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(Tue03) According to the Wall Street Journal, Google+ is a "virtual ghost town compared with the site of rival Facebook."

What Google+ needs is a good book that explains how to use it. :-)

I haven't found Google+ to be a ghost town at all. It's more like moving to Santa Barbara after living in LA... Or switching to Macintosh from other operating systems.

What city, metaphorically speaking, do you think Google+ is?
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+Guy Kawasaki I like to think of it as a sister town. I live north of Dallas and Google+ reminds me of Fort Worth. Slightly smaller, more conservative and people are happier with what it is rather than trying to change it.
Seems to me that G+ is to FB what Hyundai used to be to Honda. When it catches up, watch out!
It's by far the BEST community i've ever met for my (varied) professional interests. Meaningful discussions, very little trolling. On Facebook for several years now, and where i have all my real-life friends, i have never had something remotely close to the conversations i've been having here, in 6 months.
Interesting question, having lived in Santa Barbara, Ca for two years I can relate. Metaphorically speaking of course, I'm going to put my favorite harbor in for my nomination to the Google+ city - Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI
Google+ is like Toronto to Facebook's New York... it's got a smaller population and yet it's bustling with life
I don't think it's thriving quite that much and tend to side with WSJ on this one. I think this is represented best in that g+ doesn't even register on my top list of must check sites. In fact I'm more likely to check in on EAv or even Facebook and everyone knows how over rated I feel the latter to be.
Montreal, compared to my backward thinking townsfolk (small city Ontario Canada)
Hey +Guy Kawasaki. I think it's like Vegas. At certain times, the numbers look huge. People come in because they've heard of it and have to see it for themselves. They stay for a little bit, but then return to wherever they came from. Some stay, and really engage and become part of it. But most don't. Most go back to what they're used to right now. That said, I think that'll change over time. As more people move here to call this home, I think those huge numbers will eventually come back more and stay to call G+ home instead of Facebook. Right now though, they join, only to find that their "network" really isn't here and doing anything yet. For the Tech industry, I think it's thriving. For my mom and dad (the average person who I think that article is referring to), G+ just isn't a place they see a need for yet.
Google + is St. Mark's Square in the very early morning, before the tourists wake up and crowd it...
Ancient Athens where the populace is educated in the open air and ideas flow freely in every plaza, street, and alley.
If it's a ghost town, why do I need to mute posts like this after I comment on them because of the non-stop notifications. I don't have to do that on FB... just sayin'
I haven't seen one like my status for a comment, or overly religious posts, or frigging cityville requests here... Let those who do like that and not understand g+ stay there please. Oh yeah I would not add them to my circle., and if I did it would be my, annoying stupid post circle.
G+ is cleaner,and its easier to see features at a glance or mouseover.
perhaps the ghosts are more focused than those vapid absurdities posted on fb...
+The Wall Street Journal If you only post 8-10 posts in 2 months as a newspaper then you will only get this much traction.
FB has momentum bcos of good user base, if Google plus slowly gather this which is tough but if they do then FB will share the market share.
You need to keep out innovating others and spring suprises.. how Apple gained traction in phone market against established players like Moto & Nokia
It's like moving from the city (Minneapolis) out to Lake Minnetonka for us Minnesotans. (No jab on Minneapolis, but Lake Minnetonka is awesome).
Well, I'm not sure about others but...

G+ is slowly taking over my social networking.
It's not quantity, it's quality. I know it can be confusing because those words share six letters.
People need to stop trying to compare the two. They are to be used differently. It is like trying to compare apples and oranges. I find better content on Google+. Facebook is more for the "Whats-up dude" type of conversations at this time and I do not see that changing anytime soon. I find more things to expand my knowledge on Google+ than I do with Facebook. People need to stop comparing and look at what each does better.
I'm of the belief that +Google+ is a lot like's the centre of the universe, but if you don't live here, you just choose to hate it. But once you experience all that it has to offer...vibrant content, real experts on every corner and deep rich'll love it too! +Guy Kawasaki
For sure. Yesterday I add G++ to my Chrome and Firefox browsers--so I can see my Facebook and Twitter streams inside G+--now I only have to leave to check out what's happening on LinkedIn.
Do people who buy these books then sign up and become active users? How do you gauge that? <---- sarcasm
google plus is very good,and will get better,I bilieve
Doesn't it depend on your circles? Because all the rest is blurry, you only rarely see the others, do you? Maybe it is more like something between campus and big (un)conference.

But no ghost town, at least not for me - or maybe I'm a zombie B-)
Like going from a "real city" to a city in a bubble.
It is involved in the real world, but some how seems disaffected. As if the facebook fatigue and the info overload doesn't feel to me it exists here. There are times when you step out your front door and feel the tasks of the day hit you, be it social, work, relaxation, etc.

With Google + it doesn't feel that same way facebook does. "Do I need to filter what people see" or worrying if my boss saw this. Google+ has circles and allows for social classification in a manner that doesn't feel as if it is tiered. It does not feel as if saying you want some things in certain circles is elitist, segmenting of life but a "I find this interesting" with a specific mind set of people.

