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(Fri02) Swimmable, buyable mermaid tails for your summer fun:

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They swore on the radio just yesterday that mermaids never existed and here we have living proof!
uh.....beautiful me to be....i me...yes..yes..yes...
Hmm, I don't really into swimming stuff, so I'll keep my feet dry and read a book instead :-D
ça ne me dis rien parceque en afrique les sirènes sont négatives donc........
This is actually really cool. I wonder if they are safe/effective in the water?
Coming up, the 200m women's mermaid race
If those aren't I know there are some that are made to be.  I had a friend whose ultimate goal was to get one and find some profession that let her use it for work.  The one she wanted was something around $600, but I don't know how close that is to average.
They have fins?  Never saw any fins in this pic.
I wanna be a mermaid...:]
soooo cute
yes dear i will help u, can we be friends my sweet beautiful dear Somatie Kissoon
Great for those willing to make a fantasy come true... Sign me up!!
Who said Mermaids don't exist
Buy one and find out +somatie kissoon 
If you find yourself breathing water but not liking it, I'd say you're drowning and should not have jumped in. If, however, you find breathing water enjoyable and not life-threatening then it's job done.
hi hine h ru, can we be friends
this is hot I must admit 
Yeah, but ya gotta be pretty to begin with. So there's your lower parameter! God forbid me with fins!!!!
Looks like a lawsuit just waiting to happen...
so fast people comment here....good respond..congratulation men..
So what do you do when you....? Sorry bad joke.
What was NOAA thinking! They do exist ;)
Sort of brings new meaning to "getting some tail"... 
now that's what I call "FISH FOOD"!
i l ike there tails...........................
I'm sure some little girls are losing their minds over these.
Paula G
its funny the men in the back ground are looking away
wow that the first .why are they not looking at this pretty girls ? hahaha
in indonesian this name is *PUTRI duyung*>>>>
Halo CE
fish out of water
I'm pretty sure there will be some little boys losing their minds over these too ;-)
lots of boys will soon fall head ova heels!
I thought mermaids didnt like clorine  Ha
i will be getting one of them when  i go away,to miami........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL.
Yeah! Girls should only be dressed in what I say they should!
what if you have a muscle spasm in your legs drown to a struggling death ?
Madeleine Del Salto, which one you are?
how beuatiful they are,,,
lol, ca-ching! $$ who would have thought...
Nice, now, lets wait for someone to make a lot of money at court!
tht amaz!ng....!!! lol<3<3<3
you would probably have to relearn how to swim with a tail 
Fun for a girls birthday party. I would have loved that when I was a child. 
Lol I used to.have one of those:)
I always thought Mermaids would have matching tops and bottoms.  This is probably why the government insists Mermaids do not exist.
How I wish to swim along with them. Could be lovely!
Not bad if the next halloween party happens to be a pool party. :)
Now ? Bit late for that.
Just recently U.S. governament had issued a statement saying that mermaids are not real. :(
oh brother...... it would be fun to try to swim with a tail though:)
Susan M
Well, you can get a mono fin, so the concept is not new. I doubt these would work that well, however.
Susan M
Okay, looked at the link, it is basically a mono fin with swim suit material on top. Should work just fine, assuming they fit properly and the swimmer knows what they are doing.
Hey now! fish tails! love it.
There are mermaids right there and the people in the background don't even notice them!
I will go with David to catch some ;)
I want blue and green first one
Ericka_yeah ! :D
me too want the blue one ^^
the green one in the back is nice
OH, I remember that Hollywood Movie, "SPLASH".
Woman, half fish(Tail) & half human, when inside water, but when she is dry, she is like a normal human being. Not great, but diff story,good. 
kaya tum mera saat fuck karo gi
I wanna get this just to mess with people XD
Idk but yall
But i think i look sexier
NOAA came out and stated categorically that mermaids do not exist
soo... my friend thinks you guys are real mermaids!!!!!
