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(Thu05) Apple is suing Amazon for using the term "app store?" Wow...

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Mabye the Linux community should sue Apple for commercializing the concept of code repositories? 
This just in: Apple wants to sue God. They created everything, so God infringes on it all. 
Ron Parish
What a bunch of babies!
Keep it up Apple, each individual act of hubris, tax evasion, outsourcing, walled gardening, and litigation substituting for innovation puts you guys one step closer to some future administration's Justice Department taking a serious look at Anti-Trust and Restraint of Trade proceedings. iPity da Fool . . .
Apple has lost it's way. Just like in the 90's. Suits never learn. Instead of going after making cool products, they're going after their delusions. So disappointing.
+Bruce Goren I bet that wont happen be cause the lead in that case "loves loves loves" their iphony and actually thinks the "Mac Genius" is in fact a Genius...
+Daniel Rad Flores Samsung Galaxy SIII--thinking different, if you know what I mean. Disclosure: Samsung gave it to me.
If I would be a farmer, I would sue Apple to use the name of one of my fruits!
This will be thrown out. Considering Apple themselves called other app ecosystems 'app stores' thus suggesting the name App Store is purely descriptive not a copyrightable name.
That's the phone I'm leaning towards. I've got an iPhone 4 right now. I think I'm ready to go Android. 
Alex Watts
You've got to be kidding me, Apple you are making it too easy for people to not like you these days
Hm... a douchey patent/copyright claim by Apple? Weird.
Stunning!  Doesn't sound like the legacy of Steve Jobs to me.

Bullying does not endear us to Apple.
The Beatles should sue Apple for calling themselves Apple.
Jon Dye
Steve Jobs was a jerk. 
Wait, I'm confused.  I thought they already sued Amazon over the term, a few years ago?
apple is one of the worst companies.... what a bunch of jerks.
I got another piece of junk from china again today.
they make great products but now they just seem like the bullies of the IT world, more so than Microsoft, wow, never thought I'd say that
jay dawge
Apple is suing the owner of any apple orchard owner if they use apple in their name.
+Chris Duel : I hope you were being facetious. Apple Records DID sue Apple Computer a Lo-ong time ago...took years to settle. One of the conditions was that Apple Computer NOT do anything related to music...which was a problem when people wanted to use MIDI sequencers on Max OS...oops.
And then Apple upset the record store cart by opening the iTunes store - more music! - for which I'm sure Apple Records got paid off handsomely (the release of all the Beatles albums on the iTunes Music Store is proof of their friendly relations)
Oh but why? Thought the case was kicked out a while ago. What a shame!
jay dawge
My grandma was gonna bake an apple pie for me, but apple had a judge serve an injunction on grandma. Grammy can't make apple pies anymore.
This is the second time they sue amazon for using the term app store, I think they were denied the trial the first time. Does anyone remember when they were the ones telling people to be different? The original ipod commercials were genius. What happened? 
wtf, que piensan los de apple. Definitivamente necesitan un mejor CEO que tome deciones importantes y no nada mas demande a todo lo que se le antoja. 
Weli A
+Pratap Bhat i can believe that. Apple might sue everyone soon for not using iPhone.
I'm gonna sue Apple for using the term "hello."
Thats just kind of dumb... But I still want an iPhone 5!!!!!!!
Omg makes me sell this damn iphone wtf apple grow up.
I thought Apple's was "app store" with the space.  Technically, without the space it is a different word.  Go Amazon!
I remember when this was filed.  It was juvenile then and juvenile now.  I don't begrudge Apple defending patents, but suing over common English language terms makes them look foolish. I hope they lose.  This is a waste of time for everyone. Why did I even write this post?
OMFG...I am an apple fan but all these riddicoulous lawsuits have me boycotting.
It's a store. for apps. It's an app store. It's a generic term. Is apple f*&%^ retarded?
They will eventually get what they deserve... too bad, really., plus it shows the arrogance of some US babies...
Amen!Chris Duel. .They did/do have apple records,right??
This has actually been in court for over a year. This is old tech news.
"App Store."