I specifically think of it (for me) like moving from Orlando or Tampa to Sarasota. The issues are not the same, the mind set is different. For many, it is a place people come to that is not the same as what is "home". Also, as to that I work in Sarasota, I find that many enjoy this place so much that they make the move and it becomes home. It becomes what you desire.
It would be helpful if I could post the link to my Google+ profile under the "About" section on my Facebook account. It would draw "Friends" over here to the G+ community. Is there a safe, convenient way to do this (other than a link with a long series of digits after it)?
FB seems to me is just a motel on the highway, G+ is more like a relaxing and discreet hotel with a SPA. G+: no rush, no crowd, yet you decide and measure how busy you want be. Please keep it simple yet advance. 
I agree with you Guy - refreshing space here. While not always good - still refreshing.
g+ reminds me a lot to the streets of Barcelona...
+Guy Kawasaki Like you said in your book, G+ is about passions, Facebook is about people. When people say G+ is a ghost town, that's just because their passion has not yet made the move, so they get here and it looks empty. Tech and Photography are huge on Google+. So I'm not sure what city G+ is like, but whatever city it is, it's like it's Super Bowl Sunday and nobody is walking around town but instead hanging out with each other watching the game. Everyone else is walking around thinking the city is abandoned when really they just aren't interested in the game everyone else is enjoying...
Facebook is Walmart - low-end merchandise, a bit dirty, questionable advertising. Google+ is Target - wide aisles, clean, better quality stuff.
Bringing back the SAT Analogies. Google Plus is to Facebook as the NBA is to the NFL
Its only time when general people will understand the power of Circles and flock to Google Plus in droves......
G+ is that nice coffee shop that’s still good because it hasn’t be discovered by the mass unwashed horde and you dread the day the trolls find out. (sorry for the elitism)
I like Google + for the fluid exchange of info and ideas. Don't think it's going to work for teens but I do like it for ideas.
G+ is very, very different from FB.

It is true that there are fewer people here, but it is much easier to get access to interesting streams of information.
G+ is kind of like the best of Twitter and the best of FB rolled into one.

Here I follow people like Guy Kawasaki, astronauts, artists, and technical gurus for fun and information and actually GAIN something from it.
I enter fewer discussions here, but generally more meaty discussions (people are more willing to actually discuss instead of only proclaiming a pre-formed opinion).

And it's not a "rich vs poor" or "educated vs uneducated". It's more like "consumers vs doers", with G+ being a city full of doers who are motivated by one another.
So many of the people I have in my circles are actually creating things, and use G+ to discuss what can be done and how.
Google + is OK but all of my friends are on Facebook. So that's where I land.
Good points all. In short, as I have actively engaged in the G+ experience since before it went GA, and while I expect it will continue to evolve, some of my observations thus far include:

- G+ is not Facebook, and if GOOG is wise, it will never be, as the "natural function" of each is quite different, and that's good

- At this point, G+ is more of a giant blog, in which a few (usually notable) members express an opinion or point of view, and an array of members reply to or engage on that topic...this is not a bad nor a good thing; rather, it speaks to a different engagement dynamic than that of Facebook, or Twitter, etc.

- Whereas Facebook is clearly a social network built upon the notion of kindred relationships between family members and friends, G+ is a social network that features a much broader global audience, in which most of the members who engage in discussion probably don't know one another on a personal level; this is less "personal" but provides the opportunity for a potentially much broader expression of opinion, perspective and a diverse conversation and exploration across the Global Community...and this is a good thing

- This quite different engagement dynamic perhaps yields the impression that G+ is a "ghost town", in that the rhythm of its "chatter" differs from that of Facebook, however, within the directed threads prevalent in G+, the banter is quite active and vibrant...again, neither good nor bad, but merely different

- Finally, if I am concerned about anything, it's that Google is attempting to move on myriad fronts simultaneously, whether it's in social computing, mobililty (and here the question is ultimately whether they come to resemble AAPL or MSFT in this approach), collaboration and productivity, search, etc., and that along the way, they'll lose sight of what it is or has been to "be Google".
Facebook is like hanging out at your high school reunion for 6 hours. Google + is like visiting a new city on your own and meeting random interesting people at a coffee shop or bar.
I've found that most of my friends and others that I meet are conditioned to spending their precious time on Facebook to connect. I've invited them to G+ with very low acceptance. Observing how it all unfolds while partaking on my own meeting new friends and exploring.
+Ben Rabidou Though a high school reunion can be entertaining, I would rather meet new and interesting people :) So I guess at this point, I will always keep my Facebook account so I can keep in touch with old friends and acquaintances, but I prefer to "play" on Google +
Google+ is Boston compared to New York Facebook...
It maybe less populated than FB, but i consider the whole of the google products in one suite (docs, maps, gmail, calendar, images and of course search) and that makes it much much better than that overcrowded hysterical show off circus that is Facebook now...
For me, it's a bit like moving from Toronto to Ottawa. But then, it's also a bit like comparing Apples to Oranges - both fruit, but different flavours and smells. It's not that one is better than the other, but that each has a distinct personality and purpose.
Too funny By the way, I hope you made it home safely form Orlando. It was a pleasure and a priviledge to enjoy both of your presentations.

