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Best quote ever.

Steven Levy (Wired): "Steve Jobs felt competitive enough to claim that he was willing to go to 'thermonuclear war' on Android."

Larry Page: "How well is that working?"

More on Android: 

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Chris L
Karma is an Android.
Feeling a little spicy that day.. :)
Hey everyone. I just got out of prison and my last phone was a rotary. What is the Android?
Right up there with Ballmer's "I will fucking kill Google" (flying chair and all)
Love that quote, Larry Page like a boss
Shock news. Shit given away for free proves popular.
+John Knights Yup. Even better when it's not shit and it's best in class products given away for free. 
Android is becoming very powerful. Time to start identifying the new underdog.
iOS has over 60% mobile phone web traffic. That says it all. That is why Google invests so much in iOS apps. Take away all those crappy android phones being sold on pay as you plans for a few dollars and Android is not that strong any longer. 
Why, may I ask, is Android "crappy" ?  I love my phone!
+Steve Dion what makes android crappy? What is it? Point out please and enlighten others on this thread. 
+Steve Dion Apple religious (not the same as an Apple user like me) tend to move the goal posts as Android rapidly dominates the market. It used to be "Apple sells more than Android!" until Android outsold it 5 to 1. Then it was "well, Apple sold 0.09 percent more phones than Samsung last quarter!" ignoring that Samsung all by themselves destroyed them for the year. Or it's your weak argument "iOS users use the web more!" completely ignoring the fact that most Android users spoof their useragent and show up as iPad's or Desktops. And when those numbers change, the only goal post left will be "But Apple rips me off better! They only have 20 percent of the market share, but make 30 percent more profit!". Being an Apple Apologist must be a sad life.

iOS is for tools who can't handle anything more complex than rows of brightly coloured icons.

Those who choose to use it do so because they don't possess the requisite faculties to use anything else, pity them.
+Sharah Megta you have to admit that apart from the Android flagship phones (S3, 1X, N4, Note 2, etc) Android phones are really bad. I have tried a bunch. The user experience on those phones are awful, that is why nobody uses them. They are basic phones for talking and texting. I am not a fanboy, neither Apple nor Android. I change smartphones every month or so because of my job and played with dozens of phones every year. 
+Scott Wilson I have a business and can tell you that Apple makes more money but also delivers the goods better than any other business. Get technical support on an Android device. my S3's screen broke twice and it took over 3 weeks to have them fix it. Over the years some of my iPhones broke and with 48 hours I had a new one (refurb I guess) in my hands. Call apple for support, fantastic experience. That costs money. That is the so called Apple tax. 
That's funny and cool! I am new to Google+ and my Android phone so I don't understand but it's super.
+Adam Timol, I have a IT company with 9 employees who all have smartphones and tablets. Which some tend to break ever so often. Since they use those as tools for work, I need to replace them. Basically they get my hand me downs. Currently using the Z10. Really good phone. Has some weaknesses but lots of potential. I think the phone features and messaging features are solid. 
+Raymond Duke assuming you're actually being serious android is a mobile phone/tablet operating system which many companies are now using in their devices (samsung, htc, lg, hauwei, etc). it's an innovative product made by google inc and it's the best operating system for a mobile device hands down 
+Steve Dion I am a developer. Sitting less than 10 feet away I have: an iPad 2, an iPad 3, an iPad 4, an iPhone 4, an iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5, a Macbook Air, a Macbook Pro (running windows 7 mind you), a Nexus 4, a Nexus 7, and I'm posting this with my Nexus 10. My personal phone is an International Note 2. Google hasn't made a better phone than it yet. I'm a subject matter expert. I have had the exact opposite experience that you've had. When an N7 broke, Google cross-shipped me a new one. When my iPhone 4 broke? It took two weeks to get a replacement. This is a YMMV thing. I also had to have a mainboard replaced in my 24" iMac THREE TIMES because they refused to listen to me, and did not replace the faulty power supply. I also got called a liar when pitting started happening on my Macbook Pro because of the cheap unanodized aluminum they used, even though I SHOWED THEM their own forum where people were complaining about pitting. So don't tell me about how great Apple support is. It sucks. It's like there's no point in buying Applecare at all. Apple is not the cool Apple of yore anymore. They are purely profit driven. That's why we got an out of cycle iPad 4. That's why they STILL haven't even acknowledged the iOS 6.1 bug that got all my iOS devices banned from my corporate exchange server for filling up the logs, and they still haven't explained why my iPhone now dies after 3 hours from a full charge. So unless you own a time machine and frequently travel back in time to 2008 for support, you've just been lucky. 
+Steve Dion iOS had that much web traffic because of all the monitoring that apple do on it's products. i reckon they're going to call iOS 7 the cloud 
Will there ever be a Debian phone? That'd be cool.
+Wayne Martin Actually according to Globalstats the 60% web traffic claim is nonsense. iOS has 23% of global mobile web traffic to Android's 31%. That's based on browser only. Based on MobileOS, iOS has 26% to Android's 36%.
+Steve Dion Does it bother you that low end devices now use Android instead of Symbian or some other unknown and incompatible OS?

