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I am proud to have known +Terry Border 'way back when' as he first started dabbling with this form he has since mastered.
This is funny but (here it comes) as the father of two adopted children who I know will one day no doubt feel some desire to seek out their biological mothers, this has a certain poignant pathos I can't ignore.
I am amused at all the people who are obviously not clicking the link and looking at ALL the pictures!
Anish M
EGG Freeeeeeeeeeee
+Rick Ladd I don't even have any kids, adopted or otherwise...but, this makes me sad. I guess I'm a big sap. : )
Anish M
ohkayy no only ok........
Agreed. Guy, what's the point? Give us something more controversial and interesting please!!!!
plzz dnt use 2 eat meatttt
Both together. It's called e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n.
It's twisted alright... Am split. 
It's so shocking to the poor egg. 
People! Click the link, read the article, and view all the pictures! (The last one with the toothpaste & toothbrush is kinda' risque even!)
I like the one with the lost Oreo cookie the best! It's horror is more subtle...
Egg is shok now his mom rost now
I love this, shame his brother and sisters weren't there as scambled eggs
as a picture it is funny, but showing the part of the life like +Rick Ladd I think it is not..
I too like a sent bence of humour.
Knew it already that most humans will find it funny...
Abel Ku
hahaha be careful
hey its funny haha ! a alive egg first time i have seen this kind of picture
Egg, you will be next. Boiled or scrambled! LOL
I was able to make people sad for an egg. I would call that a fantastic success!
Try clicking the link and reading the article with the full resolution images, +Cuong Nguyen ! You'll be able to read it clearly there!
some love , never late!
Anish M
Non stopping comments...............
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