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Wouldn't it be great if you could personalize your phone like this?
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Hmmm so the rumors had some credibility last week. Great!
+Guy Kawasaki I'm sure you are and here is my hypothetical answer... I would love to customize my new X phone to be one of a kind!
Getting a larger battery would be great, but it´s not even on the Porsche option list...
Hard to imagine customization on this level will be possible or viable in a cell phone, which typically cost little (relatively speaking) and are obsolete and discarded as frequently as they are (unlike a car that is arguably built to last a lifetime), but hey... if they could figure out a way to offer such customization cheaply and implement a system for customizing your device that is super easy, why not? 
+Guy Kawasaki we want motorola to succeed and the X phone would help in its success! 
Ken Liu
I'm not so sure customisation is a good idea. Maybe as a secondary option for power users (I'd love it) but for the general public who just want the shiniest phone - offer them just the shiniest phone
"I want a red Snapdragon processor and a green battery!" :)
In fact, phones are already like cars:
- you change it as soon as it is not fashionable
- car sharing is as much desired as phone sharing
- phone running out of power is as much of a tragedy as a car with no fuel
- powerful is better (male owners)
- colourful is better (female owners)
- my phone bill is similar to my fuel bill (I know, I do plenty of walks)

+Ken Liu When you figure out what the general public agrees on what the shiniest phone is, please get in touch. :-) 
+Guy Kawasaki with the invention of 3D printing, the requirement for the economy of scale is removed. However, you should try to keep costs down for the consumer, so starting from a limited number of hardware configurations would be a good idea.
Wouldn't it be cool to order a modular phone? A phone with parts that could be changed out depending on the situation? 5 inch screen by day, shrink it to a 3.5 inch when you hike. Wristwatch size when you run...
+Guy Kawasaki that all depends.  Define, 'Customize'.  If the base model of the phone was, for example, 'free', and fully stocking it with the largest battery, best screen, etc (Aka,, high end) ended up at $200 on contract, I'd have to ask myself, 'what, exactly, do I want to do without?', and answer, in kind, 'Nothing'.
Just in case people dont know - the "X Phone" is NOT the first phone that is currently in development by Google - it is still in the works and is about 12 - 18 months away from release is what I have been told.

The "X Phone" is one of the already contracted phones in Motorola's existing phone pipeline and is just another Motorola phone - its disappointing as this is what I thought Google were working on. Thats not to say this is not a cool idea - I think its awesome and its great Motorola is taking a lead here.

IF Moto allows one to select "STOCK ANDROID" as a Build option then that would be HUGE!
Wouldn't it be cool if I could have a Porsche. Period.
I couldn't afford the insurance alone on that phone ; ) 
What are you getting at +Guy Kawasaki ?

And to answer you question. I would lobe to customize my phone. I would love to customer,size the phones of all the small businesses I do consulting for too. 1 phone multiple variants depending on needs. How could that not be a win?
I wish I could afford a Porsche to customize.
I wonder if Porsche's customization extends to the user interface of the car...because that's really what I'd like to fix in my car! I feel like most car UI is so outdated...
Color schemes are one thing. Can you add 2 inches (or more) to the headroom? This one "tiny" detail is the reason I will never be a Porsche customer ----- along with everyone else over 6 foot 4.
it would be cool to have all the media controlled by a built in Nexus 7 with data
Phone, yes l would. But Porche, I like it pure. 
i want navigation above cooling, or even higher (as in audi a7)
+Guy Kawasaki as a Porsche fan and Motorola employee you know full well that 90% of both sets of buyers settle on silver and black. 
Naw, I don't need a personalized phone.  I do, however, need a personalized Porsche!!
Stock android... Not some Sense- or Touchwiz-like overlay.
+Guy Kawasaki if base price is cheap (like laptop) and I can upgrade ram, processor, screen, camera, battery, and/or unlock bootloader for added price, without a question I would.  If it is just color or something like that, then I really don't care.
If you could do it, yeah it'd be awesome.

Choose screen size (3.5,4.0,4.3, or the full flagship model 4.65/5.0) type of processor (dual or quad core-*quad core version without lte or with, depending on battery options since lte does take up a lot of power)

-Size of battery (1800, 2000, 3000, 3500 for the true people who use the phone as a business tool or as a PC replacement like me-Droid 4) and also if you could add a qwerty keyboard thatd be awesome if you could do it.

Maybe even allow a boot loader unlock for all the specs above?
also allow the development community to build ROMs but provide the hooks from (for instance Verizon) radios and also the drivers for that device.

Integration with Ubuntu phone/os so you could plug in an HDMI cable and use the device solely as a desktop/laptop replacement.
probably would only be available only with the quad core version.