Now I used the term, too. Fuck you, Apple.
dorio x
+Robert Regalado yeah Apple already denied on the word Appstore that Amazon was using. Maybe this will be the 2nd one. Word appstore is on Apple Dictionary and it is patented. Haha
Apple is suing Mensa for using the term genius.
Soon Apple will patent dictionary fully
Perhaps Apple would persuade South Americans to sue Amazon for using the name of their river...
I sure wish you guys would stop using that one word with those letters in it. You going to get us all sued!
Were they even called "apps" before apple started calling them apps?  Before that, weren't they called "applications" or even just "programs"?  If they didn't coin the term "app" it sure wasn't in very wide circulation before the Apple app store.  I think their trademark is probably legitimate.

On the other hand, I'd love to see copyright, trademark and patent laws loosened.
Greg R
I thought this was super old news?
y doesnt a fruit company sue apple for using the name of one of there products
wow, no, Apple did not coin the term "app"
I was getting apps at Chili's long before Apple came out with iPhone!  Better watch out Apple!
They will sue all hotels and restaurants for using the word APPetizers in their menu lists
Really? Wth? All this suing from apple is so ridiculous, the use of common English is now owned by Apple? This way ridiculous, they're acting like they just own this world and are the only choice customers want.
So basically they aim to claim any word that has "ap" in it. Apple is turning into a giant pain in the ass.
Wow. Apple is really shooting themselves in the foot, giving their company a bad public perception. I'll never buy one of their products and I hope more and more people will do the same. This is greed in its purest form.
I wish Henry Ford, had the foresight to sue over the design for the steering wheel
Ridiculous... they have reached the zenith and are going downhill now...!  Sell your Apple stocks in the near future. I used to be a total apple fanboy but their recent behavior makes me want to distance my self from them....  
You can only make so many enemies before they band together and crush you.
"Killer app" started to be used about 1990 and was common through the 90s.  I'd do a Google ngram for "app", but the database is polluted by the use of "app" as an abbreviation for "appendix", "appointment", and various other words.
That seems a bit over the top really. :-)   App is a common term widely used regardless of who may or may not have coined it.
These greedy bastard from apple want to sue everybody. They only want money
You know, giant should sue apple for using the name of a fruit. Apple=#PainInTheApp as the first guy said
I miss you Steve Jobs! The compony is falling apart without you!
I am tired of corporations thinking that they own the English (and probably other) language. I worry someday they will charge you every time you use their words.
Apple started playing the game really good but when competition appeared, they just got scared and instead of playing a good game they have been trying to cripple the competition instead of showing how good of a competitor they can be bringing new strategies to the game.
They think customers are stupid and by renaming the same product twice, three times and telling customers "this is better than the old one" showing no difference or downgrading (like maps) people its no making it a big deal but apple is proving that they think buyers are stupid and will just believe what they say.
As I have always said. Apple is just a child, sitting in the sandbox whining that nobody wants to solely play with his toys any more.
Now on the other hand, we are all assuming that Tim Cook's complaint is that Amazon should have no right to call their e-commerce site an App Store because App means Application and the Cupertino crooks thought of that first. But what if they instead sued on the grounds that "App Store"  stands for  APPLE STORE  and that competing e-commerce sites calling themselves APP  stores but hiding behind the word  _APPLICATION_  is intentionally confusing to potential APPLE customers?
they both are juggernauts, I think
My company (which I will refrain from incriminating here) also has an App Store (even going as far to use "There's an app for that") and I brought up the possibility of a lawsuit. Our lawyers seemed to think we were ok, but this might give them second thoughts. 
what a fail that's why i switched over to android -_-
"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers. " - King Henry IV
Steve Jobs equaled Innovation. Dead Jobs equals Litigation.
I am a webOS fan first, and like android and iOS. But apple is getting annoying. Seen today theyre trying to patent siri but the language is so generic it will make Google now and s voice in violation.
The patent system needs revamped
Oh apple I don't like yo before but now a days I hate everything you stand for
finding ways to get money, like the new iphone's. Such an apple thing.
Didn't they do this same thing to Google?  And wasn't it decided that "app store" was like "grocery store", a descriptive title and not a brand name?
They have not stood by this supposed trademark ever, anywhere else, there is no way it has not turned into a generic term by now. Apple get a life.
New York should sue them for infringement of the use of the apple.
+Jeremy Horn I think they have joined forces, next will be a patented apple with a touch screen, hahahaha!
They just realize that they can't do innovation anymore so today they just want to protect it before the world start to forget their existence.
This should really go to court just to show how ridiculous and greedy Apple has become. It'll only create a larger divide.
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Apple is suing every one time it will sue any one dose not has an i phone
facepalm APPLT WAT R U DOIN!?!
Innovation? The only innovative aspect to Apple is hiring a great marketing firm. Take any of their big claims and I assure you they were copied and pasted; sometimes poorly at that. 
And just think....all 5 million of those iPhones purchased contributed to perpetuating this idiocy. I won't say #boycottapple  (oops), but it does give you pause for thought. Is this what you want your iDollars spent on?
Clearly Apple is concerned about the new Kindle Fire HD.  Basically a iPad equivalent for $300 less.  So Amazon has to be reigned in.  Amazon's been flying under the radar too long.  It's about time they feel some Apple wrath like the rest of the Android manufacturers.
Why not?  App stores did not exist until the iphone came out.  
Ok since Steve Jobs died, the 'new guy' is doing a great job with design inside and out, but making the most STUPID su's and COPYRIGHTS EVER MADE IN HISTORY!  -_-
Sorry about my last incomplete post. My mobile google+ app crashed again.

