotten better feedback over here than on any other side. It's like intellectuals here get what I'm saying and don't mind reading things that are more than a sentence long!
I donlt know about cross-posting to FB, but IMO cross-posting to Twitter is a very bad idea. Cross-posts there always seem lifeless and remote, often cut off mid-sentence. I never click on obvious cross-posts there.
Very informative!
Great idea. Thanks for passing along. 
+James DeHart No, this is what I do: All my Google+ posts is by only me. I often use Do Share to schedule them, however. 

My virtual assistant watches my Google+ account and posts them as me at 

I manually post a few Google+ posts to LinkedIn. I'm not sure about LinkedIn yet.

The tweets that come from +Guy Kawasaki are all contributors or ghosts. I seldom tweet myself these days.

What I need more than anything else is the "Buffer" of Google+. I love Do Share, but it requires that Chrome be running. I need something I can schedule to the cloud so that my computer doesn't need to be running.
I find Google+ is getting a bit busy these days. Hmm . . .
Thanks Guy! I'm a little late to the G+ party and am learning the lay of the land. Your enthusiasm for G+ is hard to ignore :-)
Using the G+ to Facebook set-up with RSS grafitti is there any way to direct only posts to a certain circle being posted to Facebook?
No thanks.  I have no need for backward compatibility.  Just please don't enable them to dump their garbage here.
Interesting article although not sure it really solves the problem. Social media is all about engagement and not just posting, so you still need a separate social media dashboard. For me the best option is turning out to be a combo of Hootsuite, Flipboard, and Buffer. 
what is that all about i am just asking what the message is about okay not tring to be mean
+Karlton Little I've always been an Android user so am only a fairly new convert, but I have to say its extremely convenient, mainly because it gives a single dashboard to bring together all your networks. Plus it does have a cool UI :) 
I'd be happy if there was just 1 website I could go to where I could log into all of my social media accounts or just have them all on 1 page & just tab or select between the different site, so I don't have to have either different browsers open or 5-10 different tabs.
I'm a relative newbie to smartphones in general but about 4-5 months ago I got a Nexus S 4G.  Brave new world I tell you! The UI on Flipboard keeps me coming back.  I'm going to look into the other apps you mentioned as well.... +Marie Wallace 
Very apposite ! As good as linked in but better than Facebook?!
G+ its better....above and beyond everything so far....proud to be a geek....jajajajaja....G+ for evaaarr!!!
Very cool and great tidbit.. thank you
Im a newbie as well you just have to take the time and login for help
Im a newbie as well you just have to take the time and login for help
dont invite facebook horde here in g+ 
Much easier way to do it is to link your twitter account to g+ and facebook to twitter much simpler way of doing things. However still an interesting article... 
Give me a goddamned posting API already, so I can have my blog crosspost into G+, and I can have Hootsuite post into everything. (Hootsuite can post into G+ "pages", but not my main feed.)
Nice work. Now listen up, Facebook. Google is giving you hints at how to do this correctly.
Hi all google team,
It will be better for me that first of all i understand the procedur of google+
It would be useful if language translator was integrated so I could communicate with several contacts. This would really put plus on the map.
I'm still new to this google+, but it seems better than Facebook 
I prefer stay here, fb is an social dump and playboy casting place herehehe! 
I prefer Google+ and it's intergration with my devices but everyone is still so Facebook hooked. How do we get them to cross over?
+Derek White  do you really want all of them to cross over? ;) I wanted like 10% of my FB to cross over! The rest can go to myspace!!!
ITs a personal preference thing. I never wanted to leave Myspace. But EVERYONE wanted to go to Facebook...
Stop cross connecting your accounts.
I don't do facebook, I would like a social network online. But not sure this is it either.... Please give me more comments on why this would be good
I needed just this very functionality!!!  Just followed this post and within 20 minutes had everything set up!
If I had to pick between Facebook or Google + I would definitely pick Google +.....facebook needs a facelift...
Andy S
This is a great workaround until those cool guys at hootsuite add full support for Google+
Thank you for some of your feed back. I need to do a little research tho. My profile says I'm male for one thing. Lol
I'm not a fan of cross-posting usually but this will be good to keep bookmarked
I don't get it I don't know any one that uses g+
Pretty sad when a social networking site needs a tutorial. 
I've been looking for this kind of article. Thank you!

Although I still wish Google+ would someday overcome Facebook so we could maximize all of its features and potentials.

One can only dream.. :|
Lisa M
Excellent, thanks for sharing! 
I keep a Facebook account with just a single post: "You can follow me on Google+" and include a link to my Google+ page.
Neebie to android and social network had fb

Seriously I'm so confused using g+.. but thanks
Takes time to get to know it Maria. Give it time. 
Thanks,fot a good tip!!! Kudos!!!
I personally use fb, Google + and Twitter (for their purposes). I have a different audience for each, neither has a large number of the same people. Its all about preference.
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There are a lot of apps and social networks but the hard part is the extra apps to help you with the social networking sites. Then u need a management software for ur management software.. HootSuite is good, sproutsocial is decent but can't have multiple fb accts and all social media. Anyone have any others? Thanks! Please add me to your circle. 
Yeah me as well. Tested sproutsocial and tweetadder. Didn't like sprout, tweetadder seems interesting but can probably get that free. Do you use anything else?
Still waiting for GplusRSS to update the cache to see if it works :) The test page shows posts from last night so should be good there, but I need to see if the Facebook part works with my new post.
Eh, personally I don't see a lot of value in cross posting +Guy Kawasaki. It's okay occasionally, but different outlets should be treated differently. When I do cross post I frame things differently, change things around for a different audience, and make sure that content looks best where I'm sharing (that's rarely a link to a G+ post).

Cross posting, in my opinion, is lazy and doesn't take advantage of the strengths of each network. Personally, I'm turned off when I see people sharing the same content, the same way across several networks. It doesn't incentive people to follow on you in different places. Doesn't mean you shouldn't share the same content in different places, just that you have to be cognoscente of platform, audience, and content framing.
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What +Tal Danzig said!
It is possible to post to G+ via ifttt, however its not a user friendly way. 
How about Google make it easier to share outside G+?
The app won't even let me copy the link above should I want to paste it into a tweet. I'd have to click on the link, then click on the open in safari button, then copy the URL. It can only be deliberate that they've made it that cumbersome.
People who cross-post are the most boring people, I avoid them. 
This will be helpful... Especially since Facebook needs more interesting content! 
Nice. Always "on the ball" Guy. Love the Google+ evangelist emails mate.
Yes, if it could become even more streamlined then sharing would be even easier!
I just want to get off face, I don't care to make better.
This is really cool.
Before I experiment I'll ask and perhaps save some trouble, can I share from a business + page to my website?
Very nice post.

Google "onlywire". It is a great tool to manage your social network feeds. Look at the rss feed option.

Also, you need to protect your information. Therefore, you should post on your own site first, then manually post it & interact on your G+, then onlywire the G+ post. 
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Love G+.  However, I wish there were a native way to cross-post.  Some of these chrome plug-ins require log in to another third party system or are cripple-ware.  The unfortunate thing for these disparate systems is that as a consumer we don't want lock in to any one ecosystem. 
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