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The earth's axis shifted a little more towards Google+. Now you can access Twitter inside Google+
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Mark Z just set his profile to private so it is still there but because it is private he has disappeared on a lot of stat sites.
I don't know why they would tbh, they already have better ways to communicate. Twitter's brevity and simplicity may one day be its' downfall.
+james thomson: I expect if anyone is going to buy Twitter it will be Apple, considering how integral it is to iOS 5.
Google+ API is not turned on yet so all of the extensions ATM are unofficial "hacks" be careful installing them until Google makes the API public.
Good look on this Guy - I thought about a year ago that Facebook could be doomed in the near future because of the influx of Myspace like spam.
I heard a rumor that Google is thinking about buying the United States of America.
Isn't this made by the same people who made the Google+Facebook extension that was determined to be malware?
Guy, how did you get those Twitter & Facebook (icon) buttons on the left side column under you "Notifications"????
These crossrider extensions have questionable code. I'd recommend against installing them. 
Absolutely agree Apple will buy Twitter. Apple's failed pretty hard at social (Ping anyone?) so Twitter would be a good fit. And isn't Twitter BAKED into iOS5?
Haha also - thanks Guy now that you've shared this he'll probably get 1,000,000 plus downloads. Hopefully some donations as well.
I don't think Google has the "Bill Gates" syndrome just yet. Yes they buy up a lot of companies but not because they are competitors but because they can further the reach of Google. Google+ is a prime example of how a lot of different technology has been brought into one.
I though they had already tried and Twitter turned them down.
I have a hard time believing Apple will buy Twitter. If it does, I have an even harder time believing Apple wouldn't inadvertently kill Twitter. Apple is anti-social--it would be like BP buying the Sierra Club (or vice versa!), but I've been wrong before.
I'm afraid that one day Google Bank+ is going to become "too big to fail."
I would have to agree with James. I would wait until the official G+ API is out before installing anything that changes the features if it...
+Richard Roberts Startgoogleplus is nice, but the cross-posting seems to error frequently. It also doesn't seem to copy over links unless you leave the url in the post.
Given that Apple has given twitter the keys to the iOS kingdom, I'd say Google cant buy them. The unholy alliance is FB and Microsoft. I'd always seen Zuck as the natural god child of Jobs but Zuck has the look of a Jedi knight gone bad. Ballmer has become his Darth Vader.
looks like the same folk who brought you google+facebook, the scary extension.
Real man here installed the chrome extension, but have to agree with +Hal Lesesne, AWFULLY SLOW!!!
DJ Spin
If you installed, you may want to remove ASAP ... this was deemed Malware a few days ago, manipulates browser security extensions. There was an article about it today as well posted here
+Guy Kawasaki I love to just be able to install Chrome but Google isn't being to kind to us PowerPC users lately. Like I've said many times before, if Google is going to stop developing for a 5 year old Dual G5 PowerMac which still outperforms a lot of current systems, they should stop developing for WinXP which is going on 12 years old... Just me bitching again... :)
+James Thomson It would be interesting perhaps but for what reason other than market reach and demographics might there be? I'm sure there might be some functionality aspects but they don't leap out at me.
I think Google+ will cause decline in Twitter more than Facebook. Facebook will stick around for a while. Twitter pulled the realtime search so Google releases G+ realtime comments.

It's all about the real-time comments and searchable real-time data. Twitter is okay and all. But I really think Twitter is backwards. Think of all the content that nobody reads due to time-of-day issues. People rarely click the date time link for a tweet and use that an anchor url or reference it. And having a conversation on Twitter is retarded. And when you think about the ratio of total people available to see a tweet : people that see a tweet it seems pretty silly to me.

The ability to publish out a link to a Google+ post, shorten it, edit it later, and have comments with notifications is way better than Twitter. This already exists in Facebook (except for editing, with the exception of Notes or Facebook Group documents), but Facebook is Facebook.

It doesn't appear that you can search the comments all that well in Google+ but this is just the first version. You know it's coming. I see no reason for Google to purchase Twitter.

