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(Fri05) I'm not going to stop posting about this Chrome extension until everyone has installed it. An indispensable Google+ Chrome extensions just got even better:

Replies and More

The previous version enabled you to +mention a reply by clicking on a link. Now you can also +mention a reply to author of the post.

Replies and More significantly increases the probability of a response to comments and posts because people receive a Gmail notification with +mentions.

Everyone should install this extension because it makes Google+ much more interactive. If you want to help Google+ succeed, tell people to install it!

Thank you +Matt Mastracci
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Everyone said to turn off Chrome extensions when the new G+ UI was rolled out... will the old extensions work now? I have yet to re-enable them... Thanks for the heads-up on this one +Guy Kawasaki, looks great!
This is my absolute favorite extension. I miss the m key horribly when Google updates the G+ DOM and breaks Replies and More.
This time I had to give up and install it...
Done. Thanks for sharing!
I really like the respond to comments, does it work in pictures?
How long do you think it will be before Google cripples this add on (because you can share posts on facebook). That one feature means when I find a post of interest I can share it to facebook (where all my friends are).
While it increases the possibility of a response, it also fractures the common, shared dialogue of the thread into private messages. Pros and cons.
can I block this stuff? I don't need more junk in my inbox. That's why I started my gmail account.
oh god!!! if v do'nt block this, our inbox will b full of junk.
+Guy Kawasaki This is awesome...I wake up check my + get advice from the Dali Lama and Guy Kawasaki and I'm all good for the day. Thanks Guy!
Thanks for the tip. I will add it today:)
Crashed my Google over and over until I uninstalled it. :(
+Guy Kawasaki I initially learned about this great extension from you and when Google plus changed and it wasn't available for a few days, I really noticed how much value it added. Thanks to +Matt Mastracci for updating it quickly!
Google chrome is brilliant, i love it. You should keep on because it is very good.
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i have taken the time to share two excellent g+ enhancers along with links and screenshot examples and get zero response, +1s, or thanks. i guess you need to be a celebrity to expect that.
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