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Interesting. #Foxconn has always been one of the best PC components manufacturer.
Thanks for sharing! great video...
Time to bring manufacturing work like this home to the USA. Companies like Apple just don't get it.
I wonder what happens when there are no cameras there!
From all the places I worked, when there was an inspection everything runs smooth and shiny...
wow, this is enlightening...g+ is the best
Actually,the work is also tired.But apple do not reveal that the workers need work for 12 hours without stop.
+Stuart Duncan +Fábio Pereira , its fabricated
Some people forget that Apple and tens of thousands of US companies get veryyyy high amount of revenues PLUS profits from overseas. Simply talking against such companies and foreign countries will only backfire. Respect other cultures, work hard and compete.
Mark Li
i have some different opinion, Foxconn can supply what other un-legal company can't supply in china main land ,just like work opportunity,normal vacation and respect as a labourer
would love to one on board and better into trade!!
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