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Things like this should just be done for free.
They performed an operation like this in a Nip/Tuck episode, actually. Glad to see this field moving forward, though. In a perfect world, there would be no need for this surgery, but, unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, so anything that can improve the pleasure that these unfortunate women experience is a wonderful thing.
I agree with Goldman. TOO EXPENSIVE!
Were I in a position to do it, I'd perform boob jobs and other truly frivolous surgeries at relatively high prices, and use the proceeds to cover things like this that really need to be done for people who can't afford to pay.
expensive and stupid 
Maybe some of the attention could also be on stopping people (predominately women) from having their genitals mutilated in the first place? Just saying...these backward-ass religious practices need to stop.
Dean, you better stop, now you are making too much sense :-)
The fact that we need things like this is terrible.
Batter said it's a tribal practice rather than a religious practice. Some are bringing religious arguments to cover over a taboo practice, this way ppl can't argue the facts. Really hideous.
Couldn't agree more +Dean Montague , problem is that people, all people, don't like to change their beliefs, especially the ones that hold a lot of emotion for Religion, say.
With proper education dissemination of information and communication to the masses in these regions tribes and cultures can help bring about  a change and in such practices and in a long run wipe out the agony and stigma they have to endure for a life time. We can all be educated but given the ground reality, the common man needs to realize and fight for that change. When that change will come, lets achieve it piece by peace
This article would make sense if this practice of genital mutilation had been wiped out/or the steps had been taken in that direction. Otherwise, letting that practice continue and making this surgery available seems to have some great economic implication: employ people to shovel the ground first and refill it later hoping to revive the economy. That's so useless!
It is amazing to me we have the medical technology to reverse horrific damage like this and give people a chance at a full and healthy life. It is equally horrific that as the culture of "humans" we need it. If people were not mutilating genitals maybe the time spent on this procedure could have been spent fixing something we aren't needlessly causing to ourselves?
Just to add some cultural perspective, keep in mind that in 2006, 56% of males born in the US were subjected to genital mutilation.  
That male genital mutilation in the US is not good, but it's not in the same league as the female genital mutilation. Circumcision may be unnecessary, but it generally does not mess the sexlife up too badly...
what do you thing about selling organs
Thank good! Though the effects of the agression itself will need more treatment!
Genital cutting of any person, male or female, is absolutely wrong. We don't have rights to any child's body, to modify as we please.
+Guy Kawasaki #AAUW (American Assoc of University Women) is very concerned with genital mutilation and want it stopped world wide. This is the most encouraging post about this subject that I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing this ray of hope.
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