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Check out the Moto X benchmarks and other cool features that you might have heard about #MeetMotoX
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Still NOT impressed. I and many others feel Motorola really let us down. Oh well, better luck next time, perhaps :-(
Optimization, Optimization, Optimization...also helps reach 24 hours of battery life.
Need to also show power draw by way of comparison.
This "user" vs "dev" thing is getting super old. If your ux is choppy, laggy, and generally not a magical experience, all the speed in the world isnt going to help. A well appointed 6 cyl auto will always be preferable to a ferrari engine sitting behind two buckets and a wheel...
Unfortunately, we can't get it in Europe. 
Lol, it is because you are using less pixels that's why it is faster :-). Also the GPU I believe are the same?

But anyway bench marks are useless. This is a mass consumer device, not a geek phone. 
I for one am very impressed with what Moto has done with hardware/software optimization. I think Motorola is changing the definition of "high end" on Android devices. I have no doubt that they will produce a "super phone" to satisfy the small number of phone spec freaks out there, but they needed to get one out there first that the masses will understand & buy. Don't forget, Phone Geek Spec Junkies are a very small minority, very small.
Also not going to be made available internationally. Only US. They will probably make an Motorola X international version minus the customisation etc. 
I agree with +Daniel Marcovici 
S4 being 1080p vs MotoX being 720p might have something to do with it, I don't know maybe moving 2.25 times less pixels might make the motox SLIGHTLY faster than the S4.
You know even if Google gave you a full year of cookies with the free MotoX, you still can say that it is just a mid level mediocre phone.
So biased!
Don't care so much about the specs. I care that Motorola failed to meet the expectations of being the device that was different. Instead, we get carrier exclusivities, bloatware, and questionable software updates with 4.3 already out and this phone not yet having hit a store. It's like Moto took a Blackberry approach on this, failing to even produce solid release dates.
I think we got to put things into perspective. If the always on voice was not leaked or the camera or the close to stock android experience, would we say this is a good phone.

We got to forget about specs. This device was leaked months back in March and Motorola has been testing and optimising this phone for ages. If it is smooth and responsive and even smoother than the HTC or GS4 then you can forget the spec wars as this will be a complete experience phone.

That is what we got to see once the first reviews are out. If the experience beats anything out there then this phone is a winner. Spec is not everything. 
+Javier Lerones You've got to read the bench tests more carefully. Off-screen, both pushing 1080p they're pretty similar. Obviously performance on-screen is much better due to pushing less pixels. I wouldn't call a 20% improvement "slightly" faster. 20% is a noticeable difference in people's hands, which is huge for gaming and the likes.
Thank you +Javier Lerones , finally someone who understands. I would've forgiven all Moto X's other short comings if they would've, at the very least, used a snapdragon 800 processor. This phone is mediocre at best! 
Sure if the GPU is just pushing pixels to a 720p display it will perform better than a GPU pushing to a 1080p display...
The best thing about the X is that it may put a almost stock Android experience into the hands of a lot of people. This is a really good thing.
Spec junkies are blinded by the onslaught of tech blogs touting specs, specs, specs. Higher, faster, more pixlels, more cores.... I have an 18 month old dual core phone on jelly bean & it runs smooth & I have not found an app or game it would not run. My Dual Core Nexus 10 is fast & smooth. If the Hardware/Software is optimized, along with Moto's chip tech they developed, you will get a great user expierence, long battery life & a compact package. I'm not saying specs aren't important, but this phone proves they are less important than we have been led to believe! #MotoX
+Eng. Jorge Santana , you couldn't be more wrong on that one point particular. Just look at what amazing things the Snapdragon 800 is doing for GPU rendering. At full hd 1080p
True spec junkies like myself included know better than to listen to any blogs out there. Real world experience trumps all else, we need our phones to be fast, reliable and most importantly, multi task like an eager intern on a combination of speed, coke and caffeine ;-)
I'm quite certain that the Moto X will be perfect for the average user, but I doubt it will last once it's put through the ringer, and when the random reboots, freezes and screen lag sets in, that is when the people will revolt and throw their Moto X's into the fiery volcano. Lmao
Okay, maybe that last part won't happen. Lmfao
Snipped from the article:

"In terms of gaming, you may see better performance on the Moto X than you will on the One and Galaxy S4. For one, the Adreno 320 GPU will run better on a 720p display than a 1080p display, that’s for sure. You can see proof of that in the frame rates generated in the GFXBench 2.7 onscreen test above. But even offscreen, where the benchmark scales everything to 1080p, to put all phones tested on an equal playing field, the Moto X tops the GS4 and Nexus 4"
I'm fine with a mid-range phone but don't charge a premium price just because you can order different colors. Plus, Verizon is going to bloatware that phone up anyway. It would have been a more impressive Google/Motorola collaboration if the Moto X would have dropped with 4.3 for TRIM support if nothing else. 
of course it's faster, I can play games on my desktop at 640x480 if i wanted too
Too bad they don't sell it contract and carrier-free and customization and 32GB version are AT&T exclusives. I have to skip. I would have bought it but now I will skip and wait for the next Nexus. Good luck Moto!
Snipped from the article:

Internal Classified memo for Motorola employees only!

