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(Fri02) My interview on Social Media Examiner about my love of Google+:
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to bad there aren't any consumers to market to though
Its good to know I am not the only one having a non-rational love with Google+.. It truly has become not only my main platform but for my clients as well!
Brian P
Google+ should really do some advertising, plain and simple,,, not saying do a movie ,, but maybe some commercials,,
Good tips, will have to try that "circle with only me in it" trick to prepare content for later distribution.
between Supply and Demand THERE IS commercial.
exposing product to random people is needed to get specific market.
sum it all THERE IS +google plus
FWIW, you can share with just yourself without creating a circle.
+Guy Kawasaki No difference, as far as I can tell. I was actually surprised the other day when I found out that you can share with individuals, not just circles (when someone shared a comment with just me). Edit: Actually, one difference: When you share with a 'Me' circle, it's easy to find those posts later.
+Jim Douglas The advantage of my way is that the Tab stays set on the circle with me. I don't have to do any typing.
+Guy Kawasaki Thank you for sharing your strategy. I will test your process out to maintain my Google+ profile.

Btw, how do you save stories from Alltop to your own circle? Do you open each link and somehow copy and paste it one by one?
Nothing non-rational about it. G+ is a phenomenal platform -- clean UI, seamless SEO, deep, substantive exchanges with smart, interesting people in an ad-free environment. I think it's irrational NOT to love G+!
lol Guy I think this one is going to be a much harder sell
My mom can't stay off of Google+. She spends all of her free time on it. I think she's addicted to Google+
It's kind of like putting up a billboard for the new Porsche (plus one! derp!) the middle of Death Valley.
I've read +Guy Kawasaki 's link article, post here, and both sets of comments. I give up. How do you create a circle with just yourself in it?
Protect what's precious to you! I worry about G+ becoming too popular. I was never taken by FB, I found it messy and loaded with banality, I like my friends but I don't need that much info. I love Google+, its clean, seamless, interesting and I have to say with "Nearby" I've never felt so connected with this city, I feel like I know what's going on everywhere in town. I've gotta say I'm so scared of the riff raff discovering G+ that I keep quiet about it. Imagine G+ streams full of Public "Just got home" check-ins and other inane posts. I even tell my kids its just for adults (they're excluded from the riff raff comment by the way).
Thanks +MECH Jones . The first time I tried on that page I couldn't. . er, . .find myself. Searched by email instead of name and there I was.
because Facebook is dying off like Myspace did and G+ is the new facebook and thats why everyone is movie here ;)
Typical Guy Kawasaki. That's why I really enjoy following his writings.
Seeing Nuke Comments displayed so nicely was a wonderful surprise :)

Thanks for the mention +Guy Kawasaki!
Google plus has a simple layout...that makes it great.
Can't be anywhere else but G+ it's just so much better...can't wait til more begin to see the light!
+Michael Stelzner of course many thanks to you too for the emphasis on my extension Nuke Comments.

I love how the screenshot blends with the website's design :)
I had to give g+ a try and I must say... "I like yo style!"
Hello +Guy Kawasaki I heard you speak today at IHRSA. You were quite funny and what you had to say was quite thought provoking. Thank you.
seeing that g+ give an advantage to businesses to give all opportunities for the company and keep the interest for costumers to buy their product/program. and its also for social reasons too. by also making money by the games and advertisement. for games they make friend buy money for his or her friends get that fake money so that g+ gets good money.
wonder why I am not seeing this post on Facebook?
I agree totally about Facebook +Shintaro Tominaga I lost my interest when it became quite blatantly clear our opinions as users were of no consequence...hence my odd user name to make the crossover for friends easier to find me!
Just purchased your book! Looking forward to enhancing my Google+
I loved the interview. It gave me a totally different perspective on Google+. Thank you so much for making the book available to anyone! Now I have to learn Google Play...
+Simon Salt That's because they are last-movers. Senior staffers at Major agencies. It's new. It's incredibly valuable just for the SEO/findability. Very much like early Twitter days. I don't know how many times I heard " I signed up - now what do I do?" Those very same people are now tweeting like it's 2012 (in a Mayan Apocalytpic kinda context).
+Brian Pawson Yes. They have a PR problem plain and simple. And they have to get over the Discourage/Disrupt/Displace syndrome people have about moving to another social media platform/network. The thought is about as enjoyable as being boiled in oil, or buried alive or worse ... an IRS audit.
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