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Tue01) Intro special: Version 2.0 of What the Plus! is now available for the price of $.99 (prices vary by country, it's a long story...)

It encompasses the changes of Google+ that occurred in mid April and a new chapter that explains how to evangelize Google+.

Get the latest version of What the Plus! here:!/id508387073?mt=11

If you'd like to help me out, please review What the Plus! on either site and share (as opposed to +1) this announcement with your followers.

Hat tip to +Shawn Welch for another great production job.
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Version 1 was an excellent resource for my clients. Great value at 99 cents.
why does the Kindle version cost $3.44 and Itunes only $0.99 ??
hey guy, is the book unavailable in europe, to be exact switzerland on purpose? Tried to get it from the itunes book store.
Dan O
Version 1 was terrific!
For that price of $.99 I'm there buying it! I just bought Intro special: Version 2.0 of What the Plus! Thank you very much Guy and have a good one today Sir!

: )
Hmmm.. ahem.. Sir +Guy Kawasaki sir. I had pressed 'buy single click' on my Amazon account & me ADHD demanded I check for an audio version.. this distraction ended up noting this review by a recent purchaser there..

...My only complaint (otherwise I would have given 5) is that none of the many links in the book work...*

Could we get some feedback on this please & thanks & peace & bSAFE!
+Sam Hosseini This is what I get on Amazon.

"Kindle Price: $3.44 includes VAT* & free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet"
Just got my copy...sent it to my iPad
I'd buy an epub version...not keen to get into dealing with another format...
Just bought it on Amazon UK - will review once I have read it :-)
I have the ebook that you offered for free at SXSW... how much has it changed since then?
How does everyone else like the changes? I think they are good and don't take any of the awesome away from the G+ experiance, but maybe I'm wrong.
+Hacim Llih Not sure what version he's referring to. The PDF did have links that were broken. We changed them all.

If the links don't work for you, I'll give you back the $.99. :-)
+Guy Kawasaki +Alicja Spaulding Not to mention the first edition was about 138 pages long, this one is 160. There's entirely new sections and chapters, not just screenshots!
Looking forward to reading it, Guy!
Sounds like enough changes occurred to make it worth my 99 cents. :) Thanks!
Can't get version 2.0 -- system tells me I already own a copy. How do I override previous purchase? 
I hadn't even had a chance to start reading the PDF of Version 1 you had made available recently, and now I've gone and purchased Version 2! Looking forward to reading it, +Guy Kawasaki!!
+Scott Patton They haven't upload yet because we're trying to resolve whether I sent the proper file. Should be there shortly.
thanks! +Guy Kawasaki sir for prompt response; Consider this note my receipt LOL ;]] (Wishing for audible version but .. ;]])
It is available on Google Play as in USA at least, just not for the $0.99 promo price +Scott Patton; perhaps that was your intended question?
JW West
I'd buy that for a dollar! erm...yes.
Waiting for it to get on Google Play. Will it be $0.99 on there as well?
+Guy Kawasaki Will Version 2.0 be available in the Google Play store? I am currently reading the first version and I purchased it through Google Play.
Ann Liu
Just bought kindle version, S2.99, now start to read, thanks +Guy Kawasaki
Just picked up the V2.0 at the Amazon Store. Thanks!
from your amazon link +Guy Kawasaki :
This title is not available for customers from your location in:
Asia & Pacific
tried amazon uk as well same thing
When I open it in kindle on my Android device, I got blank pages. I was using "white text on black background" in view options. When I changed it to "black text on white background" the text appeared. Anyone else having this problem? Is the text somehow hard coded to black on Android? I don't have this problem with my other kindle books. On iPad it's fine either way.
Hahaha, just laughed so hard. When I was going through the feeds I read "What the Plus! G+ is for the rest of us, Guy Kawasaki!". At first I thought it was a complaint / demotivator-ish to the fact that Kawasaki's posts always show up on "What's Hot", therefore taking up space from "the rest of us".
+Guy Kawasaki Off topic I got Enchantment a couple weeks ago via your Terranea Resort photo contest. I'm enjoying the read!
+Ben Ford I don't evangelize "for Google." I evangelize what I think is good, and I think Google+ is good.
Just Downloaded it. Look forward to reading it!
+Michael Baacke: Annoyingly, Google Play Books now automatically reads out loud, something I discovered accidentally in a quiet room the other day. Not sure how to make it stay off by default.
Very interesting book !! Thanks +Guy Kawasaki !!
Why more expensive in Switzerland even for Kindle?
+Guy Kawasaki: Re: Amazon Kindle -- For those of you who wish to purchase the second and updated version of Guy's great book and you are being blocked by Amazon because you have already purchased the title ... deleting the 1st edition and re-purchasing solves the problem. Possibly because the titles in the metadata are identical. Trying to simply purchase the new edition or gift yourself brings up the same "you have already purchased" message.
+Matthew Fowler I had the same problem. In a chat with Amazon customer service, they dispatched the latest update free of charge.
+Guy Kawasaki Your link to iTunes briefly shows v2, then screen changes to show I've already downloaded v1(!) Help!
Looking forward to reading it.
G Creat!!
for you.I want to.
Just bought it. Looking forward to reading it. Enchantment was great if I did not say so before.
+Guy Kawasaki Hola!! So have the first version...trying to get v2, but when i go to iTunes, it tells me i've already downloaded can I get a hold of v2?
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