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On a recent visit to Motorola in Libertyville, IL, I got a tour of the lab where phones are "tested." Really, "tortured" would be a more accurate term.

Conditions include heat, dust, dropping, humidity, and my favorite: simulation of a butt sitting on a phone 

Check out my pictures to see some of the devices used and the team that does the testing. 
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아 정말 멋집니다.
+Guy Kawasaki you keep droping hints of the Motorola X phone why don't you juss give us a release date
Nice gallery, Guy. All phones in the future should be waterproof and durable with long lived batteries. Motorola can take the lead in creating this standard, by offering all these features in top end phones for the same prices as our current fragile phones.  
How much duress can there be from sitting on a shelf? Can they simulate the phone's loneliness?

Did they show you the room where they abandon top tier 18 month old phones on Gingerbread?
Guy you should have a reality tv show where they just follow you around with camera's. I know reality tv sounds like a dirty word nowadays but you might change that. lol
Brian D
Well if it's going to be sold to Americans, hopefully it was a fat, plump fake butt that rarely moves.
Tell them stop alienating their customers. They've done such a horrible job, it might not matter how great the devices are, many consumers will never give them another nickel. You can't make people wait a year for an update on a top notch phone and expect them to have customer loyalty. I feel bad for the Atrix owners because they were promised an update, only to be lied to. If I owned the Atrix, I would never give Motorola another cent.
+Joe Mays How'd you guess I was a former Atrix owner? SGN2 now, up to date and happy. Motoogle left a bad taste in my mouth which is a shame because the hardware was decent. 
+Kyle Munz I have a no man left behind mentality. Even though it took them a year to update my bionic to ICS, and recently up to jellybean, I won't forget how they shamelessly did the Atrix owners. That was a disgrace how they lied to you guys and told you that they would update the Atrix to ICS and then go back on their word after Google bought them. My trust of Google was severely fractured with that decision. I even recently began using Bing for many of my web searches (surprisingly Bing has better search results in many cases than Google does I've found out. Guess the commercials were true)
Guy can't talk about the Moto X phone, at least not until Google's does its press release.
Interesting what a phone go's through after it comes out of a back pocket.
+Brian Hunter That was a photo of an early cell phone. All that you can now hold in your hand. 
+Guy Kawasaki That must be one of dem fancy East Bay things.  We don't get dem 'round these here South Bay parts.
+Guy Kawasaki I may need that to get to the Emoticon Store in Fremont. But do they have a café?  ~o)
+Brian Hunter You can them via their online store too. It's a new concept called "ecommerce." :-) 
+Guy Kawasaki Weird.  I'm going to have to stop working on networking semiconductors and find out what you humanist people have been doing with all these bits and bytes I work with.  :)
I pity those cellphones! It's a cool way to prepare them to the harsh condition in the hands of a negligent new phone owner. :)
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