I find it hypocritical that google fan boys seem to be so riled up about patent law and the Samsung Apple case. I didn't hear any of them whining about patent law when apple had to pay Nokia $600 million dollars and a per unit royalty from patents Nokia claims. Perhaps you can't find the news on google search. Oh no, there it is. Even google search can find it.

Hmmm, maybe fanboys just don't understand the world they live in.
Apple takes others ideas and tries to make there own.
What a legacy for you Guy Kawasaki: Is this what has become of "The Macintosh Way?"
Remember when micosoft won against apple its andriods time
So, I can never open a "Shoe Store", right? Or "Computer Store". Or...
Anyone else tired of hearing about the biggest company in the world and it's big baby antics?!
Vijay K
Apple is spending more time trying to SUE others rather spending time on innovation. The result is IPhone5 I think.
After reading the very negative report on Bloomberg about the iPhone maybe they are planning on making all their profits via the court room or extortion?
Apple is truly the king of suing. 
Surely they do not have enough brains to innovate something new. That's why they resort to brawns. 
Apple = greedy bastards
Apple has become rather "evil" - they just have been doing it slowly and while having "pretty toys" to distract everyone.
Soon apple will sue there own customers. U infringed on holding the phone the way Steve jobs did in his final keynote. Rotflmfao.
     Actually, Apple invented the term "App Store", so Amazon should have picked a different name.

     Suing for rectangles is just stupid, but this is just Amazon's fault.
I'm thinking I should get a degree in Law, seems like litigation instead of innovation is the future. The Apple lawyers must be laughing all the way to the bank

Apple Lawyer 1: "which company are these guys gonna sue next?"
Apple Lawyer 2: "Who cares we're getting rich either way"
This is just sad. App is short for Applications. That's why Google changed their name to Google Play.
But Dream Works was sued by DreamWerks.