As an Apple fan it should, because it means pretty soon almost all mobile devices will be running Android, and then app developers will only occasionally give iOS a few apps here and there.

And this cuts to the heart of the matter, iOS is nothing more than a very basic app launcher. It has no other defining features or must-have attributes, the 3rd. party apps are what people buy an iOS device for (or in some cases, sad devotion). Once those apps and more are available for another platform, people will make the choice between a basic uncustomisable app launcher and a fully fledged mobile OS. I think it's obvious which way most will lean.

I love that I can buy a high end device with Android and a low end device if I so choose. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest, why should they be denied access to the platform of choice that most other users will have?

I can definitely see why you'd hate that though.
+Sharad Mehta +Scott Wilson The trouble with Ubuntu is that it doesn't actually allow root access. The user can be in the sudoers group, but true root access? No. This could become a deal breaker for some.
i honestly thought that the galaxy s2 was the only mobile samsung should have been sued over for making it look like the crapple icrap. i was advising everyone to stay away from it and buy the galaxy nexus instead as it was a far better phone (os wise) with the same specs
+Wayne Martin Honestly, most of the patents Apple used to "win" have been invalidated for being fake. Too much prior art. That's the same reason Apple lost their case against Samsung in Germany, Korea, Japan, The Netherlands, and the UK. They simply had no case. They did win in the US because it was 10 miles from Apple corporate, and because of a lot of racism and favoritism, but they will lose on appeal. Even Woz said so. Apple won't see a dime of that 1 billion. Besides, Apple's childish "war on Android" did nothing but increase Samsung's brand recognition from 30th in the world to 8th in under a year, and it sold an extra 3 billion dollars worth of Samsung phones. If I was Samsung, I'd hug Apple. 
+Steve Dion Apple is not better than android at doing anything. Android is way more customizable than ios(has widgets,live wallpapers,better folders,and don't even get me started on 4.2'camera's software)Maybe you don't like some of the hardware on android phones,but there are some that really good(nexus 4,xperia z,one x) they have both great hardware and software on them which makes them great!I just can't see why someone would preffer iOS rather than android,I mean you could've at least say you liked the z10 better and that would've made more sense...
+Scott Wilson ??? For real?? Hahaha, feeling more than a little silly now if that's the case. Have been giving the big U the big miss because last time I used it I was unable to gain true root and was led to believe that it wasn't possible to get it. That's great news if it can be had. Thanks!

Downloading the latest version of Ubuntu for my desktop now :)
best quote ever??!! hardly. and not exactly fair since Jobs is gone.. i'll add that i just lost a lot of respect for you +Guy Kawasaki 
I'm using iOS because I can't afford an Android. This is borrowed, and I can't do anything with it but launch apps. Not a thing. The system app gives me nothing. As a developer I'd really like to see a powerful phone OS. Something with a full-fledged file explorer among other things. Android's getting there.
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tethered to my Samsung Q. I've been a Mac user since way back but gave away my iPhone because it was costing me $100-$130/month and my Android costs me $30 - $40/month. I don't jailbreak/root my phones. I just use 'em for social and business use. I don't feel the brand loyalty for Apple I used to feel because they no longer have respect for their users.
Apple led us out of the MS age with innovation. MS fought to retain control, (and in fact gained control), by crushing the competition in court or by denying them access to the companies that needed MS to survive. But they couldn't touch Apple because Apple was always a step ahead in design and innovation.
Now Android is doing the same to Apple and Apple, (apparently not remembering the innefectiveness of the MS strategy), is trying to remain #1 by bullying.
Innovation is what makes #1. Resting on past accomplishments makes you #2.