I watched the interview and was disappointed by their analysis. This is what I keep hearing from my friends on facebook too.This is what we can say to them 'Just because G+ did not work for you, does not mean G+ does not work, it just means you don't know how to use G+.' Guess +Guy Kawasaki until you release your book they will not know how to use G+ ;-)
I compare Google+ with Facebook the way some people compare Peet's to Starbucks.

Google+ is a more mature social networking site that may not appeal to teens as much as it does to adults.
Sad but true, facebook is about having a lot of people to stalk and gossip about, it's 80% schadenfraude and turning it into something positive involves work.
On the other hand, Google+ is more about improving oneself and meeting new people :p
Moreover, once we establish that internet presence is in fact many disparate geographical locations, distinct from the location of where any data is stored, then we have a right to defend the ideological grounds upon which the presence exists, including the right to establish governments from those places. To where would one then be deported as a citizen of an internet government? Could one then also have dual citizenship? Once we actually begin to establish these governments, how long before these legacy government recognize the innate sovereignty?
+Guy Kawasaki Google+ is like a 3D Movie, People are trying to watch it like a 2D movie without wearing the glasses(circling people) and wondering why its not working. If you go to a 3D movie you better put on the glasses :-). or if you want to have fun on G+ you better circle people.
Even I love Google+ now after peeking at +Guy Kawasaki's new book. But honestly, this is just the kind of thing they write moments before something takes off. They undoubtedly wrote this kind of thing when Facebook pulverized MySpace, saying nobody had ever heard of or used Facebook.
It's a great book, entertaining and informative!
hehe, just more fluff to get everyone riled up for the FB IPO. Money Money money. But G+ is doing fine, don't get sucked into the Bullshit.
"What the plus!" Nice name.
This book is just a direct look at the essentials to help us to contribute to building a community even more interesting! +Guy Kawasaki thank you.
[suspense builds as we all wait for the book's release...] Put together a quick micro-assemblage (a jam-packed, cross-disciplinary, informative bloggit) ("bloggit" is my word for "blog post") that incorporates and contemplates the punctuation at the end of +Guy Kawasaki*'s book title* over at Comments will be welcome once I figure out how to put the plusone/*plusuno* icon into my bloggit footer...
Guy, You asked what city is Google+, metaphorically speaking? My answer: Monterey, CA: No city on the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego is as close to the deepest ocean canyon, or the tallest coast mountains.
I talked to a few non-geek, non-internet-marketing friends this week. they all said they are not interestted in google plus and they expect it to fail. reason: people won't be interested to move all the friends from facebook to google plus.
Except for a relatively small number of popular profiles 'ghosttown' might be appropriate.
Look at how many people posted several times a day for weeks with zero response, and then gave up.
I actually used the search to visit random pofiiles, not all the celebs, and the picture is not pretty. It is very hard for someone who doesn't bring an established fan base, to get shares and comments.
Not complaining, just stating what I see on randomly chosen profiles.
+Ralf Skirr Well, the same would happen on any social media platform without engagement. Open up a Twitter account, start tweeting. Where's the response? But start engaging, replying, re-tweeting, following... Soon you have a lively feed and people to talk to.

If you don't circle unknown people or engage, of course it's futile. This is why the books like +Guy Kawasaki's are necessary. Google+ is different from other platforms and needs a bit more work than, lets say Pinterest. But once you've understood what the idea behind Circles is, the rewards are great.

I started with no-one I knew, first of my nationality, non-geek and middle-aged, I'm burdened with a double vowel and an umlaut in my name but still I've enjoyed G+ hugely from the beginning. Even now only a handful of people I know IRL are here. But I really don't care as I have a Circleverse full of great new acquaintances and in some cases, new friends, too.

It's just a question of finding your niche. And making an effort.
My 5 C:s are: Circle, curate, create, communicate & consume!
Fontana. The butt of all meth and Kentucky jokes among SoCals... I drove by there and looked off the freeway (the 15) yesterday evening, and it looked like a nice community with big houses, shopping centers, nice streets, etc.
+Jaana Nyström Yes, that's a great strategy with any social platform - thanks for sharing.
So the question is whether users will start to engage at g+ in large enough numbers. I believe they will over time, because g+ will be everywhere. Or, to say it in Borg, 'RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.'
But for now the 90 Million Google plus user statistic is meaningless.
Everybody can do some research on his own: use the g+ search to find random profiles instead of highly promoted celebrity users, and see what's happening in their stream, or not.
+Robert Scoble said it's not a ghost town, because he sees an update in his stream every 15 seconds. Yet, his stream consists of 5000 (or whatever number) carefully selected g+ power users. If the other 89 500 000 users don't engage, it's still a ghost town for now. 5 people having a blast in the saloon while everyone else has left town, and tumbleweeds rolling their way, doesn't make it a popular place to be.
By the way: don't get me wrong I LOVE Google plus!
Facebook had a huge headstart. G+ is better but old habits are hard to change.
Facebook is like going to a Keg'er and you know everyone there, Goggle+ is like attending, crashing or dropping in on a party were you don't know anyone and using your interest in others and sharing your own interests to interact.
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