"In terms of gullibility, the average cell phone user doesn't know any better as far as GPU and CPU is concerned. We will throw around names like Adreno 320 and 720p vs 1080p and we will impress potential buyers. We won't even talk about fps. Anyway, we are going to market this Moto X towards those people, the ones who don't know any better, the ones whom will believe anything they read in articles and then regurgitate it back to their friends. We are trying to sell it to them.
Do you guys see what I just did there in my previous post. I put more effort into creating a fake, classified article than Motorola did in bringing us a breakthrough phone. I gave you all hope, humor and a little knowledge and I didn't even charge you premium price for something subpar ;-)
I'm not in the USA so it makes no damn difference, I'm not going to be able to get it anyway. 
I for one was extremely excited for the Moto X and couldn't wait for it to come out. I also haven't been this disappointed since I found out that there's no Santa Claus.
All of my other gripes aside. How can they justify giving the Moto X only 16gb of storage without even an sdcard option. The average photo size now is 2mb and that's not including video or music. Do you understand how fast 16gb will be used up. I don't care if they offer Google drive free for 2 years. We should have the option back up our contents to our own sdcards.
Sorry, I didn't realize Daniel works for Motorola.  We'll just have to take his word on what the phone is going to be like on release. (and apparently in the future)
I see a lot of posts that seem to have been typed with one hand, basically celebrating previous purchases and currently held biases.

There are already plenty of phones out there for people looking for incremental upgrades over the previous generation.  Cram more pixels into your hand, up the RAM, give the CPU another core or three.  Nothing earth shattering  That market is saturated, so take your pick of several great phones there.  

Motorola is playing a different game, and rethinking the way people interact with their phones.  They know it would be an exercise in futility to try to go head-to-head in the market dominated by Samsung and HTC.  Instead they're distinguishing their product with UX - an area where Samsung and HTC have been mediocre at best - and assembling the phones in the US.

Whether it'll be successful is anyone's guess, but I'm not going to trash talk a company for doing something differently to distinguish itself.
+Daniel Marcovici they are giving you 50GB of cloud storage free, 16GB or 32GB storage won't be an issue. I use a RAZR HD maxx with 32GB on board storage and 32GB sd card. All my stuff is in the cloud I still have 26GB on my and almost 20 internal.
I propose new benchmarks.
1.Two guys reply to their wife with a hilarious gif who is fastest? 
2.Two guys get a picture of the crazy guy dancing at the intersection who gets the best moves?
3.Two guys watch a google keynote while on the interstate who has the the best... experience...
feel free to chime in with more
Interesting that it performs better in benchmarks when Samsung deliberately game the benchmarks
+cleo williams What good is cloud storage for those of us who are on planes for long periods of time, particularly over the oceans.  Given the cheap price of memory these days, NOT offering this in at least a 32GB version is pathetic. There are other disappointments too, but this is the killer for me. All the hype about personal customization and then its exclusive to AT&T? Give me a break. I just can't get excited about a wood grain or lime green phone. Giant fail for Motorola on this one. I haven't seen the killer feature on this phone so far. Maybe when I see it, but limited memory on a phone is utterly stupid in 2013. This looks like an iphone ethos in an Android skin. Its not even shipping with 4.3! Looks like I'll have to wait for something else.
+Andy Dorfmann, there is 32GB version available and the exclusivity of AT&T to customization is temporary. Give this phone a chance, it will grow on you ;) 
What is Battery life no where to be found?  
Motorola claims its 24 hours of mixed used, +Marques Brownlee claims he couldn't kill it in a long day (~16 hours or so), so it doesn't look bad.
Doing more with less sounds like good design to me. Doing more with more, cool, doing less with more, no. 
+Adrian Stöckl If you look at the Nexus 4 benchmarks for 4.3 vs 4.2, I suspect the performance improvements are already in 4.3.
Cool. How about them with the same CPU?
I also wish I could share your post lol. 
Any plans for #India. Oops hold on, Motorola shut shop here, a couple of years ago... 
+Daniel Marcovici Just think about it this way, Windows Phone and iPhone has been able to keep battery life up while still retaining performance using weaker processors.
That's because with proper optimisation it can do that and like Apple Motorola designed their own processor just for that purpose.

I just wish LTE frequencies was a world standard right now.
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