Do they come in XXXXX Large for my wife?
Cool idea but I'm a little freaked out by the number of pervs leaving "sexy" or "hot" comments. These are little girls! Young teenagers. 
If i am fish. I also enjoy with them.
i don't believe in mermaids cause i have never actually seen one in real life!!
disproven by hard science. your argument is invalid.
who ever said being a life guard was bad job has just been proven very wrong
Fake. Sorry but a boy died an his mom found out it was because he didn't post a chain video.
i like the costumes the are preety and they are cool
Clearly fake...real mermaids use oyster shells not bikini tops..EVERYONE knows that!
all your life you wanted to be one right ?
totally fake their tops dont match their tails
The girls that are wearing the tails are hot
Paul Ed
Dangerous , wonder how many lives will be lost's due to a stupid fashion statement
I've seen performances by ladies dressed in mermaid outfits and they swam great! (they were cute, too) It was an underwater show in San Marcos, Tx.
There must be a mermaid show on tv or the net because my 9 yr old was asking me for one (mermaid tail) the other day. She found a few on Ebay but I'm like no way that's $50 bucks.
H2O!!!!!! Does anyone remember that show from like 5 years ago.
Mermaids :D Always want one
how did you make them mermaids
i want one got any sebra ones tht some in blakc nd whit
I expect to see a lot of these at the pool this summer people! lol
Seems like the woman would need help getting into the thing at the edge of the pool.
Now we just need a merman tail. No oyster shells needed there lol
so lvly passion and admired girls. Waaaoo... Mwaaa
awesome, incredible, fantastic but fake Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! 
awesome, incredible, fantastic but fake Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! 
awesome, incredible, fantastic but fake Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! 
awesome, incredible, fantastic but fake Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! 
Oh hell no! One: They certainly are young teenies. Two: Probably ineffective, which could weed out some of the stupid, yet probably not enough. Three: Just not my style :P
lol who would even use those
but.... those girls do look good in em
they are such hot mermaids
Life long dream is now realized. Yay :)
I still find mermaid gross.
Jay Tee
It is just me or did someone also hears a lot of "Mommy! I want a Mermaid!!!"
Oh mermaids can I keep one of them..
Dana Marie, mermaid in Hawaii just met her.
they look like
lol see what I did there? XD
Did the one in the yellow go to my high school?
Not sure what your getting at but the [edit: young lady dressed in a mermaid costume]  in the yellow is attractive
I can't post a big enough smile!!!!
And they are real!!!!
It was amazing idea who design this hands up to him
munju s
now they need'ent have a headache
i like the frist girls tail it zebra prints lol but that ovbious
where can i get me a mermaid.
did you see the news on the mermaid bone
you couldnt have permissible pool sex in those 
mermaids from pirates of caribbean- on stranger tides>>>
I want a mermaid tail :(...........stupid legs ;)
Give it a week: Pre-teen drownings up 50% this summer...
Dont tell me, smells like fish,tastes like chicken?
How about a New Olympic sport right here? Hah. Can you imagine that? Whoa!
What a bunch of imbeciles. First, the target audience for this is probably 10-14 years old, so you cretins with the sexual commentary are just that. Second, if you're even remotely capable as a swimmer its trivially easy to swim with your arms only, though I'm sure the tail doesn't really hamper swimming that much.

Why do perfectly innocuous posts always devolve into a collection of perverts and stupid comments? If you like it, OK. If you don't, move on.
"Breaking News: Five girls drowned today wearing mermaid tails at a local swimming pool."
Quiero una para mi colección personal. ---I want a mermaid for my personal collection--- 
My gf's daughter would love this, but at $250 USD (plus $50 for shipping!) she can just keep on dreaming.
honestly after lokin at those chicks id rather have my girl still
again to funny to be true
it fake mermaids are ratchet lol I don't know u!!!!!!!!!!!!
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