This probably would be great.
This would change everything :-)
+Guy Kawasaki  I think the best option would be to offer a limited number of upgrades over the standard device. Increasing the range of options, while increasing the high end appeal, would also increase the delay in the arrival of a customer's new phone. In an era where most people still just buy what is in front of them this strategy could be a huge risk. That said, you could mitigate the risk significantly if a limited number of standard options were readily available. 
Customization would be amazing as long as it will not affect the long term use of the phone, i.e, getting software updates etc. I hope one of the customization option is unlocked phone :).
I would like one with a 6" screen, hypothetically.
more important: affordable off contract, supported by all providers (read Verizon), and stock android experience. So if configuration allows price points for all consumers, then yes it would be nice.
It would bring me back to the Motorola that I never wanted to leave in the first place. 
+Guy Kawasaki if you could personalize and design at start and update things as well, like any vehicle, then it would be interesting. 
If this is the biggest lever you can pull at Moto, sure. It makes a great deal of sense in a world where there are lots of really nice but indistinguishable black rectangles.

But this is an incremental difference that is would have as little impact as all the things HTC is trying.

LG has a phone that was sold out for months because it is a Nexus phone. Google has a problem creating enough Nexus products. Moto has a problem with needless mods to Android. There is an obvious solution. It isn't an easy solution to implement. You will need to straighten out Moto's and carrier partners' product management. Google will need to break their Nexus bottlenecks. Do you and Google have the will to implement it?
Can't see such an idea working in the real world. Who would do the configuring in an I-want-it-now market. Most people get their phones on a contract so how can this possibly be compared the car market? I waited 12 weeks to get my last configured car. How long would my configured phone on a contract take? The only significant and obvious change made to smart phones in the last few years is screen size. Why not offer flagship phones in 2 sizes 4.3" and 4.7/5"? This would definitely work IMO.
I can see where this would create guaranteed orders for Moto. Currently we change phones every 18 - 24 months. Can a custom phone (assume 50% extra cost) be able to last longer? It's a great idea to compliment the totally customizable OS. If the cost is only 50 extra... I started with MotoDroid.  I would love to come back to my roots on a phone with awesome specs and custom body!
I order all of my cars with custom configurations and build all of my computers the same way.  They meet my exact specifications (needs & wants) and for that joy, my patience is justified.  Would love to do the same for my next phone; just make sure it's a Nexus device so I can hack and tweak it for my needs.
Based on the likes on this thread this concept would have limited market. Manufacturers always look for new customers in this case IOS converts. I can't see such an idea making Moto much in the way of turnover and more importantly profit. Most people who'll get a Samsung S4 will hardly use the new functions so I guess a choice of OS at first boot on this concept could work if it were possible.
+W. Paul Schenck Re "Can a custom phone (assume 50% extra cost) be able to last longer?" It won't if you can't get updates, so yeah, Nexus is the only way to ensure that for now.
+Guy Kawasaki  it's not a great idea to personalize our android phone hardware if you do it then how about the update can you update all of the customization phones or just I'll wait for ever
I really like this idea +Guy Kawasaki I personally would love to see a 5in 1080p display with android 5.0 2-4GB of RAM new type of battery technology, do whatever with the camera im not a big camera guy and the famous build quality that motorola is known for. The only issue is price :/
Love the idea!!! Fingers crossed a nexus will have this!
LoL order a phone like you would a hamburger at a drive through, "yea I would like a smartphone with 2gb RAM,5 inch 1080p full hd IPS-LCD3 In-cell display(edge to edge), Cortex A 15 CPU, PowerVR 544MP3 GPU, 3500 mhA battery, dual stereo speakers(preferably at the top), 13 mp Sony Exmor CMOS sensor with a wide angel lens,  IR blaster, Atmel chip, NFC, 4g LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, and all those other standard essentials". What would be even cooler is if we could design the physical appearance of the device as well. 
I'm not sure if like is a strong enough word. 
From a practical standpoint, the ONLY thing that would make sense would be a practical, modular device.

Look, compare all the phones out there which come out at any given release cycle.  What's the difference, spec wise.  Not much besides perhaps the screen and the battery.

Now, if you made the phone itself modular, so I could, for instance, use a rail locking system.  Each year upgrade the display, or even more, the SoC.  Have it integrate with my 'chasis'.
+Mario Gjyli Think about it.  You don't order thru the drivethru like that.  You say, 'I want a #5, hold the mayo.  With pickles.'.  Then again, I'm EATING the burger.  If I'm not ingesting it, why would I want to say, 'Please don't include these features', unless it brought down cost?
That would be awesome! 
Whoa. That may just be crazy enough to work. Maybe.
Would love to choose almost everything on a phone (and on a tablet as well).

Connectivity, internal storage, microsd card, camera lens...
It would be a great INNOVATION, what am i saying a REVOLUTION !! :)
Add on this the stock android and the Nexus--Xperience and it will be perfect !!