What many of you fail to realize, however, is that most consumers don't know how to tell the difference between one product and other and will group or stereotype products falsely.
So, in the interest of not getting a bad rap, NO SIMILARITIES will be accepted.
+hopefully Apple R&D is working as hard as their legal councel.
Apple have lost the plot. They just can't handle competition from other suppliers in the Smartphone/Internet arena. Get out Apple and leave the technology to the Big guns at Samsung who are partly responsible for your iPhone successes to date. Where do you think the iPhone screens/displays come from?
wow. really??? apple has enough money already. that said, so does amazon. thay shouldn't even be thinking about suing.
OK this does it! F@ck around all you want with mobile companies, but don't you dare mess with my Amazon! As soon this becomes official I'm completely turning by back on Apple.
This is b.a. a little more innovation a little less litigation please... long term customer
Ugh, ick
They have now reached the level of disgusting douche-bagery
pretty sure the courts already said that apple doesn't own the rights to app store 2 or 3 years ago...
If you cant beat them with technology, sue them. LOL. Apple sucks.
Apple sues someone else, must be Thursday
I'm enjoying my HTC One X with rounded corners. ;-)
They have to divert the spotlight somehow. What better way to say, "don't pay any attention to the wrong we've done" better than saying, "look what they did to us instead!"
You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

Apple was once the king of smartphones.
In other news Amazon (the jungle) is suing Amazon for using the name Amazon.
Won't be surprised if apple will sue God...
Apple should spend as much time improving their decrepit UI as they do worrying about other companies.

Ooooh, a fifth row of icons.  Yay!

Ridiculous.  I will never buy anything from Apple.
Assholes sue me for calling you that greedy son of a b****s I'm selling all my apple crap I hate them now.
I am boycotting apple. Farmers should sue apple for using the name of a fruit they grow!
o my god...apples already a hit what more do they want?!!?!!!?!!!?!!!?!!!?
I thought Amazon changed the name a while ago because of this
* ONE DAY, someone will have to say enough! (From Clash of Titans) one day, all the Android device makers will join forces and sue Apple. Apple will wish to never sued any of them.*
Is pretty sad that Apple is trying to sue over the term app how stupid. Hell they can't even make a phone with there own parts( the camera -sony, the screen and processor Samsung,memory sandisk,) But yet its their phone right. It like getting the best parts from a bunch of different companies and calling it your own.
pineapple sounds better... why not just change to that
Won't be surprised if Amazon Marketplace will ban the sale of Apple products after the suit settles.
This is not the first time I heard about this. Apple is a company that is named after a fruit has the nerve to claim another generic name as their own.
Now that Steve died see see the same thing that happen to Wal-Mart. Greed glorious greed.
A Ali
Well at least we still got "jobs" not trademarked on the internet , else we would be in real trouble..
Joe Cha
I hate apple more everyday
Are they going to patent the word "icon" next? Maybe they'll turn it into another (i)Product -the iCon all out of money.
Apple is suing the estate of Alexander Graham Bell over use of the word "phone".
Come on, i think apple sued a car company over the term, 'Slide to unlock '
Apple needs to realize EVERYBODY can not and will not pay $600. for a new iPhone. Android is the poor man's smartphone. I know that from personal experience... I am a poor man and I love my Android.
It's funny cause at the end of the page where it says "related articles" it said "Facebook to launch its own app store. Maybe Apple should sue Facebook too. idiots -__- 
Samsung GTab 10.1, Samsung SIII, love em. Like Apple Mac`s though, the creative industry monopolized Apple as the standard for creative professionals.
F-Apple, this is why I refuse to buy their crap
I wonder who thinks they own "smoke shop". They'll be rich in no time!
I need a new macbook but all of these lawsuits are seriously turning me off.
in the end, They will attempt suing god for creating apple lol
That's like how they patented rounded corners... like wtf apple I guess my aerodynamic car is getting sued soon isn't it?
Starbucks is going to sue every coffee shop on the world that sells 'coffee' in a 'shop'
Apple sued me for eating apple pie
And we thought Microsoft was evil...
+bailey gribben yeah, more like the rectangle in design got sued...who knows whats next...speakers?  Sorry Bose, you have rounded corners on that center
may be the Beatles should have a go for "Apple"
Soon they'll sue you if you say "I ate an apple".
I need to find a shark of a lawyer to help me look over and study apple's lawyers' tactics to trademark the process and then go after apple for royalties
You watch.  Apple will be suing users soon for using their devices
News update: Apple relies on government force to stay competitive.
Apple told Amazon last year that "app store" is an Apple registered trademark. Amazon wants to use it so it will go to court.