Yes to this Orwellian picture of Page. Congrats man! Steve who?
+Adam Timol What exactly do you think "true root" is? And what precisely do you need it for? Root is just a user account, if you can use su, then you can use that account, what's the problem? What use case exactly can't you achieve without this supposed "true root"?

I can't believe anyone would ditch an OS merely based on their misunderstanding of a term.
Steve Jobs took Linux, put it on mobile devices, and thought the idea was so great he should be awarded a monopoly.

Another epic IT fail of history!

+Gordon Lee, no one is glad that he's dead, but many are glad that he's gone. The issue here, at base, is a conflict between proponents of a genuinely free and open society, and those who are unaware of how destructive systems of top-down control ultimately are. Jobs MAY have started out benign, but power went to his head and he became an agent of the counter progressive proprietary caste. 
+Abu Rashid Ibrahim I change my OS about as frequently as you change your shirt. Also, read further on, I admitted my error publicly and without hesitation. Why are you reproaching me? 
Sean G
+Scott Wilson shut the door on +Steve Dion lol. Like a Boss...
I use Apple products too. I've used them B4 they were cool... They were Beige , ugly & os 9 sucked.
Then Steve came back... Colored iMacs. The rest is history...
Apple is proving like b4 they can't do it without Steve Jobs?
If Apple were All you think... We'd all have iPhones.
If they were still Cool. Sure +Guy Kawasaki would Still work there & have an iPhone too! (google should hire Guy & Woz... Be great!)
I'm no expert... But I feel bad for people who are making excuses for Apple. They lost their cool... Like in the past. History is repeating.
You know why I think Steve Jobs said those words?
Because he got "Microsoft'd" Again...
& Google sat on the board durring all of iPhone development. I assume.
+Eric Schmidt like a Boss!
Google HAS the Most talent... Fun & willing to take risks.

& to say Android phones are cheap & just for texting?
That's says A Lot... JB is way a head of drab ios.
But keep Telling yourself your Apple products are Cool!
The Best... No flaws. Apple screwed itself.
(& I still use & like apple products. Still best for Graphic Designers)
Google keeps my world seamless... Android makes it better.
It's about the user... Not controlling the user.
apple is failing android is pulling far ahead of apple 
Sean G
Thanks for the post +Guy Kawasaki .... This should be Larry's profile pic.
Love the Art... Cool rendering.
+Dino L you're right. and i have a big problem with the fact that there's 'follow' button right there and no 'block' button right next to it.
I have a friend at work who just recently upgraded from old BlackBerry to iphone 4s. Less than 6 months and the other day he said he thinks his next phone is going to be android because there are limitations with iphone that he doesn't like. 
Sean G
If G+ is for bunch fanboys & losers. Explains why your here...Right? & thanks for heads up on who to block.

G+ is Actually Growing... Fast!
you is dumb? seriously? that's the best come back you can think of? for a start if you're going to call someone dumb then make sure your use of grammar is at least accurate or you come off looking like an idiot. it's "you ARE dumb"
+Wayne Martin it wasn't a comeback, twas a comment. and you is dumb too, for not understanding any of it
Brand loyalty is for suckers. Use the best product for you. Do the research. Try things. Be a subject matter expert. I like playing games on my iPads. And until Infinity Blade is ported to Android (soon according to Epic) I will have to have an iPad just for playing it. I like my Nexus 10 for the mouse support for remote desktop and citrix connections, and to play racing games and emulator titles like oldschool final fantasy II. I actually liked the Surface RT a lot, but it died and the specs were nothing to write home about while it was working. I'm waiting on a next generation model and I hope they don't kill off the ARM version of Windows 8. I like Mac's because of using Logic for music production, and I like Windows 8 because it can do all those things. I use Solaris/RHEL/Debian/Ubuntu/FreeBSD on servers, and I love UNIX with all my heart. It pays the bills. I don't have the time or the inclination to be a fanboy of anything. I'm a fanboy of things working and being powerful enough to do what I need them to do. 
now back to the issue, steve jobs has been quoted as saying that prior to his death, and just because jobs cant do that anymore doesn't mean that tim cook hasn't tried to continue his disgraceful work. it's a case of apple can steal off others, but when others surpass the so called innovations of apple (things apple stole more like it) they claim they were stolen from and then cry foul 
+Scott Wilson very sound comment, but lost on the brains of most of the imbeciles here
+Dino L You had a good remark until you decided to throw around "fag" like it had anything to do with the topic. Not very adult of you.
Sean G
He's Prolly Just checking out looserville. HaHA
+David Metcalfe  it's a 'turn of phrase', don't get too hung up on it. the whole anti-homophobia concept is pretty new. just as labeling someone 'liberal' in some circles or crying out 'oh my god' by an atheist, etc. 
+Scott Wilson : Good Point! However, one area in which I personally think brand loyalty is important is internet privacy. Essentially, if you have accounts on different services from different companies on the internet, you make your information available to most of them. You also run the risk of malicious entities or government agencies being able to access/exploit your data if any of those companies isn't cautious about security.

