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(Wed07) Best. Comic. Ever. If you're a writer or blogger, drop everything and read it. This is just one panel.

Hat tip to +Peg Fitzpatrick for pointing it out.
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It's funny though, while this comic may be more true than many of his other comics, it's not quite as funny. Know what I mean? 
Very funny and insightful.
I guess so, +Guy Kawasaki. :) I'm not surprised you have a panel. Hopefully I'll see you speak soon. I have a speaking gig this weekend.
The Oatmeal got bookmarked in my shortlist of favorite comics when he posted his travails trying to watch "Game of Thrones" legally. He's part Twain, part Larson, a good dash of Carlin and the sense of macabre of a Chas Addams or Gahan Wilson.

I saw this one earlier today, and hoo-boy, does he nail the commenter class to the wall. I'd like to think I'm one of the better ones... but how many trolls see themselves the hero, the lone voice of reason against all the wrongs of the 'Net?
Laughed my backside off at 5:30 in the morning! Glad I didn't wake the whole house.   Thanks so much for this!
Yeah, he's great, always funny, but I can't help posting chirp in the comments for any of his posts.
+Peg Fitzpatrick +Guy Kawasaki Did i just spend 10 minutes reading about beards and poo? (Comment number 1001 :-) lol)
No seriously, fantastic comic!
I think it's made by a bet, "I bet you can not write a story about beards and poo! And ... publishing a good story!"
Well, it worked!

Think i will read more from The Oatmeal :-)

#TheOatmeal #comic
+Jonathan Mugan i think its a different kind of funny than his usual work, there are parts that are funnier than others but the other parts are funny in a "funny because its true" kind of way. Its also longer than most if his other stuff. 
I'm so agree with you all who comment this wall
This piece from OATMEAL was a good breakfast. 
Said the people who made the code of Windows 8 Gold  
o.oooo, tehehehe....its sound funny!
feeling of mines 2hrs ago...wen realized........?nothing 
good moring my people
From the picture what I understand is that he's talking about starbucks' coffee lol
had a chance to read the Tesla vs. Edison bit +Guy Kawasaki ? then look at the wikipedia version history :D 
Found this just as I was going to sit down and write.  Hilarious because it's true.
This is bull shit and that dude in the comic is bull shit....
Loved it. Worth the time spent mind refreshing!!! :)
I think the cafe gave him a double shot of negspresso by mistake. :-P
The coffee cup frownie face with coffee sludge alone has me laughing...
Thanks for plus mentioning me +Jason Joseph of course if G+ wasn't filtering my stream you wouldn't have needed to as I regularly look at +Guy Kawasaki's material. Only in the last half a year they are letting their algorithm decide what appears (which generally means I am missing a lot of stuff from people who I have in circles dialed all the way up). 
Just read it. Perfectly captured THE process. Hail for the Oatmeal!
+Jason Joseph hell no. I have too many damn notifications as is. Having the circle turned all the way up should mean I see their content but it doesn't. I regularly miss content usually from those who have large followers and interaction such as +Robert Scoble and +Mike Elgan. At first I thought these people had a lull in posting but when I went to their pages it was clear that they posted and at times I was looking at my stream and it never showed up. Been going on awhile but when I mentioned their edgerank like algorithm to the googlers who attended #nychirl2  they adamantly denied any such algorithm is in place. However this has nothing to do with this thread so I really shouldn't have brought it up here.
Every body is shit.... I know that & you know that
Not only funny but quite useful as well. Thanks!
I like the above ground pool. Reminded me of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Thanks again, +Guy Kawasaki, at the end of my daily routine I am still laughing out loud over this!
गम यूही कम नहीं थे जमाने में
आपको बहुत वकत लगा हमें रुलाने में
अब भी कुछ लखीरे जिंदा थी
जब चेहरा देखा हमने आईने में
सारी उर्म न मिटा सके वो निसानी दो
पल भी न लगे आपको जिनहें बनाने में ।
तरुण कुमार (सावन)
I saw someone selling that coffee downtown.
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