I don't think Apple will buy Twitter either. Apple is all about Apple and Apple-made products. Not everyone on Twitter uses an Apple product.
Google is on a mission to reclaim the internet as their own. Facebook and Twitter just borrowed it for a while.
By the time these guys (Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and that whole bunch) realized Google was playing chess and not checkers the game was near checkmate. Look at how many are calling "foul" and reaching for the "sue button", if these legal actions don't go their way sufficiently, the competition is going to be cursing every time they even think they heard GOOGLE.
Just a friendly tidbit of information. The author that made this plugin also made the Google+Facebook extension which was loaded with malware and other security vulnerabilities which could be exploited at any time without the user knowing. I wouldn't install this if I were you. I'll dig a bit deeper to be certain but if his other plugin did that....
From what people are posting, there is also NO way to remove the button from G+ once installed. If someone knows a work around, let others know!
I thought the Facebook extension from Crossrider had some questionable security practices? Wouldn't this be the same?
Lol, zukerberg just went low-key. He realized his presence was hyping google+ to be greater than facebook, so he adjusted his privacy settings. His attempt to find dirt on g+ tooootally backfired.
Technically there is no malware, it's just all setup for malware. This extension has the ability at the drop of a dime to do whatever it wants. Do you want a gun held to your head by someone you've never met? He says hes responsible and won't pull the trigger...
Sigh. Will wait until we get official APIs from google, and let others tear apart the plugins scanning for malware. I really don`t need that at the moment. Besides, keeping google+ open and twitter open at same time - that`s justification for a second ipad isn't it?
Are you sure this isn't Malware? I know there was a Google+Twitter and Google+FaceBook thing people were nervous about because they were malware
I love how people don't read previous comments.
Nice! Exactly what I want but will definitely have to wait for LOTS of feedback ...
+Derek Ross Google+ needs auto-type previous comment matching. You can't blame them all that much since comments are condensed.
I am finding it very hard to keep up with all the comments on everything that pops up.
StartGooglePlus is not the same thing as Google+Facebook or Google+Twitter, in case anyone is confused.
Having owned an iPhone 3G & 4 with now a venture into Android I have a question.... some of you said iOS 5 is Apple's entry into social media? Like it wasn't already??? Just adding a menu to automatically send photos to Twitter doesn't mean it wasnt already a social media device...
zuckerberg might have to give away free taco bell food to get everyone filled up with gas so that the earth could tilt back again.
So glad to see you here on Google+, embracing new social media Guy :)
I'll add you :D
+Nollzz Umahag I saw a style sheet chrome extension that would let you change the colors. It's not available yet, but I'm sure Google will be providing personalization soon.
You can do the same with Facebook and have your Fbook stream right there too.
Seriously folks. Reddit checked the code and the Crossrider extensions are shady. They turn off https for one. They also send user info back to the coders. I'm only saying these particular extensions are questionable. 
I used it once then removed it. Sorry I did
I might add that I've never seen the authors on G+, unlike all the other extension coders and neither of their add-ons is hosted on the Chrome Web Store. 
Oh gawd no... it's too much. - newly from the Chrome side :-)
they going to throw in Facebook and YouTube? :)
@James Thomson Sure, once someone figured out how to build a platform for them to do marketing on. ;)
Good idea, but this addon wants WAY too much info;
Your data on all websites
Your tabs and browsing activity
Your list of installed apps, extensions and themes

Smells fishy to me o_0
I personally can't get enough of start g+
Finally got the google+ invite and finally i could add u here;)
Looks cool. Saves me from hitting another website to tweet. Well done.
Too cool, thank you very much for the link.
Actually, it appears easy to remove. Just uninstall the extension from Chrome. Hopefully, that's all that is needed. Too bad too. I would have found this extension useful. Thanks for the heads up, guys!
i installed it but now wen i try to remove it .;it wont go..any clues as to how i unistalll this and remove the twitter symbol from showing near my timeline symbol
This is great one-stop-shop functionality
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