This is why I prefer using everything Google. Because I know Google cares about my privacy - they allow greater control of what is visible to whom (Google+ is a great example), keep your data quite secure, and fight government entities who want to access your information. I'm a fanboy in that sense.

Of course, "what works" is of most importance - if Google releases bad products, or if they started getting lax in quality maintenance, I would quit soon. But they haven't done anything of that sort - yet. On the other hand, I liked Microsoft until they released Vista (ugh). I switched to Ubuntu soon after that.
Steve was a great marketer. No, he was not the "tech jesus" people want to make him out to be. No, he's not some great inventor, and he wasn't a particular impressive innovator either. He was good at making a pile of money. He was also good at contradicting himself, and blaming the user for Apple's failures.

"You are holding it wrong"
"Nobody wants a smaller tablet"
"3.5" is the perfect screen size"

He was given credit for "knowing" what people wanted, but he didn't. He simply TOLD people what they wanted. That's not innovative. That's being a dick. Want impressive?

Elon Musk is creating commercial space travel. He IS a rocket scientist. THAT is innovation. Not mass producing trendy fashion tech. Your phone is not more important than the future of the human race. The iPad never saved a life. Angry Birds never cured a disease. Just putting things in perspective. You might as well be comparing a fashion designer to a heart surgeon, or a hair stylist to Gandhi. 
+Mariusz Dz. You mean manner of speech, not matter, and no, it's not common parlance. Only the ignorant throw around words they don't understand like that.
+Mariusz Dz. : I hope not! You're right in the sense that companies can and do track me as I browse the internet, but I'm okay with that (I'm hidden behind an IP address). What I was talking about the personal stuff in my emails, my G+ posts, photos, blog posts, home address, phone number, current status, etc.
+Scott Wilson i love google as much as you love unix and i support many of the great innovations they're producing, from google glass to the google car. i think they'er doing a wonderful job by charging companies to advertise so they can make things for the everyday person at a reasonable price if not free. i think aosp is a wonderful idea and i'm in full support of that to. 
i seriously can't stand apple, yes they make a good product but they charge at least twice of what it's worth. for everything apple makes you can find something just as good, if not better for half the price. they steal others ideas and claim them as their own and then go suing companies just so they can stifle innovation. if apple had their way there would be no technological advancements unless they were under the brand name of apple
...... i never said apple put linux on phones
+David Metcalfe take a look at my comment again, i corrected it (to put things in perspective english is my second language and i bet i own it more than you do), and don't be so fucking holier than thou, like you're completely free of ANY bias 
+Mariusz Dz. it's rather hard to insult someone in one sentence by saying you own english more then they would and then screw up your words in next. holier then thou
+Wayne Martin Apple has made some great products. But primarily, they are a fashion/design house. They are The Gap of tech. Apple designs very little of their tech opting to use off the shelf parts put into attractive metal boxes. They design the shit out of those boxes. They charge what people will pay for their fashion, but they are no more technical or innovative than Dell. Apple is the same as Dell. They just hit a huge homerun with the iPod, and all the version of it they've made. The tablet versions, and the version of the iPod that includes a phone. And they've been riding that one-trick pony for 5 years or so now. And they hit a wall so hard that now they are talking about making televisions. Something nobody needs. They have amazing image consultants, and they are fantastic at selling a fantasy. Just like any fashion designer. That's why Apple doesn't have a serious server OS. If Apple was a tier one tech company, their websites would be running on their servers and not running on Linux. Even Apple doesn't use OSX. If Apple was tier 1, they would be running iCloud instead of Microsoft running it for them. Few people know that iCloud runs on Microsoft Azure. If Apple were a true tech company, OSX would be used by big business for all kinds of things, but at this point Apple is basically a mobile toy company that has a dying PC division. That's why the Mac Pro has barely been updated in 4 years. That's why the 17" Macbook Pro is gone. That's why they STILL don't have touch-enabled laptops or a touch-enabled version of OSX. They are tier 2. Sure, they can get Samsung or some other fab to silkscreen an Apple logo on an off the shelf ARM processor so they can pretend they designed a processor, but that's not the same as actually doing it.