Cant wait for the XPhone !
Yes, Yes, Yes!  I love Porsches too by the way.  So, when will we get customization for smartphones?
+Guy Kawasaki It will really be great if I can customize my phone like that. My dream phone if you wanna know, will be as follows -

Body : Kevlar body like that of Razr.
Size : 3.7 inches (would like to try 3:2 ratio before setting the ratio.)
Screen : High DPI Gorilla Glass, Spill and Smudge proof.
Camera : A 1920 by 1280 front front and 2048 by 2048 back shooter with great performance in low light and Stabilization (can't keep my hands stable for a click.)
Proc : A processor with ARM's big.LITTLE architecture.
GPU : Best in class at the time.
RAM : 2 GB of RAM.
Battery : Can't say for size but I would love to have 2 days of battery life on normal usage.
USP : Speakers if can be put behind the screen, then that would be the best innovation possible (otherwise put them in like in HTC One.)
Accessories : A wireless charging/media/gaming dock (TV Screen w/ inbuilt Speakers?)

There maybe a few other things not coming to my mind, but I would really like them in the phone.
I don't think customizable smartphone are the right way to go. Apple and Samsung demonstrate the world that it is possible to reach millions of costumers with just one shape and configuration. One fucking amazing smartphone is that what Moto needs. I think I have a couple of good ideas for the X Phone ;-)
So the XPhone will be customizable, but then, that would be a risk to be honest, or is it?
+Guy Kawasaki  I thought and made some blueprints of customized  phonearound 5 years back when i was just 20 yrs old and having motorokr E6
This model will be perfect in hitting multiple birds with one stone:

1  Span Across Budget Tiers  -  This will allow Motorola to span across target audience that are looking for a mid- to high-end device. Someone who can spend a lot of money will probably go after the fastest processor, the best display, best battery life, etc. While someone on a conservative budget will still be able to get the same device only with less specs. No more making a Galaxy S3 Mini, or Galaxy Note; it's all one phone.

2  Brand Consistency  -  There is the iPhone, and then there are the HTC One, One X, One S, One V, One XL, etc. Don't even get me started with the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket or the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch. The current branding for Android devices is so cluttered that people don't understand how one is different from the other. Now, if there was only one "Motorola X Phone", or "Motorola Slimline", there will be consistency and it will be possible to attain the same level of brand-awareness that Apple has created with its phone.

3  Android is About Choice  -  One of Android's selling point has always been Choice. You can pick a phone that meets your needs. Of course we are able to do that at the moment by looking at offerings from different OEMs. With this new system, however, Motorola will be able to push the "Choices" card even further and try to keep consumers from looking elsewhere.

4  Pushing Accessories  -  It's quite easy to push accessories when there is a page dedicated to it at the end of the building process. No more waiting for 4 months to get a smart cover for your phone. The accessories should be available, right then and there. And the moment your phone is shipped to you, the accessories come along with it.

5  Chance to Differentiate  -  This is the ultimate goal--to shake up the status quo and offer something unique to the consumers. Not only will it help reinvigorate the Motorola brand, it will also help make it stand out from the rest of the smartphone pack, who more or less do the same thing every year: offer a phone in different price points based on storage capacity (which mind you, is ultimately irrelevant for a cloud-based behemoth like Google), or worst, offer a pink or purple version of the same exact device six months later. Of course we all know Motorola is notorious for doing this with the RAZR line. Wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air if Mr. Woodside takes the stage on the phone's unveiling and admits the absurdity of 14 different versions of the RAZR? And then he goes, "Well this is the NEW MOTOROLA now. No more waiting months for that Pink phone you want. Choose the color you want right from the start!"

Sorry for the lengthy post. You are all welcome to subscribe to my newsletter. :| 
+Guy Kawasaki Average Consumer: I think the shiniest phone would have:

CPU: "The one on the Galaxy S4, I heard it is fast".
RAM: "What is that?".
SCREEN: "An HD one with Retina Display".
CAMERA: "What is the maximum amount of Megapixels?"
BATTERY: "A rechargeable one".
EXTRA FEATURES: "Mainly the ones on the GS4, plus some new ones".

And that, Guy, is how the average consumer mind works.
the x phone it's not a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I'll tell you what I can't buy an HTC phone but after listening to the front facing speakers wow all phones need this. I am a believer. 
+Sean Lee +Guy Kawasaki what a difference a half a year makes.  Looks like someone read my quote in March.

"Now, if you made the phone itself modular, so I could, for instance, use a rail locking system.  Each year upgrade the display, or even more, the SoC.  Have it integrate with my 'chasis'."
I'm from the future the x phone is real cough moto x cough
I'm from the real future and the moto x you all dream of never comes. However in the spirit of the idea. One Plus One is the real x phone.
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