It's amazing how people bash a company that will not let others copy it's IP. Have you seem some of the laptops out there that look like a MacBook Pro except for the glowing Apple? It's lonely at the top! Good for them! 
I remember Palm having apps and Windows CE too. Even with the different naming you could rightfully say Apple copied the basic structure. I am an Apple fan and would rather see them innovate than hit below the belt. I know they can bring to the market more than lawyers. It's frustrating when they won't. It's like throwing in the towel. It's a bit embarrassing.
I'm so sick of this bullshit that Apple continues to pull. It's not enough that you're making an insane amount of money!?!? Now you have to sue people for using app? Ridiculous.
I love the fact that this is making even Apple fans hate Apple. How dumb can a company be to lose support from its customers?
Andrew, remember the Netflix shenanigans? It seems like the trend is to be a company that alienates itself from their customers.
any way you can get money i guess
The term 'app store' is descriptive and obvious, and as such should not be allowed to be protected.
I sue Apple, because it copied my desktop for its map, which is a mess altogether.
Webster Dictionary, watch out!!! Actually, I wish Webster Dictionary sue the shit out of Apple...
Apple is upset, upset I tell you, that their customers will be SO DECEIVED, they will try for hours, then days, to install an app from the Amazon ANDROID app store to their iOS device. Why you no work Amazon/Android app, on me iDevice ???
OK since Apple is calling dibs on any word that has "app" in it, I am formally staking my claim to "LOL" So from now one LOL is mine. :-p
If they keep this up next thing you know they are gonna start suing anything with their name on it like......Applejacks.
In the next few months phones will be 1080p screens, 2GB ram, quad-core, and over double the battery size and itll be as thin and light as the iphone 5. Dont waste your money. Apple is behind the times with its customers.
Next thing you know Apple will sue all the farms for calling their fruits "apples".
Samsung Note 2 is going to put a dent in their sales of iPhones
APPLE ALL THE WAY!!!! All have copied them and the P**CK'S know it!!!!
This freaking fruit company is coward and it always always tries to impose some copyright infringement bills on the other companies....
I'm going to snag up the patent for grocery store real quick. 
+Bervick Colaco You would be surprised at the emails I get asking for the iphone version of my apps. Honestly. I'm not making that up!
+Gareth Hannaway I already emailed my patent to my lawyer, so LOL is time stamped mine, mine, mine. Hehehe evil cackle ;-p
Well... Amazon patented the phrase '1-click' so yeah... what goes around comes around. Fuck Apple, and fuck Amazon for being the same amount of pathetic and stupid.
Geez gluttony has no boundaries smh
I thought this was settled ages ago?!?
Given enough time, apple will trademark every two-word combination in every language, as their own.  AppStore, appstore, they might have a right to App Store: NO.
If amazon wants some prior art, I can testify that I've had a apps or App Store share on every network I've ever worked on. Then there are those Linux repositories too... 
I shall lmao the day Apple goes belly up. What an arrogant,childish,ignorant, Karma is a bitch and when it comes for Apple,its gona be brutal. Whats next? Sue grocery stores who actually sale real apples??!
lmao... apple cant get enough
Why don't they just sue under the pretenses that kindle fire take from iPad sales?...... #seemslegit....... I hate #apple sometimes. 
Oh wow. This started over a year ago. It's just hitting news again?
Kinda like kmart suing Wal-Mart.
Apple is soooooooo monopolistic. They will do anything to get every cent. They don't want competition. They want zombies that blindly follow their ideas.
To all of you using the word "ridiculous" to describe these actions... You will be hearing from my lawyer in the morning.  My wife has reserved that word for use when describing ME.
Apple is the spoiled kid in every playground that will never ever grow up.
They are showing Amazon for that? For real???
Apple don't think in yours customers just in their patents.
I swear to god: Apple has been going straight the poop shoot since Steve Jobs died. -.-'
I am so glad I gave away my iPod and am totally free of the evil that is Apple.  Buying music from Amazon for my droid turned out to be every bit as easy.  Apple will never get another cent from me.
Y'know? the first time I ever heard anyone use the "word" "app" was in the 1996 film Beautiful Girls
Pruitt Taylor Vince's character owned a bar which had just started serving food and he wanted his friends to "try the apps"
"Apps?" another character asked
"Yeah: 'Apps'...Appetizers..."