As long as you understand that Apple doesn't actually make anything, and they are primarily a fashion/design/marketing firm, you'll have realistic expectations on what you'll get from them.
+Wayne Martin : Whatever you may say about Apple's pricing and policies, Apple does revolutionize new product spaces. Note that I'm not saying "innovate" or "invent". I'm saying "revolutionize". They might steal ideas from others (who doesn't?), but they perfect the idea to the extent that it becomes a desirable luxury good. In doing that, they create a lot of demand for something that was previously restricted to labs or garages. And since they sell platforms, they also open up space for innovation, indirectly being responsible for things that wouldn't have been made if not for their stuff. 
+Scott Wilson  ....... that's an excellent point, and it's a view i hadn't actually thought of when considering apple's products
+Mariusz Dz. Yes, I've noticed the edits you've made. 'Turn of phrase' is also not the appropriate choice, but I'll hand it to you for your repeat efforts. However, it is rather amusing that you should call me out as being 'holier than thou', when you would in turn presume to correct me on my native language. I won't waste more of my time on this; Never argue with a fool, after all.
+Alok Meshram apple copied the ipad (originally a microsoft idea back in 2002), the iphone. both touchscreens and laptops were around long before apple made them. even the name iphone was stolen from cisco
+David Metcalfe well i ain't no fool (and we're not arguing); i had my share of inebriants tonight, which ain't helping my case. i corrected that misstep before you made your comment. i'm commenting spurred by passion and without proofreading so you'll forgive my trivial mistakes. just wanted to add that i totally share your disdain for bigotry.
The issue of "who copied who" is ridiculous. Style patents are ridiculous. BMW doesn't sue Audi for ripping off their 3 series every two years. Honda isn't suing Yamaha for making a motorcycle with two wheels. OralB isn't suing Colgate for stealing their toothbrush design. That's just Apple suing over patents they never should have been awarded because they don't actually have any real inventions.

The real problem with Apple is they have absolutely zero integrity. Integrity costs money. Google does have integrity. Those are the main differences between the two companies. Simple Integrity. Granted, Google positions themselves in a way that they can afford to have integrity. They gave Android away for free so they couldn't be sued. They make money off of targeted advertisement to isolate themselves from the chore of having to care about production numbers on devices, or selling an operating system. It's kinda brilliant really. Apple lives or dies JUST on the iPhone. That's why their stock keeps tanking. The iPhone alone is a good 70 percent of their total profit. That's why investors are so shaky on them. That's why they can sell 47 million phones and still miss profit predictions 6 straight quarters in a row. All their eggs are in that basket.

Samsung is a massive hydra formed in 1938. They make the largest ships in the world. They make military vehicles. They make buildings. They make forklifts and tools, and run the largest electronic component creation operation in the world. It would be amazing if you own a single electronic device that doesn't contain at least one Samsung part.

Apple sells an image and a lifestyle more than their actual products. They sell a sense of well being. That's why they HAVE to sue over rectangles and round corners. That's why they'll knowingly steal and patent tech like slide-to-unlock, or rubber-banding even though they KNOW they didn't invent it. That's why they patented Magsafe even though it has been used on rice cookers in japan for 50 years. Apple has to play dirty to keep those profits up to meet market expectations. And that's why they have no integrity. 
Kevin G
Why do people idolize so much...
here comes the blah blah my favorite phone os is better for me so your a fool if your not using it.

