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Get your copy of Enchantment here:
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Visualization of how to make enchantment endure: Enchanted, reading thru +Guy Kawasaki's Enchantment and I couldn't help but draw out his ideas on how to make enchantment endure... The components/key players of the ecosystem are visualized above the grey line and the part on how to incite people to create or join your ecosystem is below.
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bunch of words put to gether with no meaning. Try a few -check out some of the previous email response. sort and simple.
Got mine, read it, working on items I learned. Amazing resource.
Guy, did not know that. Good reason to buy direct from the author next time....
Wow, that system for the personalized covers is AMAZING. I will shoot it and send.....thanks.
Would you send a cover to India cause that's where I am...
+Guy Kawasaki Funny, in residential real estate coaching and training, no one outworks me. I guess that's why I like your writing.
Awesome, will fill up the form. Thanks :-)
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