Perhaps Apple owes Scott Rosenberg (the screenwriter) some shekels for co-opting his word?
I am an Apple fan. Even I have to say this is ridiculous of Apple. Apple needs to get along. Its like their old fight with Microsoft and suing over GUI and the trash can.
I guess Apple will take it one step further and patent the shape :)
Actually, I hear Apple is trying to patent the actual fruit.
day after day and apple is becoming a very unpleasant company
I thought they were denied that trademark already
These post Jobs top staff are idiots! I'm a huge Apple fan, but even I have my limits. Apple may have coined the word but they allowed it into the vernacular for years. I think these suits are just set up for something else. Maybe Google encroachment on Apples territory? But these fools could sink their own ship. 
They won against Samsung, so now they think they have bigger cojones.
Google should sue apple
for having all of siris responces in ios6 show up on cards, just like in google now
Creativity is being shot to pieces at apple. Looks like Apple is using the old maxim, when in doubt, copyright. 
How low can you go, Apple?
Sadly they'll probably win.
apple is now unstoppable.  yall need to stop feeding it.
And this explains why the Google App Store is called Play.  They decided not to fight the exact same request.
This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's like that spoilt kid you used to play kick with.  They used to pick up the ball and stomp off home when they where not winning. Then all the kids in the neighbourhood would think of kid as the spoilt brat.
Apple... Get over it and quit suing everybody! 
I'm done with Apple... to greedy and heartless. If North Americans were not mostly sheep... They would STOP using their device also.
Apple sued Woolworths for the trademark of their new logo being in electronics and suing everyone else for this and that so not surprised at all 
Mushi M
This is pathetic!
They should sue the world for using the word "phone", better yet, sue the farmers who grow "apples"
This is really dumb. Apple needs to just give it a rest. Who will they sue next? That's why no other company wants to work with them.
All apple farmers should sue Apple for using the word apple to sell iPhone.
Indeed "wow" but then they also sued for a rectangle with rounded corners ....
Samsung learn from mistakes but apple is too stubborn to learn. the galaxy note concept is a challenge for apple products.
Apple should focus more on products instead of suing out the ass on everything infringing on their ego... I mean products.
Fuuuuuuuuck you Apple!
Doesn't matter - their product still sucks and law suits won't change opinions. When apple users grow up they'll realise how craps iPhones are
And ps - I'm thinking the downfall of Adam and eve was apple's fault too, right?
Apple can't come up with new design on iphone now they're in the business of sueing other businesses. Soooo low!
+Simon J Coyle, I'll pay that. This is really annoying from Apple, again.
i thought they lost on that one once already?
Watch out for trademarks "Mobile Device", "Cell Phone", "Laptop", "Computer", and "Car". Apple has probably trademarked those and "sue" as well.
I say every tech company not partnered with Apple should just do one giant class action against them and stop all production from entering the USA
Next step: suing all bakeries for selling apple pies.
Hey, I am suing the world as I am the inventor of the word: "whatever"
So - if I copyright the phrase "Crap Store" I can eventually sue and make my millions. Right?
I can't imagine how they'll win. "App" brings nothing new to the word "Application", it's patently an abbreviation. It's not like "Freshmint" or some other trademark which can be shown to elicit a new understanding or concept. Bollocks to Apple. There's no underestimating how scared they are of Amazon though. 
Sounds like Apple is picking fights wherever it can.  First google, the Samsun and now Amazon.  hmm, who's next
I have never owned an apple product.....and never will.
Apple would sue anything now.
It's in a tight corner now with all these lawsuits going on. . .
Not only do these frivolous lawsuits reflect badly upon Apple because it makes them look greedy and petty, but they're outright insulting the intelligence of the people they hope will buy their products. Do they honestly think that enough people would get confused between the App Store on their iOS device and the Amazon Appstore that only sells Android apps to warrant a lawsuit? How were they even allowed to trademark App Store? It's a store that sells apps, just like a Hardware Store is a store that sells hardware, or a Grocery Store is a store that sells groceries. The only difference is you don't see Ace Hardware and Kroger trademarking them and suing their competitors.
Adam goin to sue apple for Fucking up his big day out with eve
& apple still has a potentially huge lawsuit looking over, the 4g LTE functionality, id personally shut, threw fuck up
Well at least they can't sue New York since that's the Big Apple.... Or can they?
apple should just come out and say they are a law firm now
Apple go jump in a lake you greedy bastards. They going to sue the supermarkets soon for selling apples. Lol
Chris C
Apple needs to give all this stuff a rest. They are scared of competition. People that use apple products can't access amazon app store so what difference does it make there were apps before the iPhone
I knew the "One-Click Litigation" would eventually come-around and bite Amazon in the ass.  It's not surprising that Apple is the town drunk involved in this fiasco.
If apple do succeed then wont it be amagone..just a thought
I seen this coming years ago. What a shame, smh.
seriously, Apple. Suck a dick.
How petty apple really is I hope they get sued by everyone the "f" off and go bankrupt I'm really tired of this company. You know all this suing is a sham. Its a sham because all the major players are racing to be the first trillion dollar company and wont stop at any means until they get there. What a waste of money to all who buy there products.
Apple suing strip clubs too :) nice apple on them so they suing owners 
oh dear. they'll be suing over the use of the term 'apple' to refer to fruit or 'mac' to refer to a waterproof coat next.
Man fuck #Apple! I refuse to be #StatusQuo! If both Mercedes-Benz and Hyaundai each offer a luxury sedan or an SUV in the same vehicle class, why wouldn't I choose the latter over the former? Just for a name and a logo?? Apple will sue the United States Government eventually....
I am sure that Apple will file suit against Amazon for having a name that starts with an "A" next.
Apple is the new Rambus patent troll.
Apple = time to move on. Just say no.
I enjoy both apple and PC computers (seeing as I own one of both). But this getting kinda out of control. I live happily with one PC, one mac, and an android phone daily. Why can't everyone enjoy both sides of the competition instead of lashing at anyone who opposes the other?
I'm not surprised by anything or anyone Apple sues these days. That's just how they roll. Sue different, is their new motto, huh Apple. Anything different just sue.
They are also suing the writers of the Bible for naming the forbidden fruit that. Cartographers everywhere should counter-sue Apple for slandering the word "Maps"
Good, I'm glad our plan is in motion, in a few years we will own every thing, it will be ours and people will bow down to us. The apple symbol will be the new religion and will rule the world forever.Ha ha ha ha ha...
Seriously... Like "droid," part of a word should not receive protection...
Apple is being really obnoxious lately and so are their users.  Self-rightousness has never been a pretty thing.  Riots over the iPhone 5?  I'll stick to the free crap that Verizon gives me and lasts a million years rather than a gazillion dollar phone with SIRI who doesn't know diddly  : )
Man if all of this is true, Apple is going to get it really bad. There is an end to bullying you know. If all the nerds gather, it will be judgment. I think they are all taking notes.
+Andrew Reed trying to sue your competitors out of existance isn't my definition of competition.
I'd be suprised if they didn't file suit against apple growers for violation of their trademark on crates of fruit.
I think Apple should just shut down it's technology business and open a legal centre and heck, why not start consulting others about suing.
Apple should change and patent their name to ASSle.
It wont be long untill we hear that Apple is suing the trees for producing apples.
Jon Dye
I thought I muted this fucking post hours ago. Bye guys, enjoy your pointless bickering. 
search flip the table on google images!
It's gotten to the point now where I'm so turned off by Apples tactics of using litigation to try and get ahead that I could care less how great any of their products may ever be. I just flat out refuse to support this company in any way. My wife is into tech as well and we've both agreed that we will deliberately remain an Apple-free household.

And I realize that all big businesses use lawsuits to protect themselves. But in Apples case it clearly goes beyond that. As long as Cook is in charge of that company I will refuse to support them. Maybe another ceo in the future will be able to change that, but until that time I'm done and I'm vocal about this to every person I know.
some great day apple will sue farmers for using the term " apple " for their apple fruit business
What a bunch of anuses... American Product Patent Litigation Enterprise...
Apple has really done a 180, it's sad. I was so loyal back in the day. Power has corrupted you and you have lost your way.
Apple and Amazon ... I thought they need each other to survive and prosper in a hot market space!
If we could only figure out some way to get Apple to mix it to with Oracle ... then the rest of us could go back to creating wealth.
Did you guys know in the iPod classic model 1238 they use a samsung battery?!
+James Kochalka ok, so after mircosoft's win32, no body should have the right to produce mouse or add right click or x on the window or all the other things in their software or os, becasue otherwise microsoft should sue them, really legit and wonderful for all of us consumers considering the advance of technology or choices we have
The war that is raging between Apple and Samsung is all about advertising. Both get all the attention while uninvolved innocent parties such as, HTC, LG, Nokia, ext. Have lost all the lime light.

In the Droid world, HTC was ahead of Samsung in popularity, it will be interesting to see where they stand now.
As for Apple,...well they just set global records with the IPhone 5. All the news about the lawsuits has grabbed the attention of even the elderly, who had no previous interest in such things.
Our very own arguments against such actions only further their gain:(

A clever business move from a clever company, exploiting our desire to make our thoughts and opinions heard.

Does anybody even read this far down in the comments? lol.
Apple is a great product. But their ethics suck. Keep it up apple and we will vote with our wallets!
J Gohil
apple getin desperate?? LOL JK APPLE JUST LIKE MORE MONEY
it's time the entire world should sue apple for even existing as apple is not their property's everyone's property starting from all apple producers and farmers to apple jam makers to apple pie makers...all of them should sue them for using the world apple...and this is coming from an ipad user. They are crossing the line now. They should get banned for even using public roads and transport or even breathing air since they don't own come its shareholder are allowing management to behave like they own the world. 
Breaking news: Massengill weighs its options in response to pending litigation from Apple claiming to now be the biggest douche manufacturer in the US.
They just can't stand the size of Google... So darn desperate to screw up android's market.. HTC Samsung n now amazon...
J Gohil
"This just in: Apple wants to sue God". They created everything, so God infringes on it all !!!........| ^ _ ^ |
Apple needs to litigate because they have forgotten how to innovate.
i thought iphone5 was a hit? 
But why do they depend on lawsuits to get more funds?=)
WHAAAAAT! I can't believe this. OMG my mom was gonna buy me a phone next week from the appstore,but now im not so sure i want their merchandise.
I am truly agree with jatin Gohil & Benjamen Meiers.
I'm not the least bit pleased with #Amazon  right now. I am the one everyone comes to for advice and I have done what twenty people couldn't do to promote them, and then they turned
Just bust the Kindle gate down and turn it into a straight Android tablet. 
You mean turning it into an Android? The Kindle technically already is Android, it just has a skin over it. Think of it as Windows 8 - it's really Windows 7 with the Metro interface that is used to give the same commands in new form. 

The charging issue: mobile devices are especially sensitive when it comes to power sources and currents. For instance, I use Motorola products, and while the micro USB is the standard adapter for the industry, using anything but a Moto branded power source will damage it, severely over time. Also I'm pretty sure that my condo was built using cheap labor during the boom, and they brought it a bunch of mentally challenged electricians. Surges everywhere. I recommend getting adapters for outlets you use - I have small Belkin dual-outlet regulators everywhere. 

If you've only ever used the stock cord that came with it, I would definitely get in touch with Amazon. Though I recently soured on their new customer service methods, in the past they've always been a reliable company and honored or helped in some way mitigate any issues. 
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