I'm mean come on guys, you should all have what I have cause my experience is the base for everyone's experience.

also when you guys all get with me on my favorite mobile os. that's when true innovation comes when we all use one device

BTW my opinions are fact I just became a business owner/it expert/developer just to make this post. 
+Kevin Gleaton II At the risk of talking too much cough, it's because we've been brainwashed with too much good versus evil nonsense since birth. Black and white. Good and bad. Badguys and Goodguys. Pigeonholing every issue into good versus bad means we are trained to view everything in two colors. That inspires bias, which is a shortcut to actually thinking. And that's great because then getting the entire country to move in one direction is easier because fewer people are asking questions. We just accept the devil creation and hero building. We don't consider shades of gray. And that gets Presidents elected. It sells wars. Unfortunately, marketers figured out they could take advantage of that programming to make people also not think about buying things. It means you can use fantasy and fear to get people to empty their wallets. And the side effect of that is idolatry. Gotta have that quarterback. Gotta have that Gandalf. 
Oh my god, I used Linux instead of Unix. ... friggin' sue me my fingers are used to typing Linux. I know they're not the same, that "there's no Unix in linux', blah blah blah. It's of little comfort to me ... I'm stuck in a windows world!

Point being, they hacked-up an OS they didn't make into a mediocre app launcher ... that's not on the same level as their competitors. Style and form are apple's biggest achievements, that and clever marketing using the "cool kids sit at our table" gig ... not technological development as it had been previously defined.

Many of their patents do not, IMHO, legitimately meet the criteria for a patent in the first place.
What a douchebag comment? I use products from Apple and Google. Which I think best is completely unrelated but that was totally tasteless.
This would be why we're using Google+ instead of Apple+? 
Steve would attack with army from another realm, be careful :p
ios is boring, it just a grid of icons..
+Scott Wilson well said dude. I read all the comments and you are making more sense to me because you are really hurt from this apple BS. Just keep up the good work. Apple is standing still at the progress and innovation, more likely at it's last stage. 
The more telling quote is the imagined: "why does it need a plug?"
"Would you like to play a game?"
+Scott Wilson Good posts. Apple are in simple terms a recipe company that takes existing ingredients then sells them as a magical meal. Their biggest fault is that they spit their dummies out when other cooks come along offering food.
Wonder what would happen if he were still alive? I had an android for two days, a galaxy s III. Hated it. Android might be a better system but they haven't the slightest clue as to how to make a phone user friendly. If they make a phone that is intuitive and less convoluted, then they will own the market. 
haha hypocrites ... if steve was alive today ... larry page would have been dumbfounded
+don harrison I have a nexus 4 and an iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is much faster and a more fluid experience when navigating. The lack of LTE is horrible especially when the battery life is terrible. The speaker sounds hollow and sits on the back. Phone quality sounds like a tin can. The camera only takes good pictures in bright sunlight. Lastly the gmail app is much better on iOS than the nexus 4 or android for that matter. The best google phone has been my iPhone 5 with google apps on it. Can't wait to see what all the Samsung lovers are going to do when Samsung drops android and google moves toward a closed system for their Motorola lineup. 
if someone could find the comment where i said jobs put linux on phones i'd be grateful because i cant see it anywhere
+Wayne Martin sry, it was +Brandon White who said that. ugh what a mess. i just don't understand all the vitriol and vilifying of Jobs; totally undeserved
Android is the shit. Get a Nexus if you really want to know what's going on with Android. Can't wait to see that Google X phone. 
CrApple's corporate greed underpins the old ways. Google et al are showing us that the future can hold good things. That the old, toxic ways can give way to better things. 
That was a great interview. Love his attitude. 
Jay A
Android is still innovating. Apple has stopped innovating.
I traded in my crappy iphone for a Samsung galaxy s3 mini, best decision I made 
Android mobile doesn't have the Apple look and feel, but it's definitely getting better. I love my Mac, but still prefer Android mobile for its flexibility...if they coukd just talk to each other a little better.
+Jon Meyer You should try MIUI. It's like someone fixed all the broken things in iOS, but made it smoother and faster. If you don't mind a little work. 
Is there an application or a website that you can upload a photo to have it turned into this?
You could do this yourself pretty easily in photoshop with the polygonal lasso, and the gradient fill tool. Would take a while, and undo would be your friend. 
Or use Adobe Illustrator (most likely the tool used for this).  The tools there are better suited for vector drawing.

You could also write some code in the +Processing programming language that would "automagically" create similar images, though it would be probably pretty hit-and-miss as to how subtle/sensitive the end result would be without the human hand/mind feedback loop that occurs with manual illustration (even when using digital tools).
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