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You humans are so lucky. I'm a vegetarian. I'll telepath my Human.
There is a link people, just click it.
thats what hes tlkn bout click on it duh
Don't mind ....... But
It looks like SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chez nous, on appel cela le fruit d'un système complexe de l'organisme humain, l'aboutissement d'une digestion structurée et élaborée commencant par la bouche, un excrément typiquement humain. Bref, du caca quoi...
what is that it look like a finger ewww
I don't want to look at it let alone eat it.
Great post! Love the comments, but probably not the cakewurst.
I never can understand the appeal of sweets that look like meat or vice versa. Too "unnatural" for me :)
cool idea, sounds good check out the link. What a fun idea for BBQ season deserts
Some of the people on this thread have made me laugh like I haven't in awhile, thanks :), this does not look appetizing even in the throes of death by hunger!
Jesus me chama,é o nome dessa especiaria!
When I first glanced at the photo, before I read the text of the post, I couldn't help but think "Why do they have a turd on the grill?"
to fazendo aqui em casa agora com leite condensado, uma delicia.
EmZ Joy
OMG.....looks like a.....................